2 Philadelphia Students Admit Attacking Teacher Over Lunch Bag Confrontation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two young men, both students, pleaded guilty today to attacking a teacher at an alternative school in Northeast Philadelphia last March.

Both defendants reached plea deals that allowed them to avoid serving additional jail time.

The attack happened during lunch at Excel Academy, a school for Philadelphia students who have had disciplinary problems.

Terrell Carter, 20, and Brian Pressley, 19, today admitted attacking teacher Stephen Boyd and punching him to the ground.

The attack started after Boyd saw Carter reach into the teacher’s lunch bag.

“He had told him to remove his hand from his lunch bag, and that is what precipitated this,” said prosecutor Lauren McHale.

She says the assault continued until other staff came to Boyd’s aid and the attackers were apprehended.

Both defendants, in custody since the March 9th attack, have been ordered sentenced to time already served, although Carter will remain under house arrest and both will be under court supervision for several years.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Michelle says:

    19 and 20 and still in school. LOL. Only in Philly. These alternative schools are a joke. Just a place to push them through and give them their coveted diploma.

  2. state engineer says:

    i have alway said no FREE LUNCHES you need to fight for it..

  3. Anne Purcell says:

    They are more than likely already ordered by the court to complete high school. That si how you end up with students of that age…

  4. bottomline says:

    This is what your wasted tax money supports – live with it, there’s more coming.

  5. m. shepardson says:

    these were not kids, they are adults and should be punished as such!!!

  6. opiningmind says:

    they steal a teacher’s lunch and respond like that when they get caught? these guys have no moral compass.

    they are future killers, and we will be hearing about them again. it’s just too bad someone has to die to get these guys locked up for good.

  7. Dee says:

    That was a good school until the guy got killed by the Shallcross kids that were cutting on the el platform. The following year, Excel was forced to take discipline students from Shallcross or they would lose their funding. Its been nothing but trouble since.

  8. C'MON MAN says:

    Losers,where are the parents?19 and 20 and still in High School it doesn’t look good for these young men.

  9. Anonymous says:

    19 and 20? Are they still in High School? What’s the real deal here? There’s just too much of this ‘no child left behind’. Now it’s creeping its way into adults, because at 18 you’re legally declared an adult. Again, I ask. 19 and 20? Are they still in High School?

  10. aristotlesprincess says:

    House arrest? They clearly have a discipline problem, probably due to a lack of parental supervision. Now, you’re allowing the people who created these monsters to supervise their punishment? Yeah, real brilliant.

    1. Hater says:

      Agreed princess. Now that they know they can do anything they want and just receive a slap on the wrist, you can look forward to a life of continued crime from these cretins. Wonder what their dads think? Oh right, never mind.

      1. Large Turds says:

        Just 2 more pieces of S@#T that need to go away….FOREVER!!!!!

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