‘Gutter Grabbers’ Target Main Line Homes For Copper

PENN VALLEY, Pa. (CBS) — A rash of copper thefts in Montgomery county has residents on alert.

They may not seem like your typical targets, but thieves in Montgomery County are looking for copper. Gutters and downspouts made of the precious metal are being stolen from people’s homes along the Main Line.

Lower Merion Township Police have reported a significant increase in the thefts of copper downspouts and gutters being taken from homes throughout the area.

“I thought, ‘I’m so far from the road, nobody’s going to come in here,'” said Virginia Dean of Penn Valley, who recently fell victim to the rash of crimes. “I came out to cut the lawn and suddenly realized that I was missing downspouts. It’s upsetting to think someone would just come here and do that.”

The ‘gutter grabbers’ have hit several homes in the area, including homes in Saunders Woods and Mill Creek Road in Gladwyne and Righters Mill Road in Penn Valley.

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“The policeman came back and told me ‘you know, you’re not the only one,'” said Dean.

Police have a possible lead in this case. They are looking for a gray Ford Econoline truck with ladders on the roof rack and license plate YXB-1958.

If you have any information, please contact police.

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One Comment

  1. B Obama says:

    Watz up yall?

  2. Early Ardmore says:

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato —- http://911essentials.com

  3. Early Ardmore says:

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato — http://911essentials.com

  4. Jazzy G.P. says:

    These thefts are not just meth- and crack-driven.They are driven by the fact copper is now, and for the foreseeable future, in huge demand, for the electronic wire and and computer industries. These are professional thieves stealing a lot of this metal, because they know they can get a good price for it. The only solution, cops need to be on patrol day-in, day-out in susceptible neighborhoods to deter or catch them. And I want to add, it’s a real shame that Pres. Bush cratered the economy and Obama’s the one having to deal with it. The recession’s THE reason why theft’s been on the rise.

    1. Laxfan says:

      Well – you can also look at it this way – Under Bush’s last 2 years the house and senate had control (Pelosi-Reed-Frank) then 2 ys Pres, House and Senate held by Dems – EVEN during that time they couldn’t propose a budget when they had control, so here we are today – the Dems have lead us down this road. So stop with the finger pointing –

    2. Mark Erwin says:

      I don’t understand what Bush did to “crater” the economy. Please explain.

  5. ArrDee says:

    Why not automatic year of hard labor for this kind of crime? Why not death for burglary or car theft? You do not accidentally do these things. Anyways, it matters not – watch the news – the wheels are coming off of our economy. Soon your paper money will be worth pennies if anything at all and the government checks, food stamps, etc WILL stop. God help those still living in big cities. Deny it if you want – it is still happening. The proverbial wolf has come – it is “an der Tur” – “at the Door”.

  6. Nemo says:

    What police? Cities and towns can’t afford police forces anymore. States can’t afford prisons. You had better prepare for the United Afghan States of America…every man for himself.

  7. B Obama says:

    Ya’ll be some kind of bigots. Sup?

  8. boat says:

    effing’pill heads and crackheads…if they come near my house.i’m gonna play some skull baseball !

  9. Bob Authority says:

    Yes, this is a new form of metallurgical recon, known as the urban miners of the United States Meth and Crack kingdom of the elites. LOL.

    Every now and then they even get eloctrocuted pulling “live” copper wire. This is all drug and income driven, these particular drugs are priced at a level where the required dopamine addictive level is more expensive, additive, and mentally debilitating than the income of the users, it also empowers them to search for more, for many hours on end.

    Whereas potheads go home for a nap, meth heads roam, catalog and mine other peoples resources NON STOP.

  10. notasocialist says:

    let’s shoot them all… round up the criminals and just shoot them all

  11. Raps says:

    It’s happening everywhere. This country has been dying a slow, and protracted financial death for some time now. This is just the beginning; wait until food prices jump to even more exorbitant amounts. If you live in a large urban city get ready for hell on earth.

  12. physcitech says:

    If the police would go after the yards that are buying this stolen property, then maybe the thefts would stop.

  13. GimmeDatDing says:

    Who would make gutters out of copper? It corrodes too easily. I would think there are plenty of other materials that are better than copper.

    1. Mike Hutchinson says:

      Copper is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion that is why it is used in both roofing and gutters.http://www.corrosion-doctors.org/MatSelect/corrcopper.htm

  14. WB says:

    The US is not just financially in bad shape it is morally bankrupt.

  15. Fake says:

    Ah Yes I love the new Obama World.

  16. John Frost says:

    Under Obama everyone is starving and broke. Except his people of course.

    1. Mikey says:

      Don’t forget he has an aunt and a brother that live in abject poverty.

      1. Noted says:

        Note to self

      2. nobama2012 says:

        They can’t (legally) vote for him.

    2. Shinelight says:

      John, the comment you made above is not true. It is a very misleading and
      generalized statement. If you had said, “Under Obama many persons are afraid
      and concerned that they may become broke and suffer starvation” , then your
      comment would have been more valid. I, for better judgement, do not depend
      on anything Obama say or do for I have chosen to live by every word that
      proceeds out of the mouth of God. God bless you and have a nice day.

      1. WB says:

        Who’s God are you talking about?

      2. Shinelight says:

        The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The true God and eternal life.
        1st jJohn 5:20

  17. Chris N says:

    If I caught them stealing my gutters I’d ask them if they’d
    like to have lead with that copper.

  18. ditchdigger2 says:

    Before any sharing our wealth, we are pushing 70, there will be a lot of dog biting [big dogs], and if they ki-ll the dogs, that proves intent, and establishing rules of enguagment, twin 1911s, being disenfranchised, socialy or other wise, will not be an issue. I live in a neighborhood, that all worked for 30-50 yrs, trades, cops, fire, lawers, teachers, bankers. They give more than most, but they don’t like dope adicts, or semi organized [gang bangers] , or foreign insurgents, infiltrating their neighgorhoods. Don’t tread on me, central Kalivorniky.

  19. laughnmatter says:

    Yeah, go get those “gutter thieves,” but whatever you do don’t do a damn thing to the political hacks that put people in a position to have to steal to eat.

    And CBS, whatever you do keep the propaganda coming and for God sakes don’t report a word about “Fast & Furious.” Lord knows a story about our government selling guns to known crazed drug lords isn’t treason and should not be covered.

    1. cojo says:

      You are condoning theft of peoples’ property with a ridiculous argument.
      They are stealing the copper now because it has great value, not because they are hungry.They are thieves by trade and by nature.

    2. Herewe Goagain says:

      None of those people have to steal to eat.

      1. Justin says:

        yeah, that’s what food stamps are for…

    3. Credit2u says:

      I think cojo and Herewe Goagain missed the point.

      I isn’t a laghnmatter that people are getting desperate, desperate people do desperate things. I agree with your statement as well that the media is not helping any by spinning stories instead of reporting facts and being very selective of what they choose to report. Quite disgraceful in fact.

  20. Elemental5 says:

    Better copper thieves than copper-jacketed bulllets. Gun violence has been nosediving for well over a decade. The NRA convinced some cities to try enforcing their existing gun laws, and it has worked, and therefore has spread from the east to west coasts.

    It is not good to have someone steal your gutters, but it sure beats violence!.

    1. Rusty says:

      What a cowardly comment….you steal from me and come on my property….you deserve a double tap from a 9mm!

      1. ditchdigger2 says:

        I don’t know what state you live in, in many you cannot use lethal force to protect property, and I agree with that. Kids running amock, I am old enough, that farmers would shoot kids with rocksalt, for stealing, had a freind, took 18 peices in the back, stealing sugarcane, Bakersfield, Ca. 1957, same guy gaught me , called my dad, worse than a little rocksalt, hated thieves ever since, any kind, any reason. I would not want to take a mans life over money, depends on how much, if it is going to destroy your family, that is another story. It is all about intent. My dad was a Marine Corps officer, after Okinawa, he was in China, guarding a railroad. They could not interfere with Chinese civilian law. They had to watch women and children, beheaded, for stealing chickens and eggs. That is not right. If a person theatens your, or your families life, smoke him, but not for chickens.

      2. RawMeat says:

        In PA (not sure about Philly- which acts like NJ), you have to feel that your life is in danger, then you can pop away. Even then, you’ll be subject to scrutiny by the courts if things are questionable. So killing someone stealing property ain’t a good idea – but the good news is they’ll eventually get bold enough to enter your house and now the game is on…12 guage Wingmaster with 00 buckshot!

      3. Mikey says:

        Any state with a Castle Doctrine law will do.

      4. Spirit of 1776 says:

        Pennsylvania’s ancient common law right to defend self and property with deadly force was recently afirmed when Corbett signed a “Castle Doctrine” law last week, as in “A man’s home is his castle” PC thought Nazis be damned!

      5. barman says:

        Two shots and a splash…..bartender, give me a bin Laden please….

    2. Djabouti says:

      Ele-mentally-ill; laws are for “law-abiding” citizens. Criminals…don’t…pay…attention…to…laws…stupid.

      1. Ag47 says:

        Djabouti; no, criminals don’t pay attention to laws (which is why gun control never works). However, criminals pay a great deal of attention to who is armed and who is not. Predators always prefer to prey on those unable or unwilling to defend themselves.

    3. conge44 says:

      your post has to be the dumbest post ever posted in internet history. It’s like saying well it was only rape it could have been murder. You should never reproduce. you truly are “mental”

  21. Joe says:

    “Police have a possible lead in this case. They are looking for a gray Ford Econoline truck with ladders on the roof rack and license plate YXB-1958.”

    Great cops in Philly.. You have the plate then you have the vehicle’s owner’s name.


    Or are Philly cops to busy hiding from “flash mobs”.

    1. Dan Lewis says:

      Well said Joe…

    2. Stunned says:

      Wow, what a stupid comment!

      This report is about Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, NOT Philadelphia County which is also located in Pennsylvania, but are two entirely different counties and they do not share police forces. The article quotes Lower Merion Cops and states the thefts are in Gladwyne and Penn Valley. Please look at a map and learn to read before commenting.

  22. MadCharles says:

    Welcome to Obamaville

    1. Derek Elliot says:

      You are right. It’s Obama Time: Take what you can, while you can.

  23. Albert Barlow says:

    Oh, effing great. http://www.abraingutters.com/

  24. chuhyona says:

    Reagan created “Trickle Down Economics”

    Obama created “Trickle up Poverty”

    Enjoy the Utopia your Messiah has created for you.

  25. davec says:

    Those are ALUMINUM GUTTERS, not copper.


    1. automag says:

      The gutters are copper.
      The downspouts are aluminum.
      I should know the difference, I installed them for years.

      1. db_cooper says:

        the word is “IDIOTA”, idiotas… “idioto” doesn’t exist.

        llearn to spell mexican.

      2. automag says:

        Hey db,
        I was merely parroting davec’s misuse of the word.
        BTW learn to spell learn.
        Now do me a favor and go jump out of an airplane sans the parachute.

      3. Stunned says:

        I imagine that is because the cooper downspouts were stolen and the homeowner put in aluminum replacements as to prevent them being stolen again!

  26. Rob says:

    Holy mackerel, yoiu are a hater, and a deluded one at that J-Chi. Last I looked, the “rich” (to you, anyone with a job and living off the government dole) are the ONLY ones paying income taxes. Thank God I live somewhere where owning personal firearms is not illegal, because I’ll be ready for the gutter grabbers when they come.

    1. Big Bear says:

      We need to secede from Liberal-Land before they try to ban firearms (and force us to by hellth insurance, and watch celebrity antics). Ever notice how all this nonsense only happens in blue states. They made their bed…

  27. Brian Wilkin says:

    These people have money because they are being productive and working their a$$es off. Try it once in a while. Our country will be better off not having to support you.

  28. chuhyona says:

    “Every aspect of life in America today is worse than it was when [President Obama] took over. Unemployment higher. Interest rates. The only thing that has gone down in America over the last two years is the value of your home. This president has mismanaged this economy. He has been incompetent in his management of this economy,”

  29. momsaid says:

    So, having sturdy, corrosion-resistant gutters means ‘you’re asking for it’. Thieves are thieves. They rarely steal cheap stuff. Using your logic, no one should ever buy anything expensive or of high quality. That way, the thieves won’t steal from people. BULL. Thieves want things they haven’t earned. They believe they deserve other folks’ belongings. And their money. And their wives (rape, kidnapping, etc.). Sounds like you are on the thieves’ side here. Idiot.

  30. WelovetheUSA says:

    Typical statement to justify being a thief, if their were no hard workers in this country their would be No jobs…the makers provide jobs they work hard to produce products and employees many to help them achieve the same. They are not the rich, they are like me and every hard working soul who lives in this America, who saves their money for 40 years and works hard to have things they have worked for. This country is who she is because of the hard working men and women, who have give the rest of the world everything they now enjoy today, from medicine, to good food, to space, to cars, to homes and all thats in a home today came from Americans.There are makers in this world who keep our country who she is today, the takers are the Obama people who want to destroy America. Lets put it a more simple way..Line up all the college kids from Harvard, they are honor students and have straight “A”….Obama’s way of thinking is for these honor students to give up all their “A”s to the kids who failed with “F’s…..

    1. is it just me says:

      Tell him WelovetheUSA. Nothing wrong with working hard and beautifying one’s surroundings. When you do this it makes every gutter rat envious, wanting to live there too. Unfortunately for some you have to have a work ethic and a sense of morality in order to have an understanding of how to make it happen. God Bless the USA my friend.

  31. joe says:

    Before Obama,…copper was over 3$ and aluminum was 80C.
    Then Obama was elected and copper plunged to 75C and aluminum went to 17c

    in 3 years, it has rebounded to 1.70c and about 52c

    1. J Mail says:

      Goldman Sachs caused this with their Commodities Index. Don’t blame Obama. Get the facts. Sorry stepping away from the keyboard now.

      1. William S says:

        No sir, it is called currency debasement (aka deficit spending). When you debase the currency by spending money you do not have, it makes commodities and other real assets worth more. In the end, the value of the commodities has not changed, it is just the amount of commodities you can by with increasingly worthless fiat printed paper dollars courtesy of Benny and the Inkjets.

    2. Ben says:

      Copper is $4.40 a pound.. Wake up!

  32. Steve says:

    J Male
    I am sure that there are some obscenely rich people who aren’t exactly creating jobs. Can you name some? How is it that they are eliminating jobs?

    1. J Mail says:

      Can you name some that have created jobs?

  33. J Mail says:

    I know of one cut in the economy that would have an immediate positive effect . . . get us out of Afghanistan, Iraq and all of the other countries that we want to occupy. For some reason this is omitted from any discussion of getting the economy back on its feet. Why is that?

    Getting us out of these countries would get us 1/3 of the way to fixing the economy.

    Personally I would like to see all the folks that squandered and took advantage of the mortgage mess and derivatives taken out in the public square and be hung. This will not happen because the government was “asleep at the wheel” when they should have been watching them like a hawk. No one knows who these crooks were so they got off Scott free. The government (Republicans) underfunded the people that were supposed to be monitoring them so there was no way to do it.

    You got questions? I got answers!

    1. Mark says:

      I hate to bore your talking points with the facts, but Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were at the helm of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the Democratic controlled house that insisted we loan money regardless of the ability to pay. ACORN was right in the middle of it. The Republicans and Bush were sounding the alarm, but social justice and redistribution trumped basic economics.

      1. Brian Wilkin says:

        Good try Mark, but you should know a good liberal will not listen to reason. They will probably call you a racist. Then they will say a lie enough times that maybe someone will believe it. The one said most, and Obama’s personal favorite, “It is Bush’s fault!”.

      2. Mishmash says:

        Bush and his cronies DEREGULATED the trade of those commodities and created this firestorm. You should get YOUR facts straight.

      3. AL says:

        Why is it when the dems “fix” a problem and it gets worse, they blame someone else? Socialism has never worked, there is no social justice fix and the left is just too stupid to realize they have been taken over by the enemy.

      4. Mikey says:


        Deregulated commodities? We’re talking about the banking collapse that was engineered by the feel good liberals and their utopian lunacy. Try to keep up already…

        And JMail,

        While the wars and bases we have in other countries are costing us quite a bit, they are are not nearly as expensive as our bloated and corrupt “entitlement programs”. If we were to trim up Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment and all the other freebies that we give to the 49% of Americans that don’t pay federal taxes we would eliminate our debt.

    2. Dan Lewis says:

      I have a question..Why don’t we defund Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and save our economy? I am talking about trillions here in the long run. Get the freaking government out of the real estate business…

    3. Lloyd Swain says:

      Hey Mr J. If you look at the facts. We go into a country. Totally rebuild the infrastructure and then leave. Look at Japan..
      The mortgage problem is not republicans. Take a look at Barney Frank who was involved with Fanny Mae.
      The real fault is all of us for trusting the greed of who we elect. Either party. I think WE need to drain the swamp. (right Nancy?)

    4. Pat says:

      Well for starters, it was under Jimmy Carter and compounded by every sitting president since that it was ordered that mortgage lenders loosen their lending practices. It used to be 25% to 30% of total income allowed for mortgage payments which included taxes and insurance.

      Now on to debasement of the dollar buy our government and federal reserve system. If you read the constitution of the United States it specifically states that any person debasing our currency is guilty of treason and as such should be hung. Interesting huh?

  34. is it just me says:

    Why don’t they just stockpile pennies? No one wants them and they are plentiful. There is no fear of criminal penalty here.My wish would be they’d be arrested and all prisons would have buffet night every night in the prisons with all the fast food they can eat and what we on the outside can’t resist. These guys for the most part are in great shape with healthy meals and access to a well equipped gym making them very agile to commit more crimes upon release. They already have great health care with no co-pay so lets over feed them and we’ll have fat, happy, less agile prisoners.

    1. J Mail says:

      Very little copper in pennies. They are steel core with plating on the outside. Yes, the copper normally in a penny is worth more than the penny. This necessitated the change to steel core. When steel in a penny is worth more than the penny you will see it disappear also.

      1. K Miyasaki says:

        pennies before 1982are 95% copper. Some Canadian pennies are up to 98% copper (I think it was before 1995 or so)

      2. Garrett Arizala says:

        Pennies are now made of zinc. Older ones were copper, but are mostly out of circulation now.

      3. jess says:

        Actually the core is zinc.

      4. Mikey says:

        Same thing happened when they replaced the 90% silver coinage with the coppronickle makeup. Any dime, quarter or half dollar minted on before 1964 is worth quite a bit more than face value. I used to love collecting these but they have been almost completely eliminated from circulation.

    2. J Mail says:

      Oh, please!

    3. J Mail says:

      OMG, truly frightening!

    4. J Mail says:

      Can’t see your point. The president of this country for 4 years does not have the ability to change the face of a country. Unless it is to make us a disgrace in the face of the world like “W” did.

  35. Small business owner says:

    I am pretty sure you will continue to vote Democrat, so you will be able to continue to live off the backds of the producers of America. If the debt ceiling is not raised, you will still receive your public assistance check. Democrats had controlled the Houde and Senate from 2007, look at the start of the economy;s downturn. Vote out all Democrats in 2012.

    1. J Mail says:

      Unfortunately, the train-wreck of an economy that “W” created did not fully mature until his predecessor took over. An increase in taxes on the rich is necessary. You can’t cut yourself to prosperity.

      (I know blaming it on “W” will send you ballistic . . . but it’s TRUE!)

    2. J Mail says:

      successor, sorry.

    3. jejune says:

      Wow – ‘until his predecessor took over’. Unless time travel is a reality you’ve just revealed your intellect level, J Mail. Enjoy your sucky life.

    4. J Mail says:

      Hah! Corrected before your jab!

    5. Mikey says:

      Ahh the old “Bush ruined the economy” bit. You would think the liberals would get tired of that lie…

      The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009 it was actually January 3rd 2007 the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, the
      start of the 110th Congress. The Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.
      For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”,think about this:

      January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress.
      At the time:
      The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
      The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
      The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
      George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION!

      Remember the day…
      January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took ver the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?
      Thank Congress for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP
      and 4.6% Unemployment to this CRISIS by dumping 5-6 TRILLION
      Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae
      and Freddie Mac fiasco’s! (BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie
      & Freddie – starting in 2001, because it was financially
      risky for the U.S. economy, but no one was listening).
      And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae
      AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA.
      And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?
      OBAMA and the Democratic Congress.
      So when someone tries to blame Bush…
      TOOK OVER!” Bush may have been in the car, but the Democrats
      were in charge of the gas pedal and steering wheel they were
      Set the record straight on Bush!

      Facts JMail, they’ll get you every time.

      1. Nemo says:

        Yeah Mikey. Why don’t they just blame God? The prophet Daniel did say He watches over the evil and makes sure it comes to pass…

  36. rr says:

    Hey, aren’t we supposed to “share the wealth” with the Obama street thugs? After all, whitey done them wrong.

    1. JohnDave says:

      Anyone that steals ANYTHING (or breaks in) from my property will be shot to death on the spot. Beats the costs of lawyers, police, trials, jail.

  37. Larry says:

    J Mail said; “We might all be in better shape if the Republicans would quit roadblocking everthing the President attempts to do.”

    Obama is a total fraud, a pathological liar and deranged. He is the real enemy of this country, and to our way of life. The most dangerous thing we face is Liberalism (Communism).

    Your ignorance of real economics is amazing. You said that the “rich” eliminate jobs? Where is your data su[pporting that slur. Who owns the companies that hires the workers? It is nonstop with you people attacking the engines of the economy and trashing the free market. Obama is a fraud, a thief and a traitor.

    1. Lefties have rabies says:

      J Mail…jeez you scare me. You are soooo missing the facts and rant on in your pathetic diatribe. Spooky.

    2. J Mail says:

      Nothing but facts which I find frightening!

  38. ONTIME says:

    This lack of property respect could lead to vigilantiism if the local police are to few or to hand tied to remedy the problem….self defens of life, limb and property is a constitutional right

  39. broadwaybill says:

    Obama is waging war all over the middle East, spending Billions of Dollars all the while threatening to cut social programs and doing all he can to shut down small businesses here at home. He is working for the NWO crowd who have a plan to shut down all european ran countries with poor economy. Pitting the working class against the capitalist. This is exactly how the USSR was created and they are at it again. This scenario is the only one that makes sense as to why Obama is doing what he is doing.

  40. War on gangstas says:

    Compared to a 100 years ago, we in America are stockpiling criminals by the hundreds of thousands. They are Gangstas that 100 years ago would have been hung or worked to death in a farm labor camp.Our ancestors did not have the resources to care for the numerous incorrigibles that we now do. Mercy to the few has been nothing but cruelty to the many. We put Indians on reservations for less than what our urban gangs do now.I only hope to identify the problem, as that is the 1st step to fixing it. Evil people in the past were dealt with very harshly and few survived the wrath of the public. The key is to make the criminals fear us more than we fear them.

  41. broadwaybill says:

    There is no need for racism. Try meth addicts, that come in all colors.

  42. J Mail says:

    We might all be in better shape if the Republicans would quit roadblocking everthing the President attempts to do. Republicans are 180 degree out of anything the President wants to do. We need to restore the tax rate for the wealthy before “W” gave them a free ride. Wealthy eliminate jobs. They are not job creators.

    1. broadwaybill says:

      I have never worked for a poor person.

      1. J Mail says:

        I’m proud of you. I’m sure you never worked for an extremely wealthy person either.

    2. JM says:

      When it comes to road blocking- are you referring to the debt ceiling? If you are, then you might enjoy this quote from Obama himself when he voted against raising it when Bush was president:

      “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” -Barack Obama


      When you said that the wealthy do not create jobs…….you failed to mention who creates them. Poor people?


      1. J Mail says:

        Are you so naive to think that the top 1% of the country create the jobs? I fail to see where you can equate the corporations (that are stockholder owned) that do create jobs with the obscenely rich individuals in this country that don’t?

      2. J Mail says:

        Are you so naive to think that the top 1% of the country create the jobs? I fail to see where you can equate the corporations (that are stockholder owned) that do create jobs with the obscenely rich individuals in this country that don’t?

      3. Steve says:

        Step away from the keyboard dude. You aren’t helping your cause at all. Jobs and Gates are obscenely rich and have created untold jobs. Have you ever created a job?

      4. J Mail says:

        They have created many jobs in China, Pakistan, India. This cant be disputed.

        OK, I will step away from the keyboard.

        See ya.

      5. TroyG says:

        J Mail Recently, the CEO of 3M addressed a group of Politicians and explained why he builds plants in other countries. Do you have any clue what he said?

        It isn’t labor costs which drives him and others to offshore factories.
        It is the Stupid, Expensive, and ridiculous rules and regulation from the EPA, and the Feds which make it so costly to build a plant in the U.S.

        The Green Party, and Big Government are driving business offshore.
        Both are in the Democrat Tent. Oh, and since the US has one of the highest Corp tax rates in the world, our Government drives our business offshore. Who provides the Government this power? Idiots who are always okay with raising taxes, on some other group of people. People like you apparently.

      6. Lefties have rabies says:

        Just keep standing in line at the welfare office, you’ll get your check and maybe some free cheese. Try working and stop whining. It’s the elites money, NOT yours. You’re just pi$$ed they worked hard and earned it, while you want yours given to you.

    3. Steve says:

      And what are you doing to create a job?

    4. jess says:

      problem is you are stuck in “R” vs. “D” mode and essentially you look like a bee stuck in the window.

    5. Guess Who says:

      How many jobs do the poor create, libt ard?

    6. Mikey says:

      Same old cookie cutter comments lifted straight from the Daily Kos. Try thinking for yourself J Mail.

    7. TroyG says:

      You seem to exhibit many qualities of a partisan hack J Mail.
      Show me one job which was created by a poor person….1 job….we will all be waiting for your response, eagerly.

  43. chuck says:

    welcome to obamo land

  44. Sam says:

    Copper is a great conductor of electricity. Hook up a low voltage cattle line to them and when Mr. Thief grabs it… Wham! Instant respect.

    1. mcnertny says:

      dont do it in florida you get prosecuted for protecting property

  45. BigNose says:

    So, they have a license plate.
    Can’t they find out who the Econoline is registered to? Hello?

    1. rico says:

      Yea. That would require work. Its easier to have YOU do their leg work.

  46. Ben says:

    They know the license plate and can’t figure out who it is? wow. Great police work going on in that city.

  47. Fred says:

    It’s time to start deporting criminals of property theft or grand theft to Somalia. I’m serious – within a generation we will have the country cleaned up and back to the 1950’s when America was a great place.

    1. J Mail says:

      Great place for the white male! What about the rest of society? Not a great place for femails, blacks, hispanics . . .

      1. J Mail says:

        I stand corrected . . . female, not femail.


      3. Steve says:

        So that’s why so many blacks and mexicans and everyone else keeps pouring into our country.

      4. J Mail says:

        Legal citizens. Not illegal. Illegals are here to help suck the life out of this country.

      5. TroyG says:

        Not a great place for females, blacks, and hispanics?
        Who says so? Show me the proof!
        Frankly, if you wanted to work in the 50s, you could work. Color didn’t matter.
        I know, I was there, and I worked with blacks, hispanics, and women.
        Women understood the real job was the family. That’s why the generations who had Moms, at home produced good children for the most part.
        Frankly, society has become a cesspit, with many Blacks and Hispanics, and Whites sucking on the Government teat….about 48% of them in fact.
        Oh, about the time the EPA and the Government began regulating business is when jobs began going offshore too. Notice how the Mortgage industry was helped by the Government?
        Are you bright enough to see a common thread here?


        Take off your blinders, criminals are criminals because they are lazy, or have squandered their opportunities.

  48. Beau says:

    At the rate we’re going, pretty soon they’ll be coming after your food.

    1. mrbrownishere says:

      Don’t you dare try to stop them from coming into your home to take their fair share of everything you own. This is what was done and is still bing don to whites in South Africa. They know you suffer from White Guilt and are paralyzed to stop it. Until there are black bodies laying in the street oozing blood, they will escalate.

      This is not a drill…

  49. AmericanLesion says:

    Chicago has come to PA.

    1. mrbrownishere says:

      Better stop posting here and begin joining with your neighbors to form armed patrols. The cops do not have any intension of protecting you. You should now this by now.

  50. Cindi says:

    That is going on nationwide this summer. They are also stealing it from businesses and schools as well as neighborhoods.

    1. johnc says:

      Not where I live. I live in a state that does not infringe upon our second amendment rights.

  51. Tim K says:

    The police don’t care about property crimes. Welcome to the third world America.

  52. Guess Who says:

    Round up the usual suspects.

Comments are closed.

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