5:40 The NJ Senate approved changes to the state’s pension and benefits system for public employees.

5:47 U.S. Marshals ordered picketers away from the Amaroso bakery.

6:12 Ryan Dunn, a star in the Jackass TV shows and movies, died in a car accident in West Chester yesterday.

ryan dunn Stigall Show Log 6.21.11

6:26 Other Jackass cast members are angry at Roger Ebert for criticism of Dunn.

6:40 The Supreme Court blocked a class action sex discrimination suit against Walmart.

7:10 Chris talks to Rich Zeoli about the changes to New Jersey’s public sector pension and benefits plan.

7:50 Chris talks to former Speaker of the House and current Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

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newt gingrich Stigall Show Log 6.21.11

8:25 Mayor Michael Nutter, at the Conference of Mayors, told Congress and the President that funding for job training should not be cut.

8:44 Chris talks to John Hambrose from Waste Management about the Phillies eCycle event on June 25.

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