PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Get them when they’re small. Every week or two, another kind of weed seed seems to germinate – from chickweeds in the spring to clover and oxalis, and on to plantain and purslane and various grasses from crabgrass to quackgrass growing in places you don’t want them.

The best thing to do is keep up with weeds as soon as they appear – especially in driveways, sidewalks or between patio stones. If you don’t, they’ll send roots down deep and disturb the soil below, letting in water, which will freeze in winter and create more cracks where even more weeds can grow next year.

Pulling teensy new weeds is easy and it’s the kind of garden chore you can do with one hand – pluck them out while you sip a mug of morning coffee, a relaxing beverage in the evening or while chatting on the phone. Take a little walk every day to remove those little weeds and you’ll have a lot less work – and a lot less damage to your paths and patios – in the months to come.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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