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Teachers Union Rallies Outside Philadelphia School District Headquarters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On the eve of a court hearing to determine the fate of thousands of Philadelphia school teachers who have been laid off, hundreds of teachers and their supporters rallied outside the Philadelphia School District headquarters on North Broad Street this afternoon.

The rally was held prior to Monday night’s School Reform Commission meeting.

Many teachers got into the meeting, but many others were locked out and gathered in the lobby, chanting “Honor contract” and banging drums and blowing whistles.

Eileen DiFranco, a nurse at Roxborough High School, says it’s time for the SRC to move on.

“The SRC has been in power since 2000. The budget was balanced, now we have a $240 million deficit. Where’s all that money gone? Why are the still in power when they haven’t exercised due diligence over the last 11-years?”

Todd Quinones reports…

More than 3,000 teachers have been issued pink slips.

The hearing Tuesday will determine whether the district violated the contract by exempting 200 teachers from the layoffs.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Chipper says:

    So the union’s court battle is not to save teachers….. but to fire more teachers so that older teachers (some of retirement age anyway) can get their jobs back? This union sucks.

    1. Eileen says:

      It isn’t the “old” teachers who were laid off. It was the young, energetic ones who were doing a good job. The “old” ones who could, retired already. All of our support staff were terminated. The heart of our school was cut out. Please get your facts straight.

  2. Guess Who says:

    Unions make so-called professionals act like longshoreman thugs. It’s time they face the real world.

  3. Jack says:

    Children need to be raised well. When our children spend over 8 hours each day in school, the time they
    spend with each other and their teachers is extremely important. The difference between a quality education
    by a good, moral teacher, and an education by someone who doesn’t care is evident and has life long
    reprocussions on the child’s life.

    These teachers deserve a raise, and additional training.

    Why don’t we tax some of those law firms and other fat cats, to ensure our children get the most we can give them.
    One less Mercedes Benz for a recent graduate means that your children will get an adequate education.

    1. Guess Who says:

      What school do you work in, Jack?

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