State Report Released In Fatal Ferris Wheel Fall, 11-Year-Old At Fault

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — A state report finds an Atlantic County girl likely was not sitting properly in a ferris wheel at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood earlier this month before she fell from the ride to her death.

There were no mechanical defects in the Giant Wheel that could have led to Abiah Jones’ fatal plunge.

So says the preliminary report by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, which finds the 11-year-old from Pleasantville met the conditions on age and height for riding alone.

A security camera only recorded her falling through midair, but didn’t capture how she left the gondola. They say the railing is high enough to prevent such an incident. Inspectors even took a ride in that pod, and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Watch the video…

The report says someone kneeling or standing on the seat or leaning too far out of the ride could lose their balance and fall, but they may never know exactly what happened here.

The department has issued new rules for ferris wheels in the aftermath: riders must be four-and-a-half feet tall to ride without a parent, and they’re recommending at least two riders in every compartment.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. DMyers says:

    They can measure Height and Weight requirements, but measuring common sense and maturity is more difficult. The sign to be installed next to the “You Must Be This Tall” will have to be “You Must Be “THIS” Mature”, with a picture of a person sitting and enjoying the ride, calmly. Perhaps a “You Can Not Be “THIS” Stupid” with a picture of a person acting the idiot leaning over the bar.

  2. DocG says:

    Just look at who is offering parental guidence or not ! First thing mom was talking about was suing !

  3. Terry says:

    More than likely Davis is a wuss

  4. Ben Miller says:

    That ride has been there for 25 years with no other incidents, so that comment about seatbelts or shoulder harnesses is ridiculous.

  5. richard Allen says:

    But that would take the FUN out of the ride……….stop being a wussie.

  6. Terry says:

    Actually I do blame it on the kid. It’s called common sense. Something that lacks in today’s youth. Has anyone asked if this was intentional? What mental state she was in before the incident occuurred?

    1. Johan says:

      Most 11 year olds do not have common sense. Bottom line is she should not have been on that ride by herself.

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