PennDOT Considers 8-Year Driver’s License Renewals


HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is looking for ways to cut administrative costs so it can save more of its funding for infrastructure maintenance and repairs.

Among the more novel ideas being considered is lengthening the required time between driver’s license renewals, from the current four years to perhaps as long as eight years.

Other ideas include eliminating those tiny registration stickers on the corner of license plates, and increasing the registration fees.

PennDOT spokesman Dennis Buterbaugh says the state transportation agency is already looking at a nearly $2-billion annual funding shortfall.

“It can’t be business as usual,” he tells KYW Newsradio of the PennDOT strategizing.  “We have to be efficient, we have to be smart, we have to look a new revenue sources.”

And so, a transportation funding advisory commission created by Gov. Tom Corbett will have a report on his desk by August 1st.  Then, the governor and his staff will decide which ideas, if any, they want to pursue.

Reported by Robin Culverwell, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. Francis Graff says:

    People, say no. While all these agencies are squandering already gotten booty, they have neglected to use our money on the re-building of our bridges. They thought the bridge structures would last forever, and would invest our money elsewhere, as did the DRPA. You know, their junkets, fancy cars, investments in other ventures, higher salaries and bonuses. The list goes on. I sit on the Citizens Advisary Committee at the DRPA, and i can tell you first hand, they lose money, that should have been there for the Patco and Bridges themselves. Then when it comes time for dire needs, they simply raise our tolls, by the way, is going up another dollar in July. The simple way out. If you think for one minute, they are planning to fix things all over the state, with the new monies, look back over the past thirty years and ask yourself, why are we in this situation? Let us see the plan Penndot? It’s time for a citizens advisary committee there too. I would gladly leave my CAC committee to come up there and look the plan, if any, over. Right now, we are delving into the processees od the DRPA, and I fon’t think they will be very happy with our exposures.

  2. grumpy says:

    PA. has one of the lowest tax rates on beer of the 50 states.
    There would be one h3ll of a wind fall for the state if this tax was increased. It could possibly balance the budget. Getting this past the beer lobby is another story though!

  3. hareinpa says:

    How about raise the price for the license which includes a test. On it everyone must answer how to use a yeild and stop sign correctly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea how the City can save money: Take back all of the city cars that are being used to take kids to school, shopping sprees, vacations, etc., and make them use their own vehicles, or use public trans like some of the rest of the public. Thanks for letting me vent on this post.

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