Beverage Industry With Repeat, Not So Sweet Reaction To Nutter Soda Tax Plan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter continues his efforts to get the school district more money by traveling to Harrisburg. In the meantime, the beverage industry is stepping up its attack on Nutter’s plan to tax soda in order to bail out the district.

“Raise your hand if you opposed the beverage tax last year!” declares one new radio ad paid for by local bottlers and others opposed to the soda tax proposal.

City Council will debate the idea Friday, and some members are still shaking their head that Schools Chief Arlene Ackerman suddenly restored full-day kindergarten after saying there was no money.

“For the individuals who are saying we should not take any action, it adds fuel to that fire,” said Councilman Darrell Clarke.

Meanwhile Mayor Nutter is deflecting questions about whether he supports Ackerman staying in the Superintendent post.

“All of us need to stay focused on what’s important, that’s the kids of this city,” Nutter said.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Jim Wilmer says:

    You will have in every parking lot; a large van selling soda etc. cheaper than the city allows legal buisness to do. People will just buy gallons of the stuff and sell to the public cheaper. So the police will be chasing these so called criminals, others will call them Capitalist, on hot days, Philadelphians will call them heros!!!!

  2. Revolutionary says:

    Cut bloating funding to social programs. The tax base in Philadelphia is shrinking and it will continue to shrink as taxes rise. Pretty soon all the city will have left are welfare families.

  3. Angelo says:

    Please get these morons out of postions of authority. They are corrupt and stealing from hard working citizens in Philadelphia. It is time to change the political party to the Republicans and end this Democrat dictatorship of corruptiion in this city.

  4. trueism says:

    Quite simply move Coca Cola and Pepsi bottling out of Philly. Or, discontinue selling soda to retail outlets within the City.. Holding on to Ackerman literally has cost the Taxpayer Millions… Threatening a soda tax allows his honesty another diversion of the real reason Philadelphia is all of a sudden short hundreds of millions for education..

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