Share Your Thoughts: Casey Anthony ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

Share your thoughts on the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

After deliberating for approximately 10 hours, the seven-woman and five-man jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, who went missing three years ago.


Chief Judge Belvin Perry announced the verdict at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Click here to read more…

She was convicted of four counts of lying to a law enforcement officer.

Hear Casey Anthony’s defense team react to the verdict…

Hear the prosecution react to the verdict…

Do you agree with this verdict?  Post your comments below…


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  1. jenny from michigan says:


  2. TT says:

    I was speaking with a lady I know from Bosnia about this case. She, like I was full of disgust about the verdict. She said that only in America can someone get away with murder. Additionally, she stated that this country is a magnet for criminals, knowing that they can get away things like this.

  3. Mary T. says:

    If Casey hadn’t worked since Caylee was born, what were they doing every day for almost 3 years ? Did Cindy or Geoge ever ask Caylee what she did with the nanny- swim, play Mr. Potato Head, etc, she was not a baby, she could talk and would have said ” Zanny who? ”
    If Casey was chloroforming her I think Caylee would have play smothhered George, Cindy , or Lee like other abused children make their dolls have sex or hit each other.
    If the Orlando Police would have done their job in August there might have been ernough evidence on her bones to PROVE cause of death. I don’t believe the duct tape would have stayed on her nose and mouth after the skin and muscles decomposed. I think animal activity, water damage or even a certain meter reader caused the tape to wind up on her face. I’m not saying Mr. Kronk killed her only that he disturbed the crime scene. Who knows what the cops could have found had they responded in a timely manor?
    The Jury was right with their verdict. The prosecuters did NOT PROVE their case.
    As for the OJ case- I think his older son did it not OJ himself.
    Rest In Peace Caylee Marie!!!

  4. Jade says:

    I think all the family are involved in this crime. They all covered up! Why it took them 31 days to look for Caylee? something is wrong here? As for the verdict not guilty I’m shocked..Justice was not served..and for her to be smiling celebrating her victory well, it’s not gonna last forever..she will pay for this crime somehow.. I just hope People out there, don’t buy her books and see the movies…

  5. Gabx3 says:

    I do believe that Casey Anthony most definitely had something to do with the murder of the daughter. Throughout the entire trial I swore to myself that she did it all herself considering the evidence.. Hair in the trunk, the smell. But if you look back Casey did say that George molested her which automatically makes you come to an assumption that he is a corrupt person. I’ve heard a lot of theories like possibly Caylee did drowned and George wanted Casey to cover it up but that still doesn’t explain the tape to keep her from breathing. We shouldn’t just automatically assume something just because the media feeds it to us. Look deeper. Hopefully the truth will come out and Caylee had no pain.

  6. Ancient Mariner says:

    Your All not getting it….The Jury said she was not guilty with the evidence that was presented…..they are not saying she didn’t have something to do with her child’s death….only saying based upon the evidence presented and the charge the Judge instructed she is not guilty….get over yourselves…and listen to the Law not the Dumb A** Media

  7. Kathleen Andre Panker McNeil says:

    Isn’t it ironic that setting Casey free could kill her faster than the death penalty would have?
    Why did Jose Baez let Casey Anthony sit in jail for 2 years for an accident?

  8. Josephine Mannarino says:

    Why doesn’t our justice system now charge casey anthony with obstruction of justice if her defense is caylee drowned in family pool. By allowing all to believe she was murdered when they knew where she really was allowed all dna evidence to rot away as caylee did. Casey has made our justice system a joke. We the people as strangers have mourned caylee’s murder/drowning and all of us, millions have suffered emotionally and physically for what happened for caylee marie anthony while her true murderer her own mother goes free. When our justice system allows a patholigical liar to control our justice system, we the people are in big trouble. The justice system found her innocent because of her lies.

    1. Holman Wertz says:

      Josephine, Yes, she should be charged with ‘obstruction of justice’ and at least be in jail for 10 to 15 years. Casey lied to her girlfriends and lied to her boyfriends and lied to her parents. Now, she will lie to herself: “See, Mom, what you caused me? Handling missing Cayley by calling 911. Look what you have done to me. You have ruined my life. It is all your fault”

  9. Roy Mabe,Jr. says:

    I think Casey Anthony was found not guilty to give her a second chance at life,and,if she blew it this time,she would go to jail.

    1. Gab says:

      I agree

  10. Cindy L. says:

    One day, justice will be served for this precious little angel…a justice served by one of much higher authority than any man. Still, it is heartbreaking to know that no one is being punished now, for the terrible death of this sweet, innocent child.
    Someone, or possibly even more than one person, was, no doubt, responsible for the untimely and tragic death of Caylee Anthony. There are far too many suspicious and perplexing facts surrounding this case, far too many.
    I find the whole story of this precious little girl’s death to be so terribly sad and very, very disturbing.

    1. Dee says:

      Well said….Almighty God is the ultimate Judge and we are all accountable to our deeds and the way in which we have lived our lives.
      God Bless Caylee.. Justice will be served one day

  11. Proud 2-b Mom says:

    I would not surprise if it happens in 3rd world country? but in America? WOW… It is surprising and sad that our justice system is not working.

    1. JOEinAZ says:

      The system DID work. You cannot convict a person TO DEATH with no evidence. Sure, her behavior for 31 days was abhorable. Granted. But that’s not enough to convict. She’s guilty based on public perception. And the public outcry over the innocent death of achild demands justice. But it needs to be a proper justice, not one to make everyone feel better. I ask any member of the Casey Anthony witch hunt to find me a 22 yr old Mother, who is immature, selfish, wreckless and overinduldged, that is capable of killing their child, disposing of the body, with no eye witnesses or statements made, ALL while eliminating ALL traces of evidence and DNA from THREE different crime scenes, by herself, and I’ll show you Big Foot.

  12. Katy says:

    I think Casey is more then guilty makes me sick she gets away with murder and get to walk the streets she trash and deserves the death penalty

  13. Hannah Gee says:

    Casey is a cold hearted narcissistic sociopath that will most likely find herself confronted with another murder trial where she is charged with another murder. She is morally bankrupt and will always lie, steal, and kill to get her way. Her destiny was sealed the day she murdered little caylee. She will also always have to overcome the fact that she is one of the most hated individuals in the country. Where ever she goes she will be judged for her horrendous actions.

  14. tt says:

    They should give the whole family and the boyfriend a lie-detector test.

  15. Danielle says:

    Somehow I blame the news media for the highly publicized order of the Obama Administration to assassinate bin Laden leaving civilians idolizing revenge and murder. Grown Americans can’t play with their Navy Seal action figures, but they can plot in less than 140 characters on a girl not old enough to rent a car.

    1. CJ says:

      what are you talking about?

  16. Bobbie Flowers says:

    I was shocked. I do feel she is GUILTY. I hope that Casey’s parents take today to remove all of Casey’s personal items from their home and put in storage for her to receive when she is released. I would have their attorney give Casey’s attorney’s a key for Casey to receive her items and would not want her in their lives. It is time to do tough love. She didn’t want to see them before the trial–they should not see her now that it is over.

  17. JOE BREEN says:


  18. Thomas says:

    Jury made a good call…the lack of evidence would have made this a setup and a fraud if they had convicted her. I think someone else did this, personally – like maybe he guy who found the body…

    1. JOEinAZ says:

      A logical response. Refreshing. Maybe if the police department spent a fraction of time investigating the POSSIBILITY of anyone but Casey, they would have more ACTUAL evidence. There were focusing on an Anthony…just the wrong one, in my opinion.

  19. James Mason says:

    Eh they picked up some swamp people who had never heard of the case. This is the reason people should have to take a skills test to be on jury duty to make sure they understand what is going on.

    1. Argyjr says:

      James…the jury did exactly what they were supposed to do. They only used the evidence presented to them in court in order to decide guilt or innocence. They’re NOT ALLOWED to use things they’ve “heard” about the case. It’s what keeps innocent people out of prison in this country. Occasionally a guilty person walks but that’s not as bad as an innocent person serving time in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.

  20. China's Court says:

    NOT GUILTY??????????????? My grand father told me China’s Supreme Court law, if you kill some one, you will get a FREE Visa to hell.

  21. Marla Pepsin-Karichner says:

    it is something she will have to live with the rest of her life..knowing that she lied to save herself! what a shame the system didn’t work in favor of haylee

  22. Shocked in MIchigan says:

    Shocking, she is absolutely guilty Baez if he feels she is so innocent should hire her as his Nanny. Where is the justice for Caylee???

  23. Peter says:

    I don’t get what this has to do with Philadelphia

  24. val says:

    If all of you agree on the verdict and everyone I know feel the same. Not to mention every other site I have been on. Then what happened and where did they get the only 12 people on the planet that thinks she is innocent for everything but lying.
    Something is wrong…………….

  25. Corky says:

    I say she had something to do with her daughters death–.I think they should of went for a lesser charge—-They never found who killed OJ,s wife–there was never another crime like it anywhere and the same will happen here the killer got away with it–Casey will mess up again to be sure just hope another life isnt lost–the defense showed what they thought of the victim by having a party after the verdict—-they only did their job and their job means someone was injured/killed and whatever else I see no reason to party it is not a sports event

    1. Dee says:

      Well said Corky, we all need to remember that once she leaves the prison , she is takng “herself with her”.. High probability that she will commit another crime .. she is a liar, sociopath, manipulator and the icy glare to her family is a testament.. Be prepared society… she isn’t done

  26. ma gould says:

    Casey will end up committing suicide because of her guilt trip.

    1. Marie says:

      We can only hope. Who? What? When? Where? and How? Casey, Casey, Casey…………Like Nancy Graces says “The Devil is Dancing”….

      1. Grace says:

        Don’t buy the book ,don’t see the movie,don’t watch the the tv apperances,it will be nothing but lies and false tears.Shame on you 12 plus 3 you all forgot about the baby ,beautiful Caylee. Casey will become rich by the death of her child,I see a lot of partying in her sad life. 31 days Good title for a book,and the Lies I told the world good title for a movie.

  27. Dee says:

    Everyday babies are being murdered… Human beings have made abortion ?? lawful??? The ten commandments, including that of though shall not murder.. are not ten suggestions

  28. Dee says:

    We all need to keep in mind that a guilty person who murdered her child will be set free… No justice for Caylee, aren’t we still waiting to find out who murdered Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson?????
    Keep in mind law and judicial system is man made… there is far more than here.. remember who is the ultimate judge… God!!! Justice will prevail

    1. Kira says:


  29. Hajo says:

    George and Cindy should sue Casey in civil court for the loss of their grandchild. Casey would have to take the stand.

  30. robert carola says:

    The jury did their job while the prosecution and the judge failed to do theirs. The only thing Casey Anthony was proven to do was Obstruct Justice and now the federal government must indict her on that felony charge. Remember Meghan’s law was used when Casey said her daughter was kidnapped and so it seems fair that the feds should be able to indict this woman. She wasted millions of dollars of resources and she must atone for the lies.

  31. Bruce McClarron says:

    What an absolutely appalling verdict – there was so much evidence pointing to her behavior in the death of her 2 yr old child – this so-called jury have made “diabolical” decisions – are they all *brain dead*?? She was the ONLY one who could have committed this crime!!! Examine ALL the evidence!!

  32. Audie says:

    OJ got off but was goes around comes around, where’s his “beautiful Life” now!

  33. Ken says:

    This is the biggest disgrace since the OJ verdict. Casey Anthony should team up with OJ Simpson and go out and look for the real killers. You gotta be kidding me. Even if it was proven she did not kill her child on purpose and it was an accident she should fry just for her behavior following the death of her child!! What a piece of trash!!!

  34. mary gibson says:

    What were the jury thinking?If tyere was reasonable doubt she should at least been convicted of manslaughter.You can get away with murder.

  35. oksanna fallon says:

    I was very disapointed in the verdict, not even child negligence! How do you not report your child missing! and now enjoying their celebratiion with champagne never greived for her child. Caylee was just an inconveince to her. She has to answere to GOD and that will be alot tougher.

  36. maria says:

    Never would I have thought that the jurors would find Casey not guilty but they have so now it means that if she is not guilty who is and how do you go about proving it. It seems to me that the whole family knows what happened to that precious little girl and they all should be held responsible for her death. Casey may have made many lies up but who is she trying to protect herself her mother or her father certainly not the little girl that she should have been protecting. May God Bless Baby Angel Caylee and may who ever tried to hide or cover up this live from now on with the guilt and nightmares that they deserve.

  37. mebee says:

    If it was an accident, why not report it? You don’t go to jail for accidents. Her body found a quarter mile away, months later. Obviously, she was not disposed of immediately. Where was her body? In Casey’s trunk, that’s where. Sorry folks, I guess the media did a number on me and I believed them. I say guilt as sin and hopefully what goes around, comes around!!!!

    1. Doreen says:

      I understand completely the lack of evidence, however, the prosecution sucked and didn’t do there job and also, if I die accidentally or otherwise, please make sure I have a respectful burial and do not toss me in to the woods to rot and be picked apart by animals, That in itself should at least be the charge of abuse of a corpse…………………….
      Doreen, Galloway

  38. Robert Bergstresser says:

    God Bless you Always Little Angel
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l |^^^^^^^^^^| |P
    | ♥~♥ NO JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE MARIE ♥~♥ ||”””;..\___.
    |……_______________| l______________l _||__|…, ]P
    “(@)’(@)”””””””*l'(@)l'(@)l “”””””””””””””(@)'(@)””””‘(@)
    …Put this on your status & Keep this Convoy Going..

  39. Southeasterner says:

    A courtroom is NOT the place for justice. It’s a place for good vs evil and the best evidence and presentation wins. The prosecutor and/or the DA went for the death penalty and with the evidence they had, it was a HUGE mistake. At best, Casey knows about or was present when caley died. At worst, and I have no trouble believing this, she wanted a new life. Someone wrote that could not be the case, but trust me, I’ve seen these type of women and they’d sell their soul to the devil to be single and childless.

    Asking yourself, “who else would have killed Caley,” Does not get you to the point that you can convict her. You can’t convict someone, just because you can’t phathom another suspect. It must be proved that she killed Caley and for a death penalty case, you’d better have DNA – which they did not. Involuntary homicide is about the best they should have gone for and they might have won that – might.

    Now, it’s up to the feds to charge her in federal court, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

  40. Phil says:

    After watching the trial I would have voted exactly the way the jury did. George, Casey’s Father told his girlfriend that it was an accident that snow balled out of control. Fit perfectly as to the defenses case of the accidental drowning. Casey and her Father were terrified of Cindy Anthony. Cindy said that the only good thing Casey had ever done in her life was give birth to Caylee according to Casey’s brother Lee. No DNA, NO finger prints, No other witness, No one proved who drove Casey’s car and parked it by the garbage dump. Nothing on the duck tape. Casey appeared to be a very good and loving mother from all the videos photos and character witnesses. The death of little Caylee is still a mystery, But there was no way to convict Casey of anything but lying to the police.

    1. JOEinAZ says:

      I think George was the one they were terrified of. As for the car, Casey sent a text message to her friend telling her it smelled like death and was running outof gas. That’s why it was at the station.

  41. Dee says:

    I am in shock, I willnot buy any books, I will not watch any shows that have her on and I will boycott the products who support these shows. a baby is dead if not Casey then who?.maybe they did not prove first degree but they certainly proved child abuse resulting in death. I hope the State of Florida makes her pay for this trial out of the millions she will make in the future from her story and I hope the Nanny who was accused of kidnapping sues her also. Her parents should sue her for the loss of Caylee. God Bless Cindy and George, God will take care of Casey.

  42. Ana says:

    Not guilty doesn’t necessarily mean innocent. There simply wasn’t enough evidence to condemn a woman to death, and the jury wasn’t willing to make that judgement without concrete evidence.

  43. leave em' with me says:

    Casey was heard saying “I’m opening a Day Care Center”.”

  44. Lucretia Busuttil Hysock says:

    Suzy, Casey will have more children, Pass behavior is future behavior, especially she got away with it.

  45. Third World Princess says:

    Mr. Bartlett got a harsher punishment for flipping the bird. How crazy is that?

  46. Susan says:

    I DO believe she was found innocent…the prosecution did not prove her guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt! Their fault she walks…God knows and karma will follow Casey all the days of her life. Pray for Caylee. She’s an angel among those who love her…

    1. sue says:

      just for the record, it is beyond “reasonable doubt” instead of beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having been on a jury, and having a judge that explained the difference, it was of great help. The is doubt, and there is doubt that is reasonable. BUT if the doubt is not reasonable (common sense) then one should not consider it doubt.
      I have seen many juries, and people who do not understand the difference. It is not their fault, and it an aschew many options based on wording, and that opinion of the wording. I am not finding any fault, or judgement in you judgement, I just thought you might like to do some research on that subject.

  47. Third World Princess says:

    Can Casey and George be indicted on obstruction of justice and abuse of a corpse? After all she drowned right? What if anything did they do to save her? Isn’t that child abuse and/or negligence?

  48. mark spinelli says:

    Let me jump on this bandwagon…what BS !!!
    I don’t know what these jurors were smoking during their breaks but SEND SOME TO ME!!!
    OJ’s got nothing on her…
    The next thing will be her having another kid !

  49. Third World Princess says:

    Troubled? Would you consider hiring her to watch your toddler?

  50. Third World Princess says:

    The jury failed to ask themselves the most important question. Who killed Caylee if Casey didn’t? If they had given that a moments thought, the verdict would have been guilty.
    Decent citizens of the planet – BOYCOTT any and all avenues from which Casey may profit financially. DO NOT BUY books, videos, or support the ratings of talk show hosts who will pay for her appearance.
    The courts failed to punish this child killer, but the WORLD CAN!

  51. Lynne Bonfiglio says:

    just cannot believe a not guilty verdict – poor caylee – we will never know the asnswers – all we can do is pray for Caylees little soul!

  52. CJ says:

    Although I totally think she did commit the crime, everyone is forgetting one thing…..and I do not have any ties to the legal community. the prosecutions job is prove a case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT…. they did not do that. They did not have a method of death, they had a bunch of circmstantial evidence. It is unfortunate….they just did not have enough hard evidence. The defense’s job is create reasonable doubt…all’s they have to do is make one person vote not guilty…they did that and more… all 12 from what I understand voted not guilty, so it was not just a case of one stubborn jurist.

    1. Third World Princess says:

      American justice has it all wrong. Where did anyone prove Casey’s innocence? This is why other courts in the world assume that if indicted, there is enough PROOF to presume guilt. The accused must then prove their innocence. The American court system demands that jurors base their decision on FACT and then relies on the individual’s subjectivity of reason. It is an oxymoron.
      The entire American justice system needs to be re-evaluated. The whole circus was a travesty of justice and a waste of taxpayer money.

      1. Michelle says:

        “Where did anyone prove Casey’s innocence?”

        It is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY not the other way around….you prove guilt not innocence.

        Obviously those jurors saw something (or didn’t see something) that we did/didn’t. I honestly think she drowned, Casey panicked and her father covered it up…jmo…

  53. Gossamer says:

    Just goes to show – if you have a kid and get bored with it – head to Orlando – the public in Orlando considers their kids to be disposable so you will not be held accountable for your actions. I hope Casey sleeps and walks with her head on a swivel , looking out for the person that beleives kids are worth more than just a temp good time !

  54. Shannon Harp says:

    I can not believe she got away with it…. I agree with most people its just like OJ

  55. Larry says:

    So why did Casey hide the fact that Caylee was missing for three months? And I suppose that the duct tape just appeared on her face on its own? Basically shse gets to live the life she always wanted…bed hopping bar hopping and partying.

  56. Chantel says:

    Ha Ha! For sure! I’d love to see Baez’s face if you asked that question and hear the reply! :)

  57. Carolyn says:

    Casey’s conscious should keep her wide awake for the rest of her days and nights!!!!

    1. O.P. says:

      You mean conscience. And she doesn’t have any.

  58. William T. Shabazz says:

    OUTRAGEOUS, OPPROBORIOUS, SCANDOLOUS, & INIQUITOUS! If this was a Brother or Sister, they would have been charged, convicted, & sent to captivity for life! Another case of inequallity and disproportionalism in the US (so called) justice system!

    1. Chantel says:

      Don’t make it a racial thing.

    2. Mystified reader says:

      Do you mean someone from the cancelled ABC TV show???
      If not…correct me if I’m wrong…
      Wasn’t OJ a Brother ???
      An idiotic comment for sure!

  59. Bd says:

    This is what happens when people think they know it all and don’t look for the holes in their logic. And what is with society assuming she killed the daughter? And you evidence is????? The media??? Lol.

    1. Southeasterner says:

      She was involved, at elast to some degree. Who hides the fact that their child is missing? And, while still missing, the mother is so carefree, she gets a tattoo that reads, “Beautiful Life.”
      Seriously…she knew, or had a hand, in what happened. You can even see it all over her parent’s faces.

  60. Lynn Hofrichter says:

    Thank God. It was obvious that Casey Anthony was innocent from the get go. My faith in our criminal justice system is restored.

    1. Southeasterner says:

      You’re being sarcastic, right?
      She knows what happened to that child, and perhaps caused her death.
      When your child is missing, why do you not contact the police immediately?
      Why do you run out and get a tattoo that says, “Beautiful Life”?
      You can’t convict her on that, but there’s no doubt she was involved, at leat to some degree. The physical evidence was not there, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a murderer. A lesser charge of perhaps involuntary manslaughter and they might have convicted her.

  61. Maggie says:

    You do NOT want to know my thoughts right now!!!

  62. grumpy says:

    The justice system in this country is noting more than a joke. And that joke is not funny anymore!

  63. Suzy says:

    I feel just like I did after the OJ verdict – I hope the jurors learn the rest of the story when they get home and find out they were duped -turns out that Casey was a VERY talented liar!!

  64. Marie Brophy says:

    It’s like OJ all over again. The system did NOT work.

    1. xxxx says:

      just saying the same thing to someone here — WHAT A JOKE

    2. Chantel says:

      Amen! This is a sad sorry day. Little Caylee’s life was snuffed out and her murderer walks free and gets to enjoy her life. There is a special place in hell for people who hurt children (and those that help cover it up.) I still have faith in out judicial system though. It’s run by humans, therefore, not perfect. Sadly, this is a huge mistake.

    3. Gossamer says:

      the younger citizens of this world need to re-evaluate the important things in life … kids, family, life itself – not booze, drugs, whorring around …. until this happens we can forget anyone ever being held accountable again – commit any crime, plead I was mistreated by my folks and all is good ?

    4. bob says:

      it a joke the jury missed the point, who else would kill this child all is forgot about little caylee i hope the jury can sleep at night and also caylee mother

      1. Southeasterner says:

        The jury won’t sleep, but not because of their actions. Because the prosecutor and DA did not prove their case to the degree necessary for a first degree conviction and forced this jury to cut her loose. They overcharged her. In poker terms, they went All-in, and they lost. Their mistake, not the jury’s. Now, if you want to change the rules of evidence, contact your congressman and get busy!

    5. Lucretia Busuttil Hysock says:


    6. dianne burnett says:

      Sorry to disagree. No one else had motives, how do we know this? How do you know? I can think of several senarios. I have had computers by the way that say I’ve been to all kinds of web sights and done searches that I never did and my computer is password protected, so explain that. Speculation is not proof and making claims that no one else had access to computers, cars, gas cans, duct tape and Caylee is blind. and hurt th epresecution. Sorry to the angry blind, not gulity does not mean innocent. To allow prosecution to manipulate your minds with so little evidence is scary. I have lived with a child molestor and no one knew. The manipuation I see in George reminds me of how this works. Not saying anything other than I’m sad that Caylee is dead, sad that the prosecution has not proved what happened or who did what. If an accident so sad for all as well. If officers lied or prosecution. I sure would hate to have been convicted with speculation. Many innocent serving time on death row.

      1. Vi Bennett says:

        Speculation? Really?

    7. carolyn says:

      This is a difficult case, I believe one of her parents were responsible for what happened. She had a bad childhood and suffered. I think she is innocent!
      If she really did do the crime, in some future time, she will have to pay karma.
      The bible says, be not decieved, God is not mock, what ever an individual sows, that also the individual shall reap.
      We must remember not to be politically correct. The bible says we are all sinners and we need christ. With out him we fall into the hand sof the evil one. .

    8. CJ says:

      It is so upsetting the jury found Casey not guilty… is like the OJ all over again

      But where is OJ…….in jail…..What does God’s word say?…….”don’t mess with my little ones”…and Caylee belonged to him……God also said “Vingince is mine”…..I hold God to his promises, because God cannot lie….I have no doubt God knows how to best deal with Casey….

      1. tt says:

        Thank you!

    9. Maria says:

      Justice was not served for that little angel, them jurors did not think about Caylee they were only thinking to get out.
      I hope they see what the public saw and get them wondering what they did was make a wrong decision.
      Why would anyone have jurors there with a background that a few of them had?
      She got a free life like she wanted.

    10. Argyjr says:

      The system did work. The prosecutors failed to present the evidence in a way that would convict. The system worked exactly as it should have.

    11. Connie Porter says:

      I guess we can now kill our children and get away with it!

    12. JOEinAZ says:

      The system DID work. You cannot convict a person TO DEATH with no evidence. Sure, her behavior for 31 days was abhorable. Granted. But that’s not enough to convict. She’s guilty based on public perception. And the public outcry over the innocent death of achild demands justice. But it needs to be a proper justice, not one to make everyone feel better. I ask any member of the Casey Anthony witch hunt to find me a 22 yr old Mother, who is immature, selfish, wreckless and overinduldged, that is capable of killing their child, disposing of the body, with no eye witnesses or statements made, ALL while eliminating ALL traces of evidence and DNA from THREE different crime scenes, by herself, and I’ll show you Big Foot.

    13. Ancient Mariner says:

      The System worked perfectly…your all upset because of emotion…the fact you have all been spoon feed false evidence by the media…The EVIDENCE and I mean EVIDENCE the Jury was presented (not the media hype) They had reasonable doubt…1) put the child in Casey’s care. on the Med Exam. date of death and you will find that there were 2 names that come up…prove which one done….you can’t…so reasonable doubt…its not probably, maybe, could be…but reasonable doubt.

  65. Kiitsu says:

    This is just wrong!!! So, is the Jury now saying that since she didn’t kill her baby, then we should start looking for the “real killer”??? Sounds just like the “OJ” case! Well, maybe God will see fit down the road to have Casey put in jail for some other charge, just like OJ is!!!! This is such a travesty of justice!!! There was no reasonbile doubt! I believe the Jury was just tired and wanted to go home and that’s why we had a fast verdict. Too much time taken up with the DNA outlines. Another OJ similiarity!

  66. Shirley Pamuk says:

    Will the jury be able to sleep after all of this? So much like OJ’s Trial, watch your book stores for her side of it all! That will not be on my bucket list!

  67. Zzbar says:

    No, do not agree.

Comments are closed.

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