PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You don’t have to rototill half your yard and plant rows and rows of vegetables – or grow no food at all. I can’t be bothered fighting critters and weeds, so I just stick some tomatoes, peppers, and herb plants into pots on my patio. For weeks we’ve had cherry tomatoes and an aptly named Patio Tomato has produced several sandwich-sized ones too.

I got a cucumber plant on a whim and stuck it in an extra pot of soil. The tag said it needed to grow up on something, so I stuffed a metal tower in the middle and it took off growing. First it was covered with yellow flowers, followed by baby cucumbers. Since the plant only cost 75 cents – about the price of one cucumber at the supermarket – I’m already ahead of the game.

The point is, it’s not all or nothing. It’s fun to have some very fresh food you planted yourself. But you don’t have to become a farmer to have a steady supply of a few things you love growing right outside your door.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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