By Chris Stigall

5:43 The soda tax was voted down but Chris is still upset that city council approved the sick-leave bill.

6:12 Chris asks business owners how the sick leave bill will affect them.

6:42 Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned yesterday in a press conference filled with hecklers. 

alg resign anthony weiner 11 Stigall Show Log 6.17.11

6:57 Former NY Giant David Tyree says Gay Marriage becoming legal is a slide towards anarchy.

david tyree Stigall Show Log 6.17.11

7:10 This week on Finance Friday Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about Philadelphia not being a favorable place for business.

7:44 New York lawmakers want to ban smoking in the car and updates on the San Franciso circumcision ban.

8:13 Chris took calls from small business owners about how the sick-leave bill will affect them.

8:53 Chris asks callers for sound advice their fathers have given them in honor of Father’s Day.


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