Stigall Show Log 6.29.11

5:40 The Phillies beat the Red Sox last night as Cliff Lee pitched his third consecutive shutout.

cliff lee 2 Stigall Show Log 6.29.11

5:55 Mayor Michael Nutter has vetoed a bill from city council requiring businesses to give their employees paid sick leave.

6:10 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into a law a bill overhauling the state’s public employees pension and benefits package.

6:26 The Daily Beast created an experiment to see how much Americans would work for. The answer: 25 cents an hour.

25 cents Stigall Show Log 6.29.11

6:41 Federal government workers are going undercover to investigate how well doctors provide care to patients with medicare or medicaid.

7:11 President Obama will conduct his first press conference in three months.

7:28 Tickets to the next Red Meat Tour Stop with Ann Coulter are on sale now. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO BUY TICKETS 

7:45 Bristol Palin has said her mother has made a decision on whether or not to enter the race for President.

bristol palin Stigall Show Log 6.29.11

8:10 Chris talks to MLB Network Analyst and former Phillies Closer Mitch Williams about Cliff Lee’s shutout of the Red Sox and Charlie Manuel’s tenure with the Phillies.

8:41 The alleged shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Loughner, has been spitting on his attorney and throwing chairs while awaiting trial in prison.

8:46 Listening to the radio makes people and gives them higher energy levels.

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