By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More than 62 percent of households in America have a pet, and these days, their owners are buying more for Fifi and Fido than just pet food. There are a number of new products on the market designed to keep your pets entertained and in touch.

Lille is one of several pets that Barbara Babikian considers her “kids.” She says, “I don’t have children, so Lille is like a child, a fur child.”

Barbara also says that no expense is spared when it comes to her pets. She spends, “usually about $300 to $500 a month.”

That’s right–$300 to 500 dollars a month on her pets!

“They’re someone who worships and adores you, and that’s a great feeling. You want to do anything you can,” says pet trend expert Charlotte Reed.

Jim Donovan reports…

According to Reed, pet owners are splurging on a wide variety of gadgets that do things like soothe stress, including what she describes as the world’s first sound system for pets, with adjustable treble and base levels.

And there’s other high-tech stuff too. Reed says, “You might purchase an iPhone for your cat and he’ll play with one of the phone apps called “Cat Toy,” or you’ll see “Puppy Tweets,” where your animal’s moving around and tweeting you during the day while you’re at the office.”

There are even food bowls that regulate feeding and items to potty train your pet.

“There’s a tray very similar to the surface of the litter box, so he’ll jump on the seat and you’ll gradually move the tray away,” Reed explains.

Many products are eco-friendly, too. According to Reed, “We’re seeing harnesses and sweaters and coats made out of plastic, recycled water bottles. We’re seeing beds now that are actually made so that you can take old clothing and stuff them inside the shell for dog bed.”

The idea is that that if you stick old clothes inside the shell of the dog bed, your dog would more or less be able to smell you.

Finally, there are several new products on the market to help with your home and eliminating stains and hair shedding. There’s even a furniture line called Slobproof that claims to be impervious to stains and spills.

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Reported by Jim Donovan, CBS 3

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