Murder Charges Filed In Death Of West Philadelphia 3-Year-Old

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police have arrested two people in connection with the death this week of a 3-year-old in West Philadelphia.

On June 29th, police got a call that a child had fallen out of a window in the 4700 block of Chestnut Street. They found Joaquin Brewton unconscious, suffering from internal injuries.

He was taken to Children’s Hospital, and was taken off life support on Tuesday.

Natasha Brown reports…

Friday, Homicide Unit Captain James Clarke says the medical examiner has ruled the boy’s injuries inconsistent with a fall:

“There was evidence of multiple fractures and burn wounds that had taken place over a period of time.”

In March, Jaquinn’s mother left him with his godmother, 22-year-old Nadera Batson, and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Marcus King. They’re both charged with the little boy’s murder.

Police say the child endured horrific abuse, and that in addition to being beaten and kicked, he was burned with a blowtorch.

Reported by Molly Day, CBS 3

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  1. Destiny Brown says:

    I sure hope they get the same treatment 6 times over when they go to prison. How low can people go? The parents that left him with his godmother should also be put in jail. She didn’t care enough to check on him. The Mother is as guilty as the godmother.

  2. Stephanie Kennedy says:

    first thing that I want to say is, may that baby finally RIP. For those that are charged with this horrifying act against a child or should I say human being. I h ope that you burn in hell. Crimes against anyone is bad. But when you commit a crime against a child or anyone or living thing you have a serious problem. That baby was an innocent victim of two sorry ass adults. To the law makers, when are you going to take this and all the other crimes serious. I am tired of picking up the paper or watching it on the television these types of things. It seems that everyone is taking this as a normal everyday thing. We as Americans need to make these people that we put in office get up off of their behinds and do something. Also, the communities need to start demanding and make a change in their own neighborhoods.

  3. HooDatIS? says:



    I agree with u tiredofitall, these dumn a** women need 2 stop having all these babies when they can’t take care of them, if she don’t have a house 2 live in, or a job 2 support them, she need 2 get her tubes tied until she get a home and a job, if she can afford 2 untie her tubes, then she can afford 2 have a baby.

  5. Tiredofitall .... says:

    Are you kidding me? A **BLOWTORCH?** It’s bad enough I thought cigarettes, but a f-ing BLOWTORCH? Please kill those SOBs. It’s not good to hate anyone, but, I **HATE** people who harm children, elderly people, and innocent animals. God forgive me, but, I hope they fry in HELL!!

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