Del. DMV Chief Cracking Down On E-Z Pass Toll Cheats

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you routinely blow through the E-Z Pass through lanes on I-95 or Route 1 in Delaware without paying, a top state official says she’s coming after you to get the money.

Delaware’s Department of Mother Vehicles director Jennifer Cohan says the state is owed a lot of money by toll cheats, “Right now, which is why this is such a huge priority for us, there’s about $8-million in outstanding toll violations, with half of that being from Delawareans and the other half being from out-of-state (drivers).”

Cohan says if you live in Delaware, she’s already got your number. “If you don’t pay, we will put a registration hold on your vehicle until you either pay in full or set up a payment arrangement to pay it in full through payment plans.”

One person, she says, is a huge delinquent, “We even have one individual who owes $40-thousand, just one, single individual. And, I think, because, historically we’ve turned them over to collection agencies who have only had like a 10% collection rate, I believe they think they’re getting off scot-free.”

Cohan says she’s talking to her counterparts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, where the balance of the toll violators live, to see if they’d be willing to adopt sanctions to get the deadbeats to pay up.

She says she decided to get tough after the toll administration operations were merged into the DMV last year and Cohan learned that collection agencies it hired had a dismal track record in recovering what was owed.

Reported by Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. hadenoughuc says:

    And they raised the rate so I stopped using the turpike altogether now..They said they had to raise it due to costs well lets see they laid off half the booth colectors hum to me that would free up monies ..So they wouldn’t need to raise ez pass .OH THEY JUST WANT TO LINE THERE POCKETS MORE.

  2. Stevie Beef says:

    There is a great license plate shield that prevents photos taken at angles. That stops the collection process dead. Govt is outta control and we need to fight back.

    Tolls are dangerous and many studies prove this out. They already tax the heck out of gas, just how much are we suppose to pay?

    And this driving is a privilege BS, listen the country would come to a halt if we stop driving.

    Folks this place is becoming a NAZI state, fight back while you still can

  3. CAPS says:

    Try installing highspeed lanes so ez pass actually works. What good is easy pass if i have to sit in traffic just to get to a toll booth >???????

  4. tom says:

    Delaware’s department of MOTHER vehicles? Kids today . . .

  5. Tommy P says:

    Deleware E-Z Pass is the most corrupt system I ever encountered!
    My vehicle didn’t register at thw De Momorial bridge and I sent my e-z pass infor they request proof that i had a balance in my acct which i did immedialtley then told me I was beyond the 30 days and tried to gouge me for $50 plus the $4 fee.
    The most useless employess ,with no common sense i’ve ever encountered! I highly doubt they’re figures based on my experience.
    Barnetgat NJ

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