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Share Your Thoughts: Casey Anthony ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

Share your thoughts on the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

After deliberating for approximately 10 hours, the seven-woman and five-man jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, who went missing three years ago.


Chief Judge Belvin Perry announced the verdict at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Click here to read more…

She was convicted of four counts of lying to a law enforcement officer.

Hear Casey Anthony’s defense team react to the verdict…

Hear the prosecution react to the verdict…

Do you agree with this verdict?  Post your comments below…

  • Lucretia Busuttil Hysock

    Suzy, Casey will have more children, Pass behavior is future behavior, especially she got away with it.

  • Third World Princess

    Mr. Bartlett got a harsher punishment for flipping the bird. How crazy is that?

  • Susan

    I DO believe she was found innocent…the prosecution did not prove her guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt! Their fault she walks…God knows and karma will follow Casey all the days of her life. Pray for Caylee. She’s an angel among those who love her…

    • sue

      just for the record, it is beyond “reasonable doubt” instead of beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having been on a jury, and having a judge that explained the difference, it was of great help. The is doubt, and there is doubt that is reasonable. BUT if the doubt is not reasonable (common sense) then one should not consider it doubt.
      I have seen many juries, and people who do not understand the difference. It is not their fault, and it an aschew many options based on wording, and that opinion of the wording. I am not finding any fault, or judgement in you judgement, I just thought you might like to do some research on that subject.

  • Third World Princess

    Can Casey and George be indicted on obstruction of justice and abuse of a corpse? After all she drowned right? What if anything did they do to save her? Isn’t that child abuse and/or negligence?

  • mark spinelli

    Let me jump on this bandwagon…what BS !!!
    I don’t know what these jurors were smoking during their breaks but SEND SOME TO ME!!!
    OJ’s got nothing on her…
    The next thing will be her having another kid !

  • Third World Princess

    Troubled? Would you consider hiring her to watch your toddler?

  • Third World Princess

    The jury failed to ask themselves the most important question. Who killed Caylee if Casey didn’t? If they had given that a moments thought, the verdict would have been guilty.
    Decent citizens of the planet – BOYCOTT any and all avenues from which Casey may profit financially. DO NOT BUY books, videos, or support the ratings of talk show hosts who will pay for her appearance.
    The courts failed to punish this child killer, but the WORLD CAN!

  • Lynne Bonfiglio

    just cannot believe a not guilty verdict – poor caylee – we will never know the asnswers – all we can do is pray for Caylees little soul!

  • CJ

    Although I totally think she did commit the crime, everyone is forgetting one thing…..and I do not have any ties to the legal community. the prosecutions job is prove a case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT…. they did not do that. They did not have a method of death, they had a bunch of circmstantial evidence. It is unfortunate….they just did not have enough hard evidence. The defense’s job is create reasonable doubt…all’s they have to do is make one person vote not guilty…they did that and more… all 12 from what I understand voted not guilty, so it was not just a case of one stubborn jurist.

    • Third World Princess

      American justice has it all wrong. Where did anyone prove Casey’s innocence? This is why other courts in the world assume that if indicted, there is enough PROOF to presume guilt. The accused must then prove their innocence. The American court system demands that jurors base their decision on FACT and then relies on the individual’s subjectivity of reason. It is an oxymoron.
      The entire American justice system needs to be re-evaluated. The whole circus was a travesty of justice and a waste of taxpayer money.

      • Michelle

        “Where did anyone prove Casey’s innocence?”

        It is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY not the other way around….you prove guilt not innocence.

        Obviously those jurors saw something (or didn’t see something) that we did/didn’t. I honestly think she drowned, Casey panicked and her father covered it up…jmo…

  • Gossamer

    Just goes to show – if you have a kid and get bored with it – head to Orlando – the public in Orlando considers their kids to be disposable so you will not be held accountable for your actions. I hope Casey sleeps and walks with her head on a swivel , looking out for the person that beleives kids are worth more than just a temp good time !

  • Shannon Harp

    I can not believe she got away with it…. I agree with most people its just like OJ

  • Larry

    So why did Casey hide the fact that Caylee was missing for three months? And I suppose that the duct tape just appeared on her face on its own? Basically shse gets to live the life she always wanted…bed hopping bar hopping and partying.

  • Chantel

    Ha Ha! For sure! I’d love to see Baez’s face if you asked that question and hear the reply! :)

  • Carolyn

    Casey’s conscious should keep her wide awake for the rest of her days and nights!!!!

    • O.P.

      You mean conscience. And she doesn’t have any.

  • William T. Shabazz

    OUTRAGEOUS, OPPROBORIOUS, SCANDOLOUS, & INIQUITOUS! If this was a Brother or Sister, they would have been charged, convicted, & sent to captivity for life! Another case of inequallity and disproportionalism in the US (so called) justice system!

    • Chantel

      Don’t make it a racial thing.

    • Mystified reader

      Do you mean someone from the cancelled ABC TV show???
      If not…correct me if I’m wrong…
      Wasn’t OJ a Brother ???
      An idiotic comment for sure!

  • Bd

    This is what happens when people think they know it all and don’t look for the holes in their logic. And what is with society assuming she killed the daughter? And you evidence is????? The media??? Lol.

    • Southeasterner

      She was involved, at elast to some degree. Who hides the fact that their child is missing? And, while still missing, the mother is so carefree, she gets a tattoo that reads, “Beautiful Life.”
      Seriously…she knew, or had a hand, in what happened. You can even see it all over her parent’s faces.

  • Lynn Hofrichter

    Thank God. It was obvious that Casey Anthony was innocent from the get go. My faith in our criminal justice system is restored.

    • Southeasterner

      You’re being sarcastic, right?
      She knows what happened to that child, and perhaps caused her death.
      When your child is missing, why do you not contact the police immediately?
      Why do you run out and get a tattoo that says, “Beautiful Life”?
      You can’t convict her on that, but there’s no doubt she was involved, at leat to some degree. The physical evidence was not there, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a murderer. A lesser charge of perhaps involuntary manslaughter and they might have convicted her.

  • Maggie

    You do NOT want to know my thoughts right now!!!

  • Casey Anthony Trial: Not Guilty Verdict of Murder | Latest Live News Update

    […] Anthony was found 'Not Guilty' of murder or manslaughter in the death of her daughter. <> […]

  • grumpy

    The justice system in this country is noting more than a joke. And that joke is not funny anymore!

  • Suzy

    I feel just like I did after the OJ verdict – I hope the jurors learn the rest of the story when they get home and find out they were duped -turns out that Casey was a VERY talented liar!!

  • Marie Brophy

    It’s like OJ all over again. The system did NOT work.

    • Chantel

      Amen! This is a sad sorry day. Little Caylee’s life was snuffed out and her murderer walks free and gets to enjoy her life. There is a special place in hell for people who hurt children (and those that help cover it up.) I still have faith in out judicial system though. It’s run by humans, therefore, not perfect. Sadly, this is a huge mistake.

    • JOEinAZ

      The system DID work. You cannot convict a person TO DEATH with no evidence. Sure, her behavior for 31 days was abhorable. Granted. But that’s not enough to convict. She’s guilty based on public perception. And the public outcry over the innocent death of achild demands justice. But it needs to be a proper justice, not one to make everyone feel better. I ask any member of the Casey Anthony witch hunt to find me a 22 yr old Mother, who is immature, selfish, wreckless and overinduldged, that is capable of killing their child, disposing of the body, with no eye witnesses or statements made, ALL while eliminating ALL traces of evidence and DNA from THREE different crime scenes, by herself, and I’ll show you Big Foot.

    • Gossamer

      the younger citizens of this world need to re-evaluate the important things in life … kids, family, life itself – not booze, drugs, whorring around …. until this happens we can forget anyone ever being held accountable again – commit any crime, plead I was mistreated by my folks and all is good ?

    • Ancient Mariner

      The System worked perfectly…your all upset because of emotion…the fact you have all been spoon feed false evidence by the media…The EVIDENCE and I mean EVIDENCE the Jury was presented (not the media hype) They had reasonable doubt…1) put the child in Casey’s care. on the Med Exam. date of death and you will find that there were 2 names that come up…prove which one done….you can’t…so reasonable doubt…its not probably, maybe, could be…but reasonable doubt.

    • Lucretia Busuttil Hysock


    • dianne burnett

      Sorry to disagree. No one else had motives, how do we know this? How do you know? I can think of several senarios. I have had computers by the way that say I’ve been to all kinds of web sights and done searches that I never did and my computer is password protected, so explain that. Speculation is not proof and making claims that no one else had access to computers, cars, gas cans, duct tape and Caylee is blind. and hurt th epresecution. Sorry to the angry blind, not gulity does not mean innocent. To allow prosecution to manipulate your minds with so little evidence is scary. I have lived with a child molestor and no one knew. The manipuation I see in George reminds me of how this works. Not saying anything other than I’m sad that Caylee is dead, sad that the prosecution has not proved what happened or who did what. If an accident so sad for all as well. If officers lied or prosecution. I sure would hate to have been convicted with speculation. Many innocent serving time on death row.

      • Vi Bennett

        Speculation? Really?

    • xxxx

      just saying the same thing to someone here — WHAT A JOKE

    • bob

      it a joke the jury missed the point, who else would kill this child all is forgot about little caylee i hope the jury can sleep at night and also caylee mother

      • Southeasterner

        The jury won’t sleep, but not because of their actions. Because the prosecutor and DA did not prove their case to the degree necessary for a first degree conviction and forced this jury to cut her loose. They overcharged her. In poker terms, they went All-in, and they lost. Their mistake, not the jury’s. Now, if you want to change the rules of evidence, contact your congressman and get busy!

    • carolyn

      This is a difficult case, I believe one of her parents were responsible for what happened. She had a bad childhood and suffered. I think she is innocent!
      If she really did do the crime, in some future time, she will have to pay karma.
      The bible says, be not decieved, God is not mock, what ever an individual sows, that also the individual shall reap.
      We must remember not to be politically correct. The bible says we are all sinners and we need christ. With out him we fall into the hand sof the evil one. .

    • CJ

      It is so upsetting the jury found Casey not guilty… is like the OJ all over again

      But where is OJ…….in jail…..What does God’s word say?…….”don’t mess with my little ones”…and Caylee belonged to him……God also said “Vingince is mine”…..I hold God to his promises, because God cannot lie….I have no doubt God knows how to best deal with Casey….

      • tt

        Thank you!

    • Maria

      Justice was not served for that little angel, them jurors did not think about Caylee they were only thinking to get out.
      I hope they see what the public saw and get them wondering what they did was make a wrong decision.
      Why would anyone have jurors there with a background that a few of them had?
      She got a free life like she wanted.

    • Argyjr

      The system did work. The prosecutors failed to present the evidence in a way that would convict. The system worked exactly as it should have.

    • Connie Porter

      I guess we can now kill our children and get away with it!

  • Kiitsu

    This is just wrong!!! So, is the Jury now saying that since she didn’t kill her baby, then we should start looking for the “real killer”??? Sounds just like the “OJ” case! Well, maybe God will see fit down the road to have Casey put in jail for some other charge, just like OJ is!!!! This is such a travesty of justice!!! There was no reasonbile doubt! I believe the Jury was just tired and wanted to go home and that’s why we had a fast verdict. Too much time taken up with the DNA outlines. Another OJ similiarity!

  • Shirley Pamuk

    Will the jury be able to sleep after all of this? So much like OJ’s Trial, watch your book stores for her side of it all! That will not be on my bucket list!

  • Zzbar

    No, do not agree.

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