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Lawsuit Claims Patti Labelle Directed Her Bodyguards To Beat West Point Cadet

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The lawsuit filed this week on behalf of a West Point cadet claims Patti Labelle directed her bodyguards to beat him.

The fight outside a Houston Airport Terminal with the Philadelphia singer’s entourage was caught on camera and later posted on YouTube
The cadet, 23-year-old Richard King, can be seen in a yellow sweater talking on a cell phone before, as the lawsuit claims, LaBelle’s bodyguards confront and beat him because he was standing too close to LaBelle’s luggage.
King was beaten bloody and taken to the hospital.
“I woke up the next morning with staples in my head and that’s when it really hit me I was just like, ‘Wow, what happened,'” said Richard King.
King’s lawyer alleges his blood spattered on the concrete right near where LaBelle would later pose for pictures with Houston police.
“That was a really sad scene for me, to see a Houston police officer posing for a photograph with Ms. LaBelle literally standing over the blood of cadet King,” King’s attorney John Raley said.
Raley claims his client suffered a concussion, lingering dizziness and headaches for days.
“They’re punching him in the face. They are punching him with fists,” Raley said.
The West Point cadet was heading home to Houston when the fight happened on March 11.
The 67-year-old LaBelle was scheduled to perform a concert the next night in Louisiana.

Houston police report LaBelle’s entourage contend King, a West Point defensive back appeared to be intoxicated, was verbally abusive and hit one of them when asked to move aside.
King denies he was intoxicated.
Houston Police reportedly did name King as the suspect in the incident, but no charges have ever been filed.

Efforts to reach Labelle’s publicist for comment were unsuccessful.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. patrick says:

    My concern is that the video has been edited heavily. Originally you could see her call her bodyguards and direct them to the young man. Also he is staggering way more than he was before. Amazing what corruption and money can do.

  2. john1956 says:

    unfortinatly, you cant be proscuted for a hate crime. becuase white mail americans are not protected along with others…. i guess some people want to reopen the good oboys club and become a member themself.

  3. Patti hater says:

    Patti Poo, you are an old and washed up hag who is losing her mind……..
    I mean, come on, too close to her luggage? Hope this young American who is brave enough to be at West Point and serve his country hits you up for MILLIONS.
    You disgust me Patti, plain and simple…..
    She should be prosecuted for a hate crime….

  4. pauline says:

    Huston has a rep for abusing minorities of any persuasion. Aparently Patti is a little color blind and does not trust others of her race, they must all be crooks. and she hires Thugs for bodygaurds. They made quick work of a man on a cell phone who did not get a chance to understand what was happening before he was beat senceless.

    1. for her to give him 3/4 of her money and wealth.
    2. she must retire as she has lost it.
    3. the public must realize she is as viscous at Michal Vick when he trained dogs to fight.

    By Patti, no more sales of your records or tickets to see you. Go away and retire.

  5. Spartacus says:

    Someone should smack the ugly off her for thinking she can sing.

  6. tammy says:

    I had the misfortune of meeting this b-i-t-c-h in 1990 and she was the rudest, most nasty person I have ever met. I knew her true colors would someday be shown. When I met her, she was so nasty and kept giving me dirty looks, and shaking her head while looking at me. She didn’t want me there because I was white. It was clearly evident. I have worked in the music industry for many years, having met many people of all colors, and love all music, but she is hugely racist. Hope this poor guy wins

  7. Bree says:

    Thats just wrong! i dont care if the guy was standing too close to her or anyone elses luggage, its just luggage it didnt warent that!!! Celebs need to come down to earth!

  8. Hater says:

    Houston Police reportedly did name King as the suspect in the incident, but no charges have ever been filed. Apparently he wasn’t drunk then. I don’t believe a thing labelle or her thugs say. Why would he even want to bother the fools. He should also consider suing the HPD.

  9. Olney Falcon says:

    The $64,000 question is “Do you believe this guy is a genuine victim of a tyrranical egotist and her band of merry men?” I do, and I will only be happy with a legal outcome that leaves her destitute, and her gang of hoodlums in jail for a long time…

    1. Frank Bamnister says:

      For sure, those guys need to be jailed. might be hard to prove she instructed them unless it shows in the video or other witnesses. But, since under her employ, she is liable though for their actions at least monetarily. I don’t recall any laws where body guards have the right to physically assault someone. goodness sake he was on a cell phone. He wasn’t in any sort of offensive position, he even had his back to them till they came up on him! Defensively, all he did was put out his arm and backed up. then he is jumped and the “first thing”, he is being punched in the face. for what? So clearly we can see he was the victim here. So like you said those thugs need jail time and Patti whoever she is needs to come out of pocket big time! Her career should be over! if she was white and this happened to a black person, you know what would happen to their career! This guy is a West Point cadet, “Duty, Honor, Country”. I think thats speak to this young mans integrity.

  10. Francis Graff says:

    Patti Who? Connie Francis Yes!

    1. Zzbar says:

      Patti Who? Lady GaGa Yes!

    1. Hater says:

      If she put the dawgs on this guy, patti IS the loser. Nice link, now that’s freakin’ crazy.

    2. zeke says:

      You would call a West Point cadet a loser?, you are a complete idiot,

  11. says:

    has got too big for her pants
    she needs to WISE UP

  12. Shawn Robertson says:

    ignoring, sorry worst typist ever.

  13. Shawn Robertson says:

    Really, no comments? Are we inoring this or waiting for more “non” information?

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