Feltonville Woman Critically Shot During Argument Over Parking Space

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two people are injured, one of them critically, after a shooting in Feltonville last night. Police say it all started over a dispute about parking, and neighbors say this has been a simmering feud that boiled over.

The 4500 block of Hurley Street is a narrow, one-way street with parking only on one side. When someone parked a disabled vehicle in front of someone’s home, that resident parked their car on the other person’s sidewalk.

“The next day, the window on her van was busted in,” one neighbor says. “And after that, that’s when the violence started. When they noticed, it became a big altercation, they had more words. Then the first shooting happened.”

Initially, no one was injured, but then later last night, someone fired four shotgun blasts into one of the homes, critically injuring a 35-year-old woman and also hitting a man who is said to be OK.

Neighbors say parking is an issue here, but they can’t believe it got this serious. “I never heard something like that before. Get shot over a parking spot? Get killed over a parking spot? It’s crazy.”

Police say they recovered four shotgun shells from the scene. The shooter is on the loose, but police say they do know who they’re looking for.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. SILII says:

    Usually this happens in winter when people dig out parking spots. I guess the heat turns up the tempers, too.

  2. Broker says:

    The OK corrall – relocated to Philly.

  3. gee, what a surprise says:

    I say let them continue their ways. Hopefully they will all kill each other until they are all gone

    1. Hater says:

      Is that you Mayor Nutter?

  4. PJ says:

    The best thing to do would be nuke Feltonville so there are no repercussions about parking. No loss. It’s just going to collapse like the rest of the areas around it.
    Philly is an old , ugly urban area except for downtown because it makes money for the city. If Feltonville can figure out a way to become a moneymaker for the city, it will become the Mecca of Philadelphia.Look at Northern Libert’s and Columbus Blvd…..For that matter if any of the neighborhoods should ever provider some kind of an income to the city it would be a boon to the city and be a “Revitalized” area with aid.. Philadelphia is only interested in looking good where tourists go. The rest is up to it’s residents to do on their own. Sad but true.

    1. SILII says:

      The people that live there have to WANT to improve it to succeed. Otherwise, you throw money into a neighborhood and it is throwing in the trash can. You get what you reap.

      1. anonymous says:

        You mean you reap what you sow. Not “you get what you reap.” That’s redundant.

      2. SILII says:

        You are correct anonymous. Thanks for the editing.

  5. John says:

    I heartily endorse this action. Freedom comes at a price, and there are plenty of lowlives who want to take it away. Take ’em out one by one because the police don’t care and the politicians don’t care about injustices suffered by individuals. They only care when it’s publicized in the news, or when there are hundreds or thousands protesting. In case you forgot when you celebrated July 4, this country was founded on a revolution based on unfair taxes. If taxes are worth a lot of bloodshed, then why not parking?

  6. Shirley Hodge says:

    And this is the final outcome when too many idiots with limited brain cell activity are allowed to run around loose. To many of them in the US.

  7. LOLOL says:

    don’t mess with anyone’s parking spot. I’ve already thrown paint thinner on cars that park in my spot.

  8. RENEE says:

    Small world, smaller argument. Now who gets the spot?? Need to grow up and realize there are more important issues than a parking spot! But then again in their world maybe not! Learn to fight the really important fights

  9. RENEE says:

    When you let other bring you to their level you become one less!!

  10. remucho says:

    The culture is evoving, bo I’m sorry regressing!

  11. Wise One says:

    Typical urban savage: No forethought, no reasoning, no logic, no tought of consequences, just shoot, murder, maim because the savage felt like it.

  12. char says:

    That house looks gross.

  13. Shore Bird says:

    Typical inner-city idiocy. Summertime heat brings it out, and maybe a little booze. The City of Brotherly Love???

  14. I'lll Never Guess Who says:

    Hey Guess Who – I’ve seen “respectable” Suburbanites in their domestic armored tanks get just ast territorial, jacked up on their skewed sense of entititlement.

    1. Dwight says:

      Right, because people get shot with shotguns all the time in the suburbs…

    2. Guess Who says:

      In your dreams, libt ard. There hasn’t been a shooting in my neighborhood in decades, so stop lying and deflecting.

  15. C'MON MAN says:

    Braindead,over a parking spot C’MON MAN.

    1. Inachu says:

      I have a numbered space made by HOA.
      By law that space is now mine.
      But weather has worn off numbers and HOA is lazy to paint numbers back.
      Once in a blue moon I can’t get my spot back until 2am in the morning.
      Mad as hell and anyone who parks in my spat gets a 30 min warning and I show the tow truck my HOA paper for that spot. repeat offenders I give no warning. it is usually the fast parker….Oh I’ll be there just a short time or the soccer mom who parks VERY crooked or the spoiled driver who takes up 2 spaces. Well I am sick of it… IF a person can’t park infront of their own home then the process is flawed or some other howmeowners has WAAAAY many cars. Just rush home and get your spot. someone parks then call tow truck.

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