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Alleged Suspect In Gilbertsville Shootings Killed By SWAT Team In Delaware County

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Prosecutors say the suspect in a deadly rampage near Philadelphia has been killed by SWAT team members after they entered a suburban home.

Authorities identify the suspect as 51-year-old Mark Geizenheyner. Montgomery County district attorney Risa Ferman says he’d been planning for more than a year to rob a Gilbertsville house and kill the owner Paul Shay– whom he knew– when he knocked on the door Saturday and said, “Guess you never thought you’d see me again.” (see related story).

“We understand that he was surprised by the number of people there. Still, we believe, he took those shots in any case and fled the residence,” said Ferman.

Authorities say Geisenheyer shot five family members in his neighbor’s home, killing the nephew and the two-year-old, before he fled.

He ended up at a home in Trainer but the resident alerted police, who surrounded the house and ultimately broke in and shot Geizenheyner. Ferman says Geizenheyner was not going to leave the house alive.

“He knew what he had done, he knew the consequences would be extraordinary and he was not willing to face the consequences.”

Authorities say they tried to negotiate and flush out Geisenheyer with tear gas, but he told police he was not going back to prison. Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green says Geisenheyner was killed after hours of negotiations failed.

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio; Oren Liebermann, CBS 3

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  • David Emerson Powell

    If he was in Prison from before who sold or gave him a gun? That person should get busted and hard. A NICS background check should flag that instantly, so I doubt he bought it at the local Sport shop.

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  • Big Me

    The headline says he was “killed by SWAT team” but the article says the SWAT team found him dead, implying suicide. Which is it?

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  • Zzbar

    Well, this story has very bad writing. Fifth grade level at the most. “Road in [trainer], Delaware”. “He is a suspected in the”~. Nice !!!!

    • Gossamer

      An innocent 2 yr old is dead along with the second murder victim, plus 3 others that may or may not survive and all you can comment on is the writing of the article ? Really ?

      • David Emerson Powell

        Later, you said it. The taxpayers were saved money and the legal system a lot of aggravation by this chump expiring, what a piece of garbage.


        All I have to say is ADIOS MULLET HEADED MF’R……..

    • Zzbar

      I see the new post was upgraded from the previous.

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