5:43 Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign took another hit yesterday as two top fundraisers resigned.

6:10 President Obama’s stance on gay marriage continues to evolve.

6:13 A loophole in the Obamacare bill may allow middle class citizens to get free healthcare originally intended for the poor.

6:26 A Little League mom was arrested for harrassing her son’s coach.

6:41 Scientists are saying that rising sea levels will cover 30% of New Jersey by 2100.

jersey shore Stigall Show Log 6.22.11

6:40 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Kate Bilo about rising sea levels and gets into a dispute with a caller over global warming.

7:24 Video from the duck boat accident has been released and the NTSB declared that talking on cell phones helped cause the crash.

duckboats Stigall Show Log 6.22.11

7:43 In Asia, cultural preferences for boys is leading to an epidemic of gender selective abortions.

7:59 Details continue to come out about the crash that killed Jackass star Ryan Dunn early Monday morning.

8:09 Chris talks to CBS News Correspondent Jeff McCausland about tonight’s speech by President Obama on a proposed troop drawdown in Afghanistan.

8:25 Jonah Goldberg writes that Libya will have a significant impact on American foreign policy.

8:40 Chris talks to Scott Franzke with the Phillies in St. Louis.

phillies cardinals Stigall Show Log 6.22.11

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