PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The scandal involving Rep. Anthony Weiner is a powerful reminder that once words or pictures hit the internet — they are free for public consumption.

Miscommunications, mixed messages and mistakes — Call it what you want but when you can tweet and facebook your likes, thoughts and whereabouts from just about anywhere, you can understand why the Wall Street Journal just published: ” Seven Ways to Avoid Being a Weiner on the Web”. You can read the blog here:

Other online reports also came out with it own “top ten” list called “Top Ten Embarrasing Twitter Gaffes by Politicians”. The list includes Sarah Palin who reportedly used her twitter account to “favorite” a photo of a racist church sign. The report states Palin later called the move an “accident”. The report also noted Senator Chris Dodd for the time he had to apologize after a profane tweet surfaced on his Twitter account. You can read the entire list here:

“One of the big dangers is posting things that are just utterly inappropriate,” Dr. Frank Farley said.

Dr. Farley is a psychologist and professor at Temple University. He shared with Eyewitness News his top three list of don’ts when it comes to tweeting.

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“Think before you tweet. Don’t tweet anything that you couldn’t show to your mom. And if you have to take risks, don’t take them online,” Dr. Farley said.

Other factors to consider: Dr. Farley says employers and university officials do browse twitter and facebook accounts to pre-screen their candidates. So keep that in mind the next time you think you’re ready to share your “status”.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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