Despite New York’s Approval Of Same Sex Marriage, One Expert Says Pennsylvania Has A Long Way To Go

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New York’s passage of same sex marriage is unlikely to have much impact on Pennsylvania’s policy. That’s according to Ted Martin, executive director of Equality PA.

Martin thinks it will take a long time for the Keystone State to turn around on the issue.

Ted Martin thinks the New York law is helpful in the quest for same sex marriage in Pennsylvania, “People are seeing the foundations do not crumble when same sex couples are allowed to marry. It hasn’t happened in Massachusetts or any of the other five states. In fact, Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the United States.”

So, eventually, Martin believes Pennsylvanians will begin to see the institution as simple fairness – but he’s not holding his breath. Martin says Pennsylvania has further to go than many states.

“In Pennsylvania, which of course shares a border with New York, there are still active efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage so we’re talking some very different places,” says Martin.

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Francis Graff says:

    I don’t care whether or not men marry men, or woman marry woman, but I don’t want them sharing my Catholic religion in churches. I would be offended if they wish to go to a catholic church and receive communion. This is my only objection, because of my belief in “procreation” and the catholic doctrine. I ask them to respect that, and I will respect their wishes to marry. Am I asking too much? You see George, it goes beyond what you think.

    1. equal protection says:

      Fortunately, we have separation of church and state, so extending equal protection under the law, to any group of people, won’t affect who comes into your church.

      Respectfully, no one has asked you to “respect their wishes to marry.” It is a personal choice, what you choose to respect. All we are obligated to do is offer equal protection under the law, as we the people have stipulated in the Constitution.

  2. dave says:

    In many ways Pa is like the deep south, most of the population is not educated and have deep religious beliefs, such a shame

  3. george says:

    you must understand, the people of Pennsylvania are afraid that gay people will start to reproduce if they get married… you must love this country and state… we are so sophisticated…

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