PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Woah, how much stuff are you going to plant in that bed?

Don’t plant yourself into a corner – leave some paths, or soon you won’t be able to get into the bed to water or weed.

Remember plants really will grow. I know everything looks so small in the beginning; it’s hard to imagine how tight it can get overtime. But before you know it, plants fill in and fill out and if you don’t leave enough room, they’ll start to overwhelm and overlap each other. That not only allows mold and mildew and diseases, it’s icky to have everything brushing against you on a humid summer day. It’s much better to give yourself and your plants some space.

So, resist the urge to over-plant. If you want a new perennial bed to look full right away, stuff in loads annuals for a year or two until you see how big everything grows up to be.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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