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Philadelphia City Council Committee Meets To Discuss Approval Of New Bike Lanes

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As Philadelphia today hosts the big bike race, city officials are in the midst of a battle over adding new bicycle-only lanes to some Center City streets.

A City Council committee this past week debated whether the Nutter Administration should get Council’s approval before adding any new bicycle only lanes. This comes in the wake of the announcement from the mayor’s office that 10th and 13th Streets would get dedicated bike lanes.

Councilman Bill Green sparred over this with Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler:

G: So the decision to go on 10th and 13th had nothing to do….

C: Oh, I respectfully disagree.

G: … with public safety. It’s what was left.

C: Every street we look at — all of that is about public safety.

The core of the issue is whether neighborhoods affected by bicycle-only lanes are getting a chance to weigh in before the decisions are made.

The 10th and 13th Street lanes open later this month on a six-month pilot basis.

Reported By Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Francis Graff says:

    Please except my apology for re-writing my comment, I had difficulty seeing thru an ad. Any motorist hitting/striking a biker in his lanes, while searching for a parking space (rubbernecking) is an unsafe act, and this is to be considered prior notice of any such occurrence. You tort litigation unit should have discussed this with you, Rina. In adding, this is going to cost us taxpayer’s plenty, and I know Michael don’t have enough money in his budget for law suits. Remeber my words, “Prior Notice is Served”.

  2. Francis Graff says:

    Rina Cutler, I am sick and tired of your bellowing. Bike lines are man made trad waiting to happen. Consider this “prior notice” for your tort litigation unit. Any biker hit an injured bo a rubbernecking operator of a vehicle due to inattentivenss on their part in a search for a parking meter with time left on, or a vacant space is not an act of god. Whereas, hitting any pothole, which is considered an act of god, causes said incident, you have had warning. Mr. Green, if you don’t shut this person up, I will when I get in council.

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