President Obama Visits Philadelphia On Fundraising Mission

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — President Barack Obama spent Thursday evening in Philadelphia, in hopes of filling his campaign coffers. He attended two fundraisers — one high-priced event at a private home in Chestnut Hill and a more accessible reception in Center City.

David Cohen, a Comcast executive and political power broker, hosted the private fundraiser for President Obama.

“We rise and fall together. That’s the idea of the heart of America,” said President Obama. “That’s the idea of the heart of our last campaign. That’s the idea at the heart of this campaign.”

President Obama told supporters he’s committed to old-fashioned American values where people pull together to do great things and sacrifice is shared equally. He says that is why he is refusing to reduce the deficit solely through cuts that will disproportionately harm the poor and middle class.

“I’m prepared to bring our deficit down by trillions of dollars, but I will not reduce our deficit by sacrificing our kid’s education,” said the President.

Earlier Mr. Obama took some time out to sample a South Philadelphia treat.

The Presidential motorcade made a surprise stop at John’s water ice at 7th and Christian Streets.

“He came in, greeted everybody, got a medium lemon water ice. We chatted for a little bit, we took some pictures,” said the owner.

Of the water ice, Mr. Obama shouted, “Outstanding! I strongly recommend it.”

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From there, the President headed to the Hyatt at the Bellevue on South Broad Street.

Hundreds of supporters and protestors all tried making their points.

“We very much oppose a lot of the policies that have been going on the last two and a half years,” Obama critic Pamela Todd said.

“I understand people have free speech, but I wish there were more of us who felt this way in the crowd and were cheering him on. Welcome to Philly Mr. President,” Obama supporter Paula Gross said.

Once inside the Bellevue, invited donors who paid upwards of $2,500 listened to the President defend his economic policies.

The President’s campaign is reportedly hoping to raise close to one billion dollars for his re-election bid.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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  1. Guess Who says:

    Obong o’s schedule: Raise money. Blame Bush. Destroy America. Go golfing. Blame YT. Go on vacation. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Hater says:

    I think that anyone who votes for this “historic” failure again should get a life or maybe go back to school.

    1. SLAPPY says:


  3. Patricia Hegamin says:

    I’m sure u would rather the President of the United States, take his private funds, and pay for his campaign. Who does that? Maybe u should get a life or maybe go back to school

    1. PATTY CAKES says:

      I think you’re a DUMMY for thinking he’s going to be re-elected Patty!! You’re probably still wearing your “Obama For Change”: tee shirt like the rest of the DUMMIES, who are STILL waiting for “CHANGE”?? You have alot of ba##s telling ME to get a life……YOU LOSER!!

  4. "CHANGE"?? TIRED OF IT ALL says:

    He probably spent 5 million dollars of OUR tax money ( Air Force One, security, etc.) to gain 1 million towards HIS campaign funds! What a JOKE……..PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!!!

    1. grumpy says:

      G.W.Bush was here 32 times and still didn’t carry the state!

      1. Hater says:

        G.W. Bush was re-elected. obama won’t be. How’s it going, Grumpy?

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