Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Turning Full-Time Retirement Into Full-Time Getaway

(Stanley Mathey at work in Annapolis Harbor.  Photos by Jay Lloyd)

(Stanley Mathey at work in Annapolis Harbor. Photos by Jay Lloyd)

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Sailing into historic Annapolis (Md.) Harbor last weekend, KYW’s Jay Lloyd met a unique retiree who has discovered the “endless getaway.”

by Jay Lloyd
KYW Newsradio 1060

We had just picked up the hawser, mooring our sailboat, when a tricked-out Zodiac workboat came alongside with a big greeting from Stanley Mathey (below). He was collecting mooring fees for the harbormaster and gladly stayed to schmooze about his retirement job.

“I go to work, I drive a boat, I meet interesting people, and I only work in the summer,” he said with a smile.

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Stanley, a retired plastics engineer, believes that anyone who likes to travel can find retirement work in the nation’s premium spots.

“Take a tour of wherever you’re at. Whether Savannah, Charlestown, Lauderdale. And then, if you like something, then go to the city building and say, ‘Are there any openings?’ ”

And that’s how he wound up driving a boat in Annapolis to launch the perfect, endless getaway!

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