Arguments About Extracting Natural Gas From The Marcellus Shale Region Heat Up

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conversations about extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region often turn on taxes, jobs and potential pollution. But KYW’s John Ostapkovich talked with a drilling foe whose main concern is tourism.

Maybe Charlie Gerlach’s gripe is also a little about jobs, his. As an organic farmer and bed-and-breakfast operator in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier Endless Mountains, he says guests looking to get away from it all find it, all in hot pursuit.

“Particularly what affects them is the incessant truck traffic that we have, these water-tankers, these trucks hauling stone and water.”

It happens often on tiny, winding roads. Gerlach says he can see 40 miles from his mountainside place.

“So if you can imagine a pristine, continuous forested area with big gouges just eaten right out of the forest with roads and then they have ponds and all the stuff you can see. This beautiful area is going to be eaten up completely.”

Gas opponents are now trying to stop construction of a 39 mile pipeline.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Peter says:

    I’d like to know the carbon footprint size of the opponents. What kind of car do they drive? How many miles do they drive? How much air conditioning do they use in the summer? How much heat in the winter? You can’t have it both ways. The organic farmer being interviewed tells me all I need to know. He makes a living growing over-priced yuppie food. And he would also oppose wind mills and solar panel farms obscuring his view. He’d rather support a bunch of Arab terrorists to get his energy.

    Let’s figure out the right way to extract this gas and not just oppose it for the sake of opposing it

    1. grumpy says:

      Lets figure out the right way to extract this gas and not just oppose it for the sake of opposing it………I’m on board with that!

  2. Voolfie says:

    When can we expect KYW to broadcast an interview with a drilling PROPONENT? Hmm?

    1. Hater says:

      Are you suggesting that the propaganda, errr “reporting” by KYW is one-sided, unprofessional and biased?

    2. grumpy says:

      They have……………..CORBETT!!

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