With State Of Emergency In Place, A Calm Night In Darby Borough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Darby Borough, Delaware County is under a State of Emergency due to a recent uptick of gun violence.

Five shootings in three days led to the announcement Friday night.

Mayor Helen Thomas announced the state of emergency telling residents the gun violence had to stop.

“I Mayor Helen R Thomas declare a state of emergency.”

Officials say the shootings were not fatal and they seem unrelated, but something had to be done to curb the violence (see related story).

An 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew is in effect for adults and juveniles for at least 10 days.

Anyone outside during that time can be stopped and questioned by police, though Police Chief Bob Smythe says they’re more concerned about groups loitering or causing trouble.

“You’re in a group of more than three people and you are causing a disturbance. You’re going to be stopped and you’re going to be cited,” says Smythe.

A larger police presence is expected on the streets and Mayor Thomas says after the 10 days, officials will re-evaluate and go from there.

Reported By Tim Jimenez, KYW Newsradio

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  • zombierocket

    Black or white?

  • robertfla

    Look upon this as a test. This is exactly the situation obama is trying to bring about for the entire US. Time to wake up, people.

  • GF

    Lets get it on!!!

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  • Morris Berry

    I’m sure all these thugs have gone through background checks and obtained their guns legally!

  • Derek01

    What do you expect when you constantly make excuses for bad behavior. They used to hang horse thieves. Not because they liked hanging, but because they didn’t want horses stolen

  • Squidly

    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
    Robert A. Heinlein

    Funny how you don’t hear about this where its legal for the good guys to be armed.

    • For art's sake.

      I agree. I know if anyone threatens my home, they will be killed and buried in the field, and never heard or seen again. That’s how to deal with evil ones rampaging.

      • Don Sanders

        John, Perhaps he meant per capita…

      • Captain Obvious

        Yup. Wyoming has open carry, concealed carry without a permit. If you can buy it, then you can carry it.

        Crime rate is really low. I wonder why?

      • John Sheridan

        The crime rate in Wyoming is so low because….there aren’t many people there ;-)

  • lukuj

    If the cities and states really want this senseless violence to stop, they have to look for the common denominator so that police will know where to put their limited man power. However, the fear that the commonality might upset a particular racial group, it seems the press, politicians, and police just pretend that those perpetrating this violence are random groups no easily identifiable. In the meantime, people of all races, colors, and creeds are being injured and killed and having their property destroyed and stolen.

  • davec

    ““I Mayor Helen R Thomas declare a state of emergency.”

    Officials say the shootings were not fatal and they seem unrelated, but something had to be done to curb the violence (see related story).”

    Oh really? People who have no regard for the Law and Rights of others that do shootings and killings are going to pay ANY attention to her decree?

    What a fool.

    This is not a step to curb violence, its a step towards martial law, just looking for an EXCUSE

    • Lee Von Hart

      Yeah instead why didn’t she call out for the well to do in the city to donate funds to summer camps for these out of control out of school boys. It would be nice to get pro atheletes in our town to reach out to these young men in the projects, etc. People have to fix it, not Government or the Law.

      • RLA Bruce

        Your target market (thugs, pushers and thieves) won’t go. They’d lose $1000-1500 in drug sales and theft revenue for every week they’re gone.

      • John Sheridan

        Well of course, where else but summer camp would you learn not to rob, kill, drug up and not get all the local girls pregnant? That’s where I learned it.

      • Richard Koch

        Well said sir. Smartest comment I have seen in a long time. Everyone should quit all of the complaining and do something positive.
        Nasty neighborhoods can produce nasty youths, if you let them.

    • Ray

      Finally someone gets it !

  • Bobbie Bukacera
    • LEL MN

      Entitled I guess. Their great great grand parents were probably slaves so they’re forever entitled to never ending excuses.

  • The observer

    Americans have become morons. The worst is yet to come. It’s Karma man!
    Coruption, greed, lack of morality, no respect. No family. Violent movies and games. Like a tea that brews will boil over if not attended to. This country is about to explode and you can kiss all your toys and good living good bye!

    • RLA Bruce

      Without the US, the rest of the world goes too. Welcome to the 12th century!

  • OBL

    More gunlaws=Less violence…Hows that working for you?

    • 2nd Amendment

      Idiot, do you think that legally licensed gun owners did this or do you think it was ‘urban’ criminals?

    • cwxj415

      OBL: What “more gun laws” are you talking about? I am unaware of ANY new gun regulations passed in Penn. over the past few years. What I AM aware of is a LOOSENING of gun restrictions over the past few years, by both the Supreme Court and the state legislatures.

      I know, I know; Righties ALWAYS complain about the same things, whatever is on their list of approved talking -points of the day. But don’t you think you shoulda actually point to ONE SINGLE gun restriction before you start whining about gun restrictions?

      No, you’re a rightie, which means that your talking points are far more important than whether or not they are true! How sad.

      • RLA Bruce

        Bet 5 bucks the assaulted group didn’t have a gun among them. Another $5 says they voted for Obama! They are reaping what Obama has sown.

      • NavyBuckeye

        And this comment is nothing but lefty talking points. So your method is to combat talking points by complaining with talking points….right…good method.

        Instead why don’t you look at the cities with the strictest gun laws. In fact the city (until recently) with the strictest gun laws, Washington D. C, had the highest gun crime rate in the country. But wait I know..it’s because the laws just weren’t strict enough.

        Gun laws only keep those who actually abide by laws from having guns. Most of these thugs don’t give a darn about laws, so they will have guns anyway. Simple logic but yet it eludes many.

    • driftergal

      And what are the gun laws in that community? when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Criminals don’t respect the law but if they think a homeowner is armed they will find another place to do their violence.

    • Norge

      Works great!! Philly should try it …looks like they need it!!

  • Marge

    Dont you understand, these laws protect these people. Without them there would be lots of shootings and we would need martial law.

  • JL

    @primetime If more cities were less free there would be less of everything.
    Some people need to be shot.

  • LeChat

    Politicians don’t get it because they don’t want to get it. If everyone was armed, this madness would sort itself out in a couple of days.

    • cwxj415

      What a great idea: Let’s have EVERYB ODY armed, becuase that will certainly stop the violence. I mean, it worked in the old West, right? Everybody was armed, and as a result, nobody engaged in violence.

      Oh, wait. That’s not right. In fact, when everybody was armed, killings became common, injustice became the new normal, roving gangs of thugs became “lawmen”, and death became a way of life. Oh, yeah! Let’s go back to THOSE days!!!

      • NavyBuckeye

        You mean like Washington DC was with their very strict gun law. No one was ever shot or killed in DC with those laws in place. No one had guns because the law said so..right? No one killed anyone because their were gun laws in place to stop them. So answer this;

        If gun laws are so effective, why did DC have the highest gun crime rate at the same time they had the strictest gun control laws in the country?

        And now that the law has been rescinded, why is the gun crime rate declining?

        It must be that the criminals had a change of heart.

      • Havok

        NOT true.
        Most Criminals would try t NOT to shoot innocents because a lynch mod would catch them if they did.
        That is a TRUE deterrent.

      • Ron Reale

        Have you ever been to a state that allows open carry of weapons? You just put a gun on your hip, or in your belt, and safely go about your business. People are real polite. Have you heard of any of these thugs pulling this stuff in those states? Have you checked the street crime in those states?
        Id DID work in the old west, the period you are thinking of, about 20 years long, was ended by armed citizens. Your historical analogy works against your point.
        Arm the citizens, and the next street riot will be the last. It would also end the recidivism problem. Graves are less expensive to tend than jail cells.
        Ron Reale

      • Beau

        Let’s go! Personally, I’d be just fine.

    • RLA Bruce

      They don’t want the citizens in control. They want themselves in control. They can’t get control if the people are armed.

    • Mad Max

      Which makes sense…

    • driftergal

      works in Louisiana

  • Susan

    We be needin sum yoots laws.

    • Chris

      lol –ur prolly a funny person to be around

  • John M

    Why don’t they try allowing the citizenry to protect themselves? Seems to work in Vermont.

    • Vinnie

      It works in Virginia too.. VA is and open carry state as well as a concealed carry state. The gun laws in VA are at a minimum. Getting a CCL is very easy compared to some other CCL states. With that being said, 90% of gun murders are in secluded “urban” areas. They do venture out at times but unlikely.

    • Tom Walter

      It Works In Florida Too.

      • Kent Leichliter

        Works everywhere it’s been tried.

    • davec

      Because, you who must be from Cuba, GOVERNMENT DOES NOT ALLOW CITIZENS TO HAVE RIGHTS.

      Ever READ the Constitution?

      Government does not “allow” Citizens to have rights. Thats COMMUNISM

    • Jack Wood

      It works for us in Georgia too..

    • Beau

      It takes balls as well as a gun to protect yourself. Too many yankee girlymen that just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  • Bob

    Governmnet cannot impose a curfew on adults. Besides, a curfew will do nothing to stop criminals who are willing to kill. Politicians are such morons.

    • Just wondering

      Government can and will. I’m taking a guess, and I might be wrong, but is the mayor a democrat?

    • Patrick

      Government can, for example, make you strip at the airport, remit 40% of your earnings, kick you out of your house, tell you what you may, or may not, have in your pockets, but you think they can’t impose a curfew?

    • Marbran

      She declared Martial Law, in effect. A State of Emergency can require adults to abide by the curfew, but most will be let go after brief questioning.

  • ORpatroit

    State of emergency…more like Martial Law.

  • http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t812111/#post9343349 Youths cause mayor to declare state of emergency - Stormfront

    […] […]

  • NeverSurrender

    Have you lost your freakin mind???????

    The government just curtailed an entire city’s right to move aout the city and you are congratulating them. I guess if we want to do away with crime all together the government could simply make it illegal to leave your home. Would that be OK with you also.

    You do realize that Hitler, Lenin and Castro were asked (even applauded) by people like you to take over their respective countries!!!!!

    • G

      You sound very passionate about your criticism of the mayor’s efforts to curtail this out-of-control violence. So, might you have any solution as well??

      • RLA Bruce

        Mandatory gun ownership. Legalize “shoot to protect others”. Armed volunteers traveling in groups of 10 as deterrent/protection, since police don’t seem to be doing their jobs there. Need MORE solutions? I got ’em, and so does every other thinking person!

      • Kent Leichliter

        Five unrelated crimes in 3 days and zero fatalities within spitting distance of a city like Philly are all that’s required for PA politicians to declare a state of “emergency” and for you to consider it “out-of-control” violence? Go see the Wizard and get some courage!! Seriously, you are so weak that you rely on the Gubmint to come riding to your rescue over something this minor? That’s sad.

      • bhv

        A solution? Take a look at the statistics for Kennesaw GA. In the late 80’s the city passed a by-law that the head of each household must have a gun in the house. Gun related crime declined by almost 90% within 1 year. Now, over 20 years later, gun related crime is still 75% lower than it was before the before the law was enacted.

        Canada and the UK have fairly strict gun laws and their stats show clear increases in gun violence when compared with countries that don’t.

    • Me

      Maybe they should try a limited curfew and have it apply only to the group that is responsible for the trouble. Nt hard to figure who that is…..jthe articles lack of any description at all pretty much says it all. LOL

      • S. Jackson, CSA

        VERY well said! The silence on the appearance of the criminals tells us that they look more like the President than the Vice President.

      • Hip hoppers

        Exactly. Or should I say “word.”

    • Marbran

      I doubt that the Mayor will ever rise to Hitler status. At least she is policing her own! The Mayor is not having any more of this gun (lol) violence. She should focus on the violence, whether knife, gun, shoe horn, tire, acid, etc.

  • Tom Walter

    How Come It’s Always The Cities That Have The Strictist Gun Laws That Have The Most Gun Violence? If The Bad Guys New That They’re Potential Victims Might Be Carrying Concealed, It Would Make Them Take A Second Look.

  • cjhsa

    Guns are not violent. People are. No such thing as “gun violence”.

  • Hater

    8 p.m. to 6 a.m. seems a little harsh, but if that’s what it takes, so be it. Now if only Philly would do something. 10p.m. to 6 a.m. sounds like a good start.

    • RLA Bruce

      How many more rights do you want to lose? Try fixing the problem instead!

  • Guess Who

    What do Darby and Chester have in common?

    • Marbran

      Hmm…they both have two syllables?

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