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Philadelphia Earned Sick Leave Legislation Awaits Mayor’s Signature or Veto

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City Council, the business community, and advocacy groups are all waiting to see what Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter will do about the bill that was passed last week requiring most companies to offer employees earned sick leave.

The controversial measure was amended nearly 20 times before Council approved it by the narrowest of margins, 9-8 (see previous story).

Supporters say the bill would provide a safety net for the roughly 40 percent of all hourly wage workers in the city who currently have no paid sick leave.

But business groups are dead set against it.  Janice Presser, CEO of Philadelphia management consulting firm The Gabriel Institute, believes it’s a jobs killer that will hurt small businesses particularly hard.

“Think about somebody who’s on the edge of saying ‘Do I downsize for my small staff and try and make it work, or do I keep this extra person on and make it through?’  Put one more burden on people that they view as intolerable and you’ll flip the switch and we’ll lose another job,” she told KYW Newsradio today.

Mayor Nutter is on record as being against the bill.  If he vetoes it, Council will need 12 votes to override.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  • Harvard MBA

    Janice Presser is a moron.

    First, companies don’t hire minimum wage employees to maximize profits when computers and other technologies easily automate their jobs for a much lower cost. They hire them because they want to give someone a job, and seem more social.

    Second, even if a company were to maximize profits, a healthy, well-rested employee’s marginal revenue product (that’s MRP for short) is much higher than the MRP of a sick, overstressed employee. A higher MRP leads to LOWER unemployment because employees are more valuable. More valuable employees means more employees.

    Janice’s theory would hold up if employees were paid more than they were worth. Janice must believe that our rank and file, hard working citizens are lazy and overpaid and don’t contribute to society. Maybe someone should set Janice straight!

    Our rank-and-file employees are creative, ambitious, and hard-working who do a wonderful job and really contribute to our society. Awesome work, you really deserve sick time without all the stress.

  • bottomline

    I’m beginning to wonder when the city has time for the cities issues, which they have been delegated to do.
    I suggest this: The city should pay for the sick leave, medical costs, mental trauma treatment, property damages and property losses for all our crime victims. Maybe this will encourage them to do the fat free job they were hired to do.

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