By Kate Bilo

By Kate Bilo

Looking back on last year’s Fourth of July celebrations, you might remember only one thing: THE HEAT. Last year, as we know, was a record-setting year for days above the 90 degree mark and the 4th of July was no different – we hit 96 last year, went on to 98 the following day, and then “enjoyed” two straight days in the triple digits! That’s the kind of heat where you just want to relax in a nice pool filled with ice cubes!

This year, we are forecasting yet another heat wave, but things shouldn’t be nearly AS hot as last year. Temperatures will rise to the lower 90s each day of the holiday weekend, though, so you definitely want your picnic plans to include cold beverages, maybe a sprinkler, or a trip down the shore! And it’s going to be an extended period of warmth as we expect highs to hold around 90 right through next Thursday!

Before we get to the holiday weekend, though, we have one more pristine summer day to enjoy! The difference-maker? The dew point. Dewpoints today were low and tomorrow, should only rise into the 50s. When highs are in the middle 80s, that’s a very comfortable airmass. Tomorrow will be beautiful with a high around 86 and wall-to-wall sunshine.

Humidity will begin to creep back up Saturday afternoon, but if you don’t mind the summer heat, Saturday is a great day, too. I think Sunday is probably the hottest, most humid and also most unsettled day of the holiday weekend trio – a high around 92, partial sunshine, high humidity and the chance for scattered t-storms.

So what about the FOURTH? Looking at a nice, hot, sunny summer day. The high should be right at 90 degrees, mostly sunny, great weather to a barbecue. All week we have been discussing the potential for a thunderstorm on Monday, and as of today we decided to leave it out – there will be some moisture and the chance for a storm to spark in the afternoon, but I think chances are low and at this point, almost all barbecue/firework plans should be a GO!

We plan on taking my (almost) 2-year-old son to his first fireworks display on the fourth… it could either be fabulous or a gigantic disaster! I’ll report back.

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