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City Expanding Efforts To Embarrass Deadbeats

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The city of Philadelphia is expanding its effort to embarrass deadbeats.

The city has been listing tax delinquents on its website for the last few years, focusing on those who owe the most business taxes. Now that is expanding the site to include those who owe the city-owned Water department and PGW.

Revenue Commissioner Keith Richardson says, “We’re hoping to start publicizing water and sewer accounts that are delinquent with the city, and also working with the Philadelphia Gas Works to start posting their delinquent gas customers, so that people will be well aware of those individuals who may have liabilities with the Gas Works as well.”

They’ll be posted soon at the city’s website  Richardson hopes that residents who see business names on the deadbeat list will stop patronizing those firms.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn

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  • misterlucky

    wanna hear something really embarrassing? Some of the members of Wheels of Soul, the philly based motorcycle club brought up on charges….some of those members are upstanding prison guards in Phila…so when you read that story on nbc10’s website, don’t be surprised if you cant leave a comment…

  • misterlucky

    it might be a little easier to catch up with these deadbeats, if they didn’t have family and friends working for thiese companies, doctoring the gospel known as your computer generated account records….surely you’ve heard the term “corruption’ before…???

  • misterlucky

    How come the dity has no problem embarrassing poor people, or people juggling two and three jobs to pay their bills? PGW offices citywide always seem to have a crowd in their offices, cooling their heels and raising their blood pressure, waiting all day to speak with a rep to straighten out their bills….
    Need i remind you: many of these so-called deadbeats are actually landlords and business owners, whose properties and shops NEED these utilities desperately to conduct day to day business: embarrassment AND payment is only an abrupt shut-off of services away…cut them off, the same way you do those who actually strive to pay their utility bills, but lapse a month or two, due to unforseen expenses
    Of course, I’m not speaking for myself, mind you: i made it a point to stay on top of my utility bills, even when PGW was busy misappropriating everybody’s money…to this day, i live where there are those who enjoy full utility service without paying a cent, while submitted reports of their theft goes thru the circus of their bureaucracy…good luck with that ….

  • Tom

    They could care less if you publish their names, shut everything off! Water, Gas, Electric!

  • jill v.

    it’s about time! balances should not be allowed to get sky high. those people know how to play the system and probably don’t even care if there name is out there.

  • Slick

    I concur!

  • c2011

    PGW and Water Revenue Bureau should shut off ALL of those accounts first. Send the employees out as a team (at least one member from PGW and one from WRB) to turn off the service block by block. No excuses and No more tomorrows.

  • esa

    You should publish the names fo deadbeat politicians, but maybe the list would be too long!

    • Slick

      I agree

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