President Obama In Philadelphia Tomorrow For Campaign Fundraisers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Brace yourself for motorcade traffic, tomorrow. President Obama will be in town as part of his 2012 presidential campaign.

The president is visiting Philadelphia to raise money for the 2012 campaign and will be attending two events, the first in Center City at 3:30 p.m.

The reception at the Bellevue on South Broad Street is sponsored by Gen44, the Obama campaign’s effort to tap young professionals for donations. Membership in Gen44 is open to people younger than 40 and members can get in to tomorrow’s event for $250. Others can pay a thousand or $25-hundred.

The real money, though, will be made later at the Mt. Airy home of Comcast executive vice president David Cohen. A select few will get to dine with the president — for a minimum of $10-thousand a head and a maximum of $35-thousand.

The rest of us will be treated only to the inevitable traffic jams that will accompany the president’s motorcade and a demonstration planned on South Broad Street by advocates of immigration reform.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. JFP says:

    Hey, all you welfare leeches, better start saving your taxpayer funded checks because the republicans are comming in 2013. (no slight intended to the truly needy).

  2. kelprod says:

    Barack Obama is a “historic” caliber fraud and presidential disaster by any measuring stick. The sooner he and his divisive “us verses them” attitude leaves the WH, the better off we all will be. He has the leadership qualities of a 19th century caboose…..

  3. Bill says:

    @HATER: You are kidding right? One of the finest gentlemen to ever serve this country? He will go down as the WORST ever! He drove this country so far into debt by starting a war that his daddy couldn’t handle. Amazing how the G.W. lovers always complained that the POTUS doesn’t act alone, it was all Congress’ fault, but are quick to blame Obama.

  4. OBAMA HATES US says:





    1. Yes he does says:


  5. Spartacus says:

    What’s wrong with the NE? Can’t handle rejection? Put a dress on that little wuss.

  6. Resign,Obama says:

    Didn’t someone throw a book at him last time he was here? I hope congress throws the book at him next time. War mongerer.

  7. Hater says:

    I thought he was working on that debt ceiling thing, or the economy, or all of those wars he started or escalated, or at least do some work fool. He’s been campaigning since 2006. Oh yeah, and vacationing, touring the world, entertaining celebrities, golfing, etc. Will some one please tell this idiot that he was elected president and didn’t win the lottery. Thank God only 1 1/2 more years of this historic mistake.

    1. grumpy says:

      “All of those wars he started or escalated”? Where have you been for the last 10 years?

      1. Hater says:

        Watching liberals attempt to destroy America. No wonder you’re “grumpy”, Your obama seems to have let you down. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon and when we once again have a president, you can change your name to “happy” or at least “content”.

  8. Karl says:

    Anyone who give that knucklehead a dime is an idiot. “ATMs putting people out of work”. People should cancel their Comcast subscriptions over this. We are buried in debt that Obama created and every time you turn around he is on another vacation or playing golf.

    1. Bill says:

      The debt Obama created? This economic downfall began with G.W.

      1. Hater says:

        G.W. just happened to be president when the economy collapsed. The dems took full control of congress in 2006 and with the help of Frank and Dodd’s housing fiasco bubble bursting and Clinton’s NAFTA managed to destroy the world economy in less than i year. Then along comes the obama to make things 10X worse with his failed policies. As a member of congress, he was indeed part of the problem and continues to remain the largest part of the problem. G.W. Bush will eventually be recognized as one of the finest gentlemen to ever serve this country.

    2. grumpy says:

      G.W holds the record for time spent AWAY from Washington!

      1. Hater says:

        Yeah, in 8 years. I’m sure the obama will pass him before his first, and only, term. When you surround yourself with competent administrators, you can afford to take some down time. What’s your boy’s excuse?

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