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5:40 Extra seats have been added to the next stop on the Red Meat Tour with Ann Coulter. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS AND TO BUY TICKETS

5:44 President Obama is telling Congress to do their job and deal with the budget and debt ceiling.

5:48 The President’s advisors are growing increasingly worried about his re-election chances.

6:14 The Philadelphia School District says the state has shorted it $35 million.

6:18 City Council is criticizing Mayor Nutter for his veto of their paid sick leave bill.

6:28 John Lennon was a fan of Ronald Reagan according to a new documentary.

john lennon Stigall Show Log 6.30.11

6:41 Michele Bachmann said she will not give the media a “mud wrestling match” with Sarah Palin.

sarah palin and michele bachmann Stigall Show Log 6.30.11

6:43 President Obama and Mitt Romney will both be in town today for fundraisers.

7:11 DRPA bridge tolls will increase to $5 starting tomorrow.

7:42 Chris talks to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about the war in Libya and his appearance Monday at the Independence Hall Tea Party event on the Fourth of July.

john bolton Stigall Show Log 6.30.11

8:11 Chris talks to Gerri Willis, host of the Willis Report on Fox Business Channel, about the President’s handling of the budget and debt ceiling debate.

8:29 Politico is blaming Congressional dysfunction for impeding the President’s agenda.

8:40 Chris talks to Comedian Joe Piscopo about the opening of his new Club Piscopo at Resorts in Atlantic City.

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