100 Things We Hate About Boston

With the Boston Red Sox coming in to town, we want to list the Top 100 Things We Hate About Boston. Leave a comment on the XFINITY Message Board with what you hate about Boston, and listen to 610WIP to see if your comment makes our list! Click Here

100 Things We Hate About Boston

1. Danny Ainge
2. Bill Belichick
3. Tom Brady
4. Spoiled Sports Fans
5. M.L. Carr
6. Ben Affleck
7. Paul Pierce
8. “Wicked awesome”
9. Red Auerbach’s cigar
10. Greg Kite
13. Randy Moss
14. Doug Flutie
15. New Kids On The Block
16. The Kennedys
17. The Hasslebacks
18. Bobby Orr
19. David Ortiz
20. Red Sox


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One Comment

  1. Ideas As Opiates says:

    I don’t have any harsh feelings for Philadelphia. Do you remember when the 76’s beat Boston in the playoffs? We didn’t hate on you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksoRtL3rcts

    How did Greg kite get on the list? Aren’t number 4 and 12 relatively the same? How did Danny Ainge beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady?

  2. Philly isn't worth hating says:

    Honestly, who hates Bobby Orr? And Philly, I’m sure we might hate you just as much, except you haven’t been nearly successful enough to hate. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

  3. Paul Joseph says:

    Three things I hate about Philadelphia:
    Flash mobs
    Dog murdering quarterbacks
    WIP radio

  4. Sox0407 says:

    This Red Sox fan sorta likes Philly – why all the hate?

  5. Todd McDonald says:

    Actually, I possess much more distain for the local media than I do for Boston.

  6. Beantown Bandit says:

    Yo Philly:

    I thought your enemy’s enemy was supposed to be your ally. Boston doesn’t hate Philly. All our hate is directed at the Rotten Apple 100 miles north from you.

    1. geodog says:

      I don’t hate boston .This is the media trying to pump up a Rivalry that dosen’t exist.Should be a great series though .Go Phillies!

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