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New Castle County Police Investigate Stolen African Statues Valued Over $40,000

stolen statue pic 2 New Castle County Police Investigate Stolen African Statues Valued Over $40,000

(credit: New Castle County Police Department)

WILLIAMHURST, Del. (CBS) — New Castle County Police are investigating the theft of four black stone statues from a residence in the Williamhurst community.

Imported from Zimbabwe the four African black stone statues, valued at approximately $10,000 each, adorned the front lawn of a home on the unit block of Brendle Lane in northern Wilmington.

The stolen statues were a cherished possession of the homeowner, who neighbors say recently passed away from liver cancer, and coincidence or not the thief or thieves took advantage.

“They were removed from the residence between Friday, June 24th and Saturday, June 25th,” said New Castle County Police officer Sakinah Slayton.

With a value of around $40,000, the rare statues clearly stood out and are not easily transportable.

“The statues were two to three feet tall and they weigh approximately 150 pounds each,” Slayton said.

Police here are hoping someone might either know who stole the statues, or recently saw the statues and is willing to come forward so that the pieces can be returned to the daughters of the owner.

Watch the video…

Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Castle County Police Department at 302-395-8110 or visit their website at

Reported by Ben Bowens,; Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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  • Ray Cist

    Probable at the bottom of a lake
    Wait, there is something that is african that is worth $10,000 and it doesnt pick cotton?

  • Justin Hegarty

    I agree with Tone – something of that nature should have been bolted down or not easily accessable. Unfortunately in this day and age if you put something outside your house with a value of $100 or more, expect it to be stolen!

  • Tone

    If you’re stupid enough to leave them on your lawn then you got what you deserve!!

    • Stretch

      Are you saying everyone should look the other way when a THIEF in on the loose? Why should this poor soul have to do without items in her/his yard just so a THIEF can’t steal

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