5:41 In case you missed it, Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her child.

casey anthony1 Stigall Show Log 7.6.11

6:15 Senate Leader Mitch McConnell wants President Obama to return to meetings with congressional leaders.

6:40 Chris talks to Comedian Andrew Dice Clay about his upcoming show at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

andrew dice clay Stigall Show Log 7.6.11

6:57 A groups is helping gay black men stay safe.

7:11 Nike has re-signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal.

michael vick Stigall Show Log 7.6.11

7:27 President Obama’s new policy is to play small ball.

Extra tickets have to been added to the Red Meat Tour stop with Ann Coulter at Union Trust Steakhouse in Center City. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

7:44 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he wont replace Joe Biden for the 2012 campaign.

7:58 Collingswood NJ’s revival may be a model for other communities.

8:42 Chris talks to Phillies Play-by-Play Announcer Tom McCarthy about last night’s blow out win in Florida.


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