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Delaware Rep. Carney Thinks Weiner Should Resign

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Delaware’s Democratic representative, John Carney, says he thinks Rep. Anthony Weiner should resign from Congress.

Carney spokesman James Allen said Saturday that the first-term congressman believes Weiner has lost his credibility and should therefore step down. He says Carney believes that Weiner’s conduct is inappropriate, violates the public’s trust and undermines his ability to do his job.

One of Carney’s constituents is a 17-year-old girl who had online communication with Weiner, though Weiner has said the contact was neither explicit nor indecent (see related story).

Police spoke with the girl on Friday and have closed their investigation.

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    Just GO AWAY, WEINY NOSE!!!!!!! You ARE a disgrace to your family AND your party………..D#@K!!!!!

  • Jack

    Dear Mr. Weiner:

    Why are you still cheating on your pregnant wife with multiple women, using social networking websites like twitter and facebook? Maybe you should go find a priest or rabbii or something to help you with this serious problem. Is your psychiatrist going to adequately treat your inconsideration for your family, and the families you affect?



      Jack, better yet, a visit to Lorena Bobbit……….this guy is a total SCHMO HEAD!

    • johan

      They should make him resign just like they did to David Vitter of Lousiana. What’s fair is fair.


    His “MOMMY PELOSI” must be a tad upset………GO AWAY YOU PERVERT!!!

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