FDA Introduces New, Graphic Warnings For Cigarettes

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New cigarette warning labels are unveiled today. They have graphic images in the hopes of keeping people from smoking, but will they really make a difference?

For a quarter-century, cigarette packs have had the health warnings on the side, but those are polite compared to these new ones.

Nine images will take up the top half of every pack, combining pictures with words. One shows rotting yellow teeth and diseased gums, another shows smoke coming out of a person’s tracheotomy (pictured).

But smokers say it will take more than a picture to get them to quit.

One smoker says, “I gain weight when I start quitting smoking. I’m already pregnant and big. I need to stop because I’m pregnant, but it’s just not working.”

This smoker says it won’t help: “Everybody knows the consequences of smoking, so if we already know then what’s the point? I’ll just take the top off and buy a little cigarette case.”

The new labels will start in October of next year. The messages on the packs will include phrases like “cigarettes are addictive”, “cigarettes cause cancer” and “smoking can kill you.”

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. TT says:

    Without a doubt smoking is bad for your health!! I quit for five years and fell off the wagon when my mom died. However, the equal rights of a smoker have been totally stripped in “hotels”, “bars”, “casinos”, on the “beach”, especially “outdoors”. We stayed at one of the Disney resorts that had a wooded theme with a very quiet setting. I had to walk 2 blocks to a smoking area. If I’m spending $300 a night for my stay, I expect to be able to sit out front of the room to smoke. Yet the people 4 doors down are sitting outside their room drinking, smoking pot, and God know what else….. It is getting out of hand.
    The government should spend more time worrying about the world drug and alcohol. “Drugs and Alcohol” as well as smoking cause health problems; additionally, it causes people to have mental issues. It is a well known fact that people that are into drugs and alcohol live a life of destruction to themselves, their families, friends, neighbors, etc.

    1. bottomline says:

      You’re reasoning like an American – those days are gone, it’s all about business and big profits, not health and common sense.

  2. k says:

    How about fast food wrappers with pictures of liposcuction gone wrong, obese people who can’t walk, use handicapped parking spots and electric carts to ride around the grocery store because they can’t walk? I’d be willing to bet healthcare and disability costs are higher for out of work obese folks who can’t move. Yes, a huge waste of tax dollars and probably being approved the hypocrite, closet-smoking president of ours. I work, I pay for my health insurance and keep in good shape. If I want to smoke, leave me alone

  3. grumpy says:

    Alcohol is supposed to be just as bad or worse than cigarettes but I don’t see warnings and they don’t try to tax it to death either. I guess that the alcohol lobby has more power over our Congress than the cigarette lobby did!

    1. TT says:

      Thank you!

  4. Annoymous says:

    This is really gross! I smoke and I am well aware of the dangers, but don’t need to see these pictures on the boxes. There are many risks in life. When someone gets pregnant, they have the chance of a still-birth, dying from giving birth, deformities, etc., but I don’t see anyone saying that OB doctors should wear pictures of dead or deformed babies, etc. on their shirts! These anti smoking campaigns are getting out of control IMHO!

    1. bottomline says:

      Just an excuse to waste taxpayers money – called job security aka easy job addiction.

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