Upper Dublin School Teacher Charged With Sexting Female Student

UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. (CBS) – A 40-year-old teacher in the Upper Dublin School District is under arrest, accused of having sexually explicit conversations and sending text messages to one of her female students.

Montgomery County prosecutors have charged Cheryl Bremble with child endangerment and related offenses for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her special education students at Upper Dublin High.

The child’s father notified police in late May that his daughter was spending more time with Bremble outside of school and that Bremble was buying the girl expensive clothing.

Police say the teacher also sent the girl sexually explicit text messages and encouraged the girl to use a sex toy she had given her.

Bremble reportedly admitted using her cell phone to send the messages. She is now free on $25,000 unsecured bail.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  • D man

    If Obama wasn’t president this would have never happened right.. *snaps fingers twice* focus people focus. Stay on subject and stop finding any opportunity to spread your biased political views. This woman is terrible and should be fired and receive the same punishment as a man should.

    • M.E. Taylor

      Of course, given the left-wing teacher unions, firing her will be next to impossible.

      • Daisy

        Correct. She’ll most likely be suspended w/full pay and then be inflicted upon another district.

  • Michael Boykin

    She is running for Congress? She seems to have the qualifications.

  • fedupguest

    Makes me sick as a parent of a female special needs child.
    Oh I remeber this is one of the reasons why I homr school my daughter besides the fact that majority ( of these teachers (there are a few jewels of teacher in sp ed) can not even teach these kids.

    • fedupguest

      oops, I guess I was too angry and typed really fast. Sorry about my typos.,

  • nam_vet6869

    There sure seems to be a lot of Female teachers having sex with their students. I thought it was the male was into such perversion. I have not seen any of them get the 25 to life like a Male Teacher I know. The system is geared toward the male, women need to be sentenced just the same as Men.

  • Rod Anders

    That’s because they’re still blaming Bush.

  • seanpatriot


  • forrest

    I imagine that the teachers union is still requiring that we taxpayers continue to pay this wretches salary so that she can continue to have her union dues deducted. Nowhere in the article does it mention that she was actually fired for this. This is another reason why public employee unions should be disbanded, as they are counter to the public interest.

  • Jazzbo

    Since Obama has already been brought into the fray I’d like to mention Hitler and the Nazis. Have a marvelous day!

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  • Kevin

    All of you should just leave this poor, weak, defenseless, child-like, special rights loving woman alone. She is a female, so she cannot be expected to know what is right or wrong, poor woman….

  • Hank Warren

    Dumbed down teachers abusing students, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):


      and while we are Impeaching Barry lets REPEAL the 14th Amendment and help end the Sufferage

    • PDXdeej

      Dumb since all that stated under GW’s watch,,,

    • fasdf

      If its banned, then how come its on sale for 10 dollars? Could it be because your full of it?

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  • VoteForTheAmericanLabel

    Tim, you miss the point. Unless the unions WANT to help you keep your job, they won’t. And it depends on whether it furthers the Leftist agenda. The sexualization of minors is big in that agenda, so the union will likely be on board for this fight. Pot, not so much. But then again, union members have no say over what union bosses do; members just pay their money and the bosses spend it on whatever they choose!

  • Tom Walter

    Another POS Union, Liberal, Teacher. Obama’s New Indoctrination Methods At Work. Dumb Ass ‘Holder’ Will Probably Come To Her Rescue. Maybe Not, She’s White.

  • Anna

    I don’t know which is sicker, some of these posts OR what that pervert did!

    • ablecynic

      So Anna, what posts are sick? The ones defending this pervert? I think those are sick. Go look in the mirror and think about this for a while — aren’t the people who are furious about this, about paying taxes to pay this woman and her union, the ones who are the good Americans. And if you don’t think they shouldn’t be enraged, aren’t you part of the sickness?

  • Leslie Simpson Schetter

    She needs to apologize, go to rehab, and firmly state “I WILL NOT resign.

    • Elton

      Good one! Whats good for a congressman ought to be good for the private citizen.

    • jeff robbins

      an apoogy is not needed, just rehab in state prision.

    • John

      Forgot the first step. Claim that someone hacked you phone.

    • Rod Anders

      I was just going to say, “She needs to pull a Weiner.”

      • rgb

        i dare say, she already did:

        “…and encouraged the girl to use a sex toy she had given her.”

      • John

        No dummy her teacher was female, oh wait you were referring to the Congressmen

      • Jeri Tonti

        that statement will become a part of everyday life….its great…

  • TruthHurtsSoBad

    Well, she’s in a union, so she’ll probably get a promotion. Or maybe a trnasfer to your child’s school and a raise. GooooooOOOO LIBERALS!

  • Japes Macfarland

    “… it on took 4 posted before someone blamed Obama. GooooooOOO DRUDGE!!!!!”

    Actually I think it is his secular leftist values that people are really upset with.
    GooooooOOO HERMANN CAIN!!!!!

    • Bart Starr

      Okay julio, you’re crazy. Typical leftist apologist.

    • JulioFranco

      call me crazy, but maybe you could post about his “secular leftist values” in an appropriate forum. this just makes you sound like Rain Man. “Obama secular. Obama secular. Liberal Obama. Liberal Obama. Obama secular.” Do you think about anything else, or are you that stuck on someone you don’t like that you have to constantly bring the conversation around to it? Obama secular. Obama. Obama. Obama. Obama.

    • Eriku Mironasu

      @Julio: well at least there isn’t a precedent for eight years of the past decade where every leftist on the planet blamed a certain president (rhymes w/ push) for every ill on the planet, right? Oh, wait…

      (And yeah, I know: tu quoque, but let’s get real: your side is hardly reasonable when it comes to misapplying blame every chance you get.)

      • JulioFranco

        @eriku: i actually don’t have a side… i would never vote for barack obama. i understand what you mean about bush being blamed for things, but let’s be fair: he deserves to be blamed for a lot. just as obama deserves to be blamed for his efforts to perpetuate bush’s fallacies, many of which surpass bush. obama is just another republicrat.
        my gripe is articles about a woman sexting a special needs student and it turning into another obama bash session… it doesn’t even make sense, and it distracts from the real issues that people should be attacking obama on (his escalating wars, the plummeting economy, the further loss of individual freedoms through the extension of the patriot act, the continued use of gitmo, etc.). that’s all.

  • sunny black

    Obama’s Perv-merica continues. Hope & Change really meant Degradation & Corruption. Your child is next!

  • dennis

    These people are just coming out of the wood work. I know she was just trying to be a “friend” to the kid. Maybe she should hook up wiith Tony. They could share pictures and stories.

  • ablecynic

    Let’s guess — she is a teacher in PA, a pro-union state. Which means she is a union member so it will be almost impossible to fire her and she most likely voted her union’s party preference. Anyone want to guess on that one? And right now there are dozens of union lawyers and union thugs out there to protect her “rights” — especially her right to pay union dues which go right to the Obama campaign. And the young girl and her family will be pressured to be quiet and will get the punishment treatment from the MSM. This is a sick, sick country.

    • Tim Kooyman

      If the Unions can’t protect someone from being fired for testing positive for marijuana, then I doubt the union will be able to help keep her job.

      • forrest

        The union will just see to it that she’s put on administrative leave with full pay and benefits. Gotta keep those union dues/tax payer dollars rolling in to the fat union coffers.

    • forrest

      Spot on. Public employee unions must be banned, for the good of the public.

  • She's a PEDO.........

    She is obvioulsy PERVERTED and will have plenty of time in prison to be around other “girls”. Enjoy your stay Cheryl…….hahahahahahah

    • Eleanor

      Two sides to every story! Cheryl is one of the best teacher at Upper Dublin.. The students fater on the other hand is in need of finicial help, who do you think will pay for that? The father is making all the allagaitions.
      It will all come out and you will look like a damn ass for judging a human based on a special educatition students view point..
      Sounds like you need a bit of a education yourself. How high does your latter reach. careful you may fall off it some day. I don’t believe you are a teacher in any way teach do have bonds with students because they are with teacher more then they are with parents. Think befor you judge. Cheryl will walk back into her class and hold her head high because that who Cheryl is a humanitaiin. a teacher of many thinks a person with a heart..

  • John Sebastion

    I see nothing wrong that. Where’s the pictures ?

  • T215

    I never would have guessed.

  • Zzbar

    You got to be kidding me. !!!

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