Nutter Offers Council A Menu Of Tax Hikes: Parking, Property, And/Or Sodas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is proposing a tax on soda and other sugary drinks as he and City Council continue trying to help bail out the cash-starved Philadelphia school district.

On Thursday, Nutter sent City Council a revival of his soda tax idea that was soundly rejected by the lawmakers last year. This time he proposes two-cents per ounce, to bring in an estimated $80 million a year.

Nutter is also expected to raise rates at parking meters and kiosks to raise an additional $6 million. Council approval of that is not needed.

Also being discussed as part of the School District bailout is a hike in property taxes similar to last year’s nearly 10-percent hike (see related story), which the administration says could bring in $95 million.

Councilman Darrell Clarke is introducing a measure calling for a smaller increase, with provisions to make the school district accountable for how the money is spent.

Council members, by and large, say they are extremely hesitant to agree to another property tax hike, and many also say they are skeptical of enacting a soda tax. The beverage industry successfully lobbied against the idea last year.

Council members like Marian Tasco don’t want to single out one industry.

“After we went through the fiasco last year on the sugar tax, I looked at it,” Councilwoman Tasco told KYW Newsradio. “As I eat an Oreo, I said, there’s sugar here. Much more sugar than in the soda.”

Council President Anna Verna says hearings were being scheduled for Friday, June 10th, on both the soda and property tax proposals.

“There is absolutely no appetite — and I only speak for myself — for raising property taxes by 10 percent. So the only thing that is left is the soda tax,” she said.

On Thursday morning, Mayor Nutter focused on his effort to help the school district close its budget gap as he accepted the “Citizen of the Year” award from the Red Cross.

Nutter told the business and community leaders attending the award breakfast that working schools are essential to the economic health of the city and, thus, it becomes a city responsibility to make sure they’re funded.

“I run the city. I don’t run the schools, but they’re my children — they’re my children,” the mayor said.

Nutter said later that the measures he’s suggested are not all necessary, but are meant to give City Council a range of options:

“So, for instance, a combination of the sugar-sweetened beverage and additional parking revenues would actually cover what we need without any real estate tax increase,” Nutter explained.

The mayor says he hopes there will be a serious discussion about which measures to adopt.

So, if you had to choose just one of the proposed options, which would it be? When asked, most people gave KYW Newsradio one of two answers: soda, and definitely not soda.

Soda tax proponents, such as Jonathan Ramirez, pointed out that it would accomplish more than just raising revenue: “Tax on the soda, because you shouldn’t be drinking soda. Start eating right.”

So while a soda tax would be good for us, Ramirez pointed out a real estate tax increase could be bad.

“Not the real estate. For me, increasing the soda’s not going to hurt a lot, but real estate could hurt a lot, especially with people buying the houses and this economy still not that good,” he said.

The anti-soda-tax contingent confessed to drinking a lot of it, including Paul.

“As long as it’s not soda, I’ll be happy,” Paul said, as he sipped a diet soda.

But there was also the predictable answer: “None of them, really.”

And then, the off-the-wall: “I think he should raise the sales tax to 20 percent,” one person said.

When told that would make buying goods in Philadelphia really expensive, he said, “It’s already expensive.”

Reported by Mike Dunn and Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Avi says:

    He just raised the sales tax. Before it was “either we raise taxes or cut back on trash collection, fire fighter services and police services”. Now it’s “we either raise property tax or put in place this sugar tax”. How about he go after the deadbeats who haven’t paid their taxes? Better yet, how about he stop strangling the life-blood out of people. Every year my property taxes go up (even though my property value goes down). Every year another tax is added. Unfortunately I can’t get my boss to keep up with the rate of inflation this gov’t is imposing.
    @Nutter – Fix the corruption, collect from the deadbeats, stop with the pork spending. You will see how much money we save. You would even then be able to LOWER taxes and be a hero.

  2. Bill says:

    What most people don’t realize is that this only opens the door to more taxes. We allow them to tax soda, and next it’s candy, chips, you name it. The citys solution to all problems is raise taxes. It’s a revolving door that needs to be stopped. We as citizens can not allow them to tax us anymore. I don’t drink soda, this won’t affect me, but I can’t help shake my head when I see these morons come up with these dumb ideas. What we need is a complete overhaul of the school district. And City Council while we are at it. These people make hundreds of thousands of dollars, while we bust our ass just to get by.

  3. Francis Graff says:

    How much actual sugar is really in a soda fkuid ounce?

    1. Ted says:

      most have none. High fructose corn syrup is not sugar.

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    What do you expect with a mayor named Nutter?

  5. Glenn says:

    So, what happens when people consume less soda because of this tax, then where does the money come from. It’s been proven that if you tax something more people consume less of that product. IDIOTS!!!!!

  6. pb says:

    It’s time to do some simple math on this issue. Let’s say that a 2 Liter bottle of ‘A-Treat’ soda is on sale for $.99, Pa. State sales tax is $.06 and the Philadelphia City soda tax would be $1.34. The total taxes are more than the actual cost of the product. The next question would be, is this just bottled soda sold off the shelf or does it also include fountain dispensed sodas too? Additionally, will the City of Philadelphia be giving waivers to the sports teams and other special interests? Finally is this being referred to as a ‘tax’ or a ‘fee’, but then what’s the difference.

  7. frank says:

    You sir are absolutely right. The PC crowd would never understand that..

    1. retired says:

      all the big cities are totally run by balcks, yet they are all hell.. they stil blame whitey for the way they run cities..

  8. James Woods says:

    I love reading how school systems across the country are broke. If the local media would go after them instead of being lapdogs we might actually have a system.

    How in the world does an educational institution run itself into the red? Can’t they do the math?

    Anyone that ever had a repo, a foreclosure, and eviction hearing for non-payment should be outraged by this kind of activity.

    These morons run our childrens education into debt because of the pension funds and salary’s and then expect us to continue paying for it.

    Sorry but if the school systems can’t operate without going into debt it’s time to make the cuts necessary.

    Ever hear of putting together a budget? Schools still teach math or just liberalism and global warming nonsense?

    Why does a waitress make $2+/hour relying on tips from an already broke country when she’s actually providing a service. Why not pay her $75k/year and pay the teachers $2/hr + tips.

    Based on overall performance I don’t think they would make it..

  9. Reason8200 says:

    The idiots in philly will allow this to happen because the will be too busy watching sports and beating up fathers and mothers who wear opposing team jerseys. Just dont tax the beer at sporting events. The people of philly arent known for being smart.

    1. John says:

      The people in Philly deserve this stupidity. Who has run Philly for over 60 years? Who owns the school systems? Liberals. They, have owned that city for a near century and everything they do has failed…Libs own the schools, spend the tax dollars and write all of the curricula and there is never enough money, academics are horrible and never admit they are wrong. Libs teach all the sex ed and STD’s and teen pregnancy are out of control in that system. Yet they are still the smartest people in the room. Hey libbies, if you were in charge and failed the way you do in a marxist state you would have been shot for such incompetence.

      1. Dan says:

        Why do you think the latest news out of Philly is “White Flight” ? Anybody who can leave the city is leaving. Between this, the Nazi Parking Police, taxes, crime etc. Who want to live there?

  10. Zatarain says:

    Sounds like y’all have a lot of people who believe in, “don’t tax me, tax that man behind the tree.” Y’all need a CA-style tax revolt!

  11. bryan says:

    make your own soda beat the taxes. Sugar,water,yeast,flavor=tax free soda.

  12. Jadams76 says:

    If we could have an excise tax on Stupid, Arrogant ,and Lazy,along with Stretch Limos and Actors then liberal Democrats could finally pay their fair share.

  13. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


  14. jim says:

    Parents should be given vouchers and privately run schools with non unionized teachers should compete for students.

    1. frank says:

      I disagree. Parents should not be given vouchers. If they are given vouchers, then low-life kid’s could be integrated into upscale school’s. What parent would want their child exposed to bad element’s.

  15. ratmanis says:

    What the people have to understand is that this “soda” tax will be a used to replace the money for the schools that comes outr of the general fund. It is NOT an additional source of school funding. For every dollar this tax brings in there will be one less dollar for schools from the general fund.

  16. bump in the road says:

    Tax fried chicken and menthol cigs while your at it….

  17. Gilbert says:

    They need to cut thier payrolls and cut their overinflated salaries. If you raise taxes on the people, they will never fix their budgetary problems. It will make it only worse. Never raise taxes in hard times, just cut and become efficeint.

  18. TJ says:

    This is any easy one, just tax liberals; they love taxes and would be happy to pay as much as the city will take. Problem solved!

  19. Not a Nutter says:

    Just wondering…Don’t you taxpayers in Philly already pay a sales tax….If so, wouldn’t that make it double taxation….Just curious….

    1. The Bruce says:

      Well, that wouldn’t be the case at the store, as food items aren’t taxed. However, you’d be correct if that tax applied to restaurants, as city tax is already part of the bill.

      1. TEA says:

        It’s not double taxation if the tax is simply raised. Oh, only 1%, surely you can handle that. What happens on the 101st time?

  20. Spanky T Smackme says:

    Just when are these MORONS gonna learn that raising taxes and fees is NOT the answer ???? STOP SPENDING more than you have, and cut back the wastefull programs

  21. brainofgnat says:

    Why are we accepting the premise that the schools are “cash strapped” in the first place? There’s a ton of fraud, waste, and union thievery going on in every school district.

    Come on lemmings, think!

  22. Smart Alex says:

    It is scary anyone with any power could be stupid enough to suggest property tax hikes in such a lousy real estate market. With “leaders” like that, is it any wondwr the city is in such poor shape?

  23. Had Enough says:

    Where is all the revenue from the casinos going. I know people are still gambling.

  24. BruceC says:

    Why don’t they just tax the drug dealers? A 10% tax on their “take” would fund the schools completely as well as reduce city taxes by 50%. If that won’t work, eliminate all graft and government waste and corruption and taxes will be reduced 75%!

  25. AnneP says:

    Boy, what a name. The only thing worse would be if his surname was Weiner. ….If I lived in Philly I think I’d finally take the food Nazis seriously and stop drinking soda.

  26. Matt says:

    If I owned the Pepsi and CoKe companies in Philadelphia ,I would move them out of the city. The nerve of Nutter to attack their business. TastyKake was just saved and then they could be he next target to tax.

    1. JamesS says:

      Every other company that employs non union workers and anyone whose wages are not protected by union rules have already left Philly due to a city income tax that’s higher than many state income taxes. Last non governent worker to move, turn off the lights. The union guys left won’t…it probably has something to do with union work rules.

  27. David says:

    I’d be curious on how they came up with the $80 million figure. A 2 liter bottle of soda is approximately 68 oz so just the tax on it would be nearly $1.40, effectively doubling the price. I wonder how much they estimate the amount of soda purchased would decrease by such a drastic price increase? Also the tax base seems high– how much soda do they estimate is purchased? 2-3 two liter bottles per person per day?

    1. The Bruce says:

      They never factor in a reduction of purchases. Liberals believe in Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics is based on a zero sum theory.

      In the real world, any tax increase leads to a shift in purchasing habits. In the real world, sure, a tax on soda will lead to increased revenues, but it will be a fraction of what Keynesians predict.

      And continuing to increase taxes on a product leads to diminishing returns, which means the Keynesians will never get to their target revenue, as eventually nobody’s buying the product any more.

  28. Jadams76 says:

    This tax isn’t to raise money. It’s”for the children” to cut down on sugar intake and help michelle obama in her crusade against childhood obesity. same with increased parking fees and fines. It’s to show children the value of money. ..and the importance of voting when they grow up so tax and spend liberals don’t get into office and ruin everything.

    1. Tom says:

      Too late! This should have been taught to the kids of FDR’s generation and LBJ’s, only the Obamanation generation is learning…

  29. dong says:

    How about doing away with CHILD TAX CREDITS for parents and put that towards schools? I’m tired of paying to educate everyone’s snot-nosed idiots. I paid $46k in taxes last year and 58% of the state share of that tax went to SCHOOLS.

    1. taxman says:

      Then vote for people who are for LOWER TAXES……….

      VOTE for someone who is responcible with MONEY

      VOTE for someone who does NOT support UNIONS as unions CHEAT< STEAL AND LIE and cuase BLOAT financially both publically and privately.

      1. Veganman says:

        Never take advice from someone who cannot spell RESPONSIBLE.

      2. GavInTucson says:

        @ Veganman:

        How lame. A spelling rant? Haven’t you ever heard of a typo?

    2. ClumBaby says:

      I couldn’t agree more Dong.

      Why am I paying to help raise someone’s kid? I did the responsible thing and bought condoms instead of populating the world with offspring I cannot afford to feed or educate.
      School taxes make the parents’ problem everyone’s problem.

      No kid, no school tax. Easy!

    3. AnneP says:

      That was a typo and you know it. How about, never vote for a snippy little snot nosed liberal who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he kills plants and eats them.

    4. The Bruce says:

      Dong, I can’t decide whether child tax credits are geared toward helping parents out or incentivizing the creation of future taxpayers.

  30. Steve Roberts says:

    I would like to suggest a tax on teachers salaries to be used to support struggling homeowners and people that have lost their jobs due to govt. incompetence.and schools that cannot produce good students no matter how much money is given to them . How’s that for fairness and sharing the pain?

  31. timeforactivism says:

    i thought there was a tax on alcohol put into effect a few years ago to ‘help’ the schools…a 10% tax…the city does NOT need more taxes…it needs better management…the school district, like the pha, the port authority, the city council, with their special DROP program, are all rife with corruption and greed. all parts of the city govenrment need oversight from an outside manager….it’s time to take a long, hard look….and it’s time for Ackerman to be fired.

  32. nathan says:

    Get control of the damn spending, I get angry when I read stories like this, Having the money is not the problem. The money is spent by a bunch of crooks in office.

  33. Ben says:

    Are there any other rocks I can look under for a tax? I need a tax. Oh how I need another tax.. God forbid I slow down spending for just a moment.

  34. Rain says:

    Dear Philadelphia ~

    Everyone hates you. Everyone.

    You are a foul, filthy, corrupt, and burdensome cesspool of hubris and idiocy.

    Keep on your oh-so-spectacular path to “properity.” All you will have left is bureaucrats, union goons, crackheads, and the crew filming episodes of “Parking Wars.” (Yeah, THAT series sure makes me want to visit Philly! LOL)

    Every day, I take delight in the fact that I live nowhere near your toilet of a city.

    Detroit called; they want their mirror back.

    Have a day.

    1. The Bruce says:

      “Detroit called; they want their mirror back.”

      Now that was priceless.

      It’s a shame, though. Philadelphia was the epicenter of our nation’s creation, and look at it now. The apple has fallen very far from the tree.

  35. Ed says:

    2 cents per ounce… That 24 cents for a can of soda which costs at most a dollar. So 24% tax on a can of soda!! God democracts suck.

  36. regularguy says:

    By raising parking meter rates this high, you’re scaring away people from actually parking in those meters. All that’s going to happen is revenue from that will go WAY down and people will park a good 15 min. walk away or take SEPTA more. I refuse to pay that much for those meters in the city, it’s rediculous!

  37. Sean Delevan says:

    Let’s not look at pension reform, trimming waste, firing bad teachers, and eliminating wasteful programs.

    That would be silly..

    The solution?

    Create a new tax and ignore the real problem.

    And how long is that going to last before they are out of money again?

    Where is all the lottery money going?

  38. smokehouse56 says:

    Urban Philly. Laughing my arse off from the wilderness of Pennsylvania, 200 miles north of this cesspool. We get our “high” from watching wildlife, fishing, sight seeing, boating, hunting, photography, gardening. Not crack on Broad Street and ruled by a black mayor by the name of Nutter? Is that correct? Nutter? Oh you poor slobs.

  39. Rico Suave says:

    More taxes? Raise the taxes, money-earners will leave the city. How about breaking the Union stranglehold in the city? How many people are getting free health insurance on the backs of the city? Does the city get a full days work out of each employee? Look at any city thats broke…Detroit comes to mind…run by Dems, full of people that think they’re entitled to not work and get freebies…your tax base is shrinking….theyre moving to the burbs! Wake up!

  40. CatoTheElder says:

    Detroit without automobiles.

  41. cheesedog says:

    I left there in 1991 and now live in Florida. Hope it all works out, take care, bye.

  42. Daniel Morgan says:

    What do Obama and Nutter have in common? They both hate America and want to destroy it by taxing out of existence the people the who work and pay taxes. Also, they want to have everyone dependent on the government so that they have more power.

  43. Mune Shadowe says:

    They tried this in Ohio and guess how that went? More deeper in debt than ever.
    They always go on a proposed budget and they end up spending it before it comes and walla! The money is gone!

  44. Daniel Morgan says:

    Sure, why not? Let the mayor could raise taxes as much as he wants so that the crooked politicians have more money to squander on their bloated, inefficient bureaucracy, unfair and burdensome regulations and mandates and a politically correct agenda of social engineering. Doesn’t matter anyways as Philadelphia and other cities like it are dying because of idiot politicians like this who are bound and determined to destroy those that produce. Philadelphia will be like Detroit in a few more years.

    1. The Bruce says:

      “Philadelphia will be like Detroit in a few more years.”

      It already is, minus the auto industry.

  45. AARON says:

    Starting Jan 1, 2012 A city police officer with more than 5 years of service is able to reside outside the city. Raise those taxes and pump millions into ackermans fat a$$ ?? you”ll see possibly 1000, 2000 maybe more sale signs go up shortly…

  46. DeJordy says:

    What is being asked of the teachers and other unions? Are they paying a fair share for health insurance and pensions? As long as the city is run for them, the city will choke.

  47. Hombre says:

    Tax tortillas and beans, then we’ll be getting SOMETHING from the illegals

  48. Rick Libertarianski says:

    Tax condoms, soap, tp, and gum.

    1. frank says:

      Taxing condoms is not the answer.The idiots in Philly do not use them. Just look at all the illegitimate thugs running around.

  49. Linkoln says:

    Why are they worried about the budget? Just charge it to the Fed, and the Obama, and borrow from China! Just keep doing that until everything works properly and we are magically free of problems. That’s what the Fed does.

  50. Daniel Anderson says:

    Taxes a solution for all problems bet it dosen.t work.

    1. jt says:

      Are you seriously expecting a recovery ?

  51. raybojabo says:

    When I was in school our FFA (Future Farmers of Amrica) chapter owned the soda and snack machines in the school. We used them to raise revenue for our school projects: greenhouses, fish farm, park benches, dugouts, sidewalks, etc. All great projects for the students to participate in and learn useful skills. Thank God we didn’t have mob bosses running our town and stealing the money to line their pockets and ripping people off at a quarter per soda for a so-called tax.

  52. Common Sense says:

    After reading this article I surmise oe thing: Johnathan Ramirez is a moron. Great mentality, the soda tax wont hurt him a lot but how about people working in the soda and beverage industry? You don’t want a tax increase but who’s going to povide for the families when layoffs begin due to the loss of soda revenue? As long as it doesn’t impact Johnathan, who cares? The bottom line s that the Philadelphia School District needs to live within their means. Cut out some of the top heavy salaries in administration. Make Queen Arlne accountable for the money. Stop wasting the money on nonsense like Mc Books that get stolen anyway. Nutter needs to be a one term mayor. Get someone in there that won’t give in the these idiots in the school district. Cut them off at the knees instead of continuing to placate these bureaucrats.

    1. Regulas says:

      The story conveniently fails to report the nut, Nutter’s move to bail teacher unions out so I am assuming he is a Demorat.

  53. Daniele says:

    There should not be any new taxes of any kind for the school system. They have and get enough money already. If you can’t make it on what you have, then make cuts. Jersey has great schools and the kids do well. Does everyone realize that they only have 1/2 DAY KINDERGARTEN as do other counties in Pennsylvania. If a parent needs full day care, then it is your responsibility to provide for it … not anyone else. Pay for day care. Also, why is is that kids today as well as their parents have these great cell phones with texting, data, etc. and yet you cry you can’t afford bus fare for your child. Again, your problem. If you can afford a cell phone plan, you can afford bus fare. Do without something … cable, etc. These items are not necessities. The Government has been spoon feeding too many people and it has to stop. Cuts need to be made and that is that!!! People need to realize what is a need and what is a want and guess what … sometimes you can’t have what you want. I have two children and they are my responsibility. It is my job to provide for them. I brought them into this world. I make them breakfast, lunch, and feed them dinner. Wake up people, if we don’t stop this here and now and voice our opinions and get City Council to vote down everything, a lot more people are going to be leaving the City as well as we might end up having to dress kids next!

  54. BS! says:


  55. MAD! says:

    How about we do away with free breakfast and lunches in the schools. How much would that save? The kids that benefit from this program are the same kids who’s parents receive food stamps and or welfare. I worked in the supermarkets growing up and saw first hand what these parents would buy with their stamps. Lobster, Crab Legs and shrimp but yet they are the first to cry that they can’t afford clothes for their kids. Is City Council that Naive Talk about a failed system. Why should I as a tax payer have to pay twice for these families. I come from a family of 6 that was raised by a single mother that worked two jobs and still struggled to get by because she could not qualify for these programs. Now days people lie about where they live inn order to qualify for these services. Do we not have a system of checks and balances in place for stuff like this. Mr. Mayor here’s a suggetion for you. Why don’t you try to get the big corporations in the city to sponor these free meals in the schools. Not only would it save money towards the school district budget but I’m sure they could use a tax write off. I’m tired off every time the city or schools need money that we as taxpayers are the answer. Are there not enough home foreclosure in the city yet, you need to raise property taxes again. My taxes were raised over $200 this year based on home values that were through the roof, now the value of homes have decreased but yet you want me to pay more. My mortgage i’m sure is already more than the value of my house with the recent drop in values. I’m sick of being the bail out for my government’s inability to manage a budget and programs.

  56. Ed says:

    Tax high fructose corn syrup, not sugar.

    1. Frank says:

      Duh? What do you think fructose is exactly?

      I am surrounded by mental midgets….

      1. Dat_Truth_Hurts says:

        HFCS is not fructose but a blend. He meant sugar as in sucrose, i.e. table sugar. Fructose is the sugar in fruit. HFCS is a man made sweetener from corn to prop up agro business. It is also a big contributor as to why many Americans are fat. High Fructose Corn Syrup does not metabolize like normal table sugar.

        So, taxing HFCS would be good because then soda would contain regular sugar like it used to before HFCS became so cheap (due to subsidies).

        If we really want to solve obesity once and for all, we should tax the hell out of grains and corn. But this is beyond the scope of the article and I’m just a ‘mental midget’.

  57. Spanky says:

    Let’s see, 2 cents an ounce, a $600 million dollar school district deficit, those poor kids will have to drink a lot of soda to cover the shortfall. Maybe we should tax other goods as well. People like to be punished, how about we tax gas?

    1. SMM says:

      Tax is already included in the price paid at the pump smarty.

      1. Wiseguy says:


      2. Wiseguy says:


  58. Francis Graff says:

    I am strongly considering a run for Mayor as an Independent. I will reduce the names in the City’s dept. directory by 50% within my first year and six month’s. This will be done by establishing a strict performance evaluation using management by objectives. I don’t expect a Union problem, since State AFSCME had no problem with the method, and City Locals will agree. I will ask all elected officials to succomb to a randon drug and alcohol testing, and I will be the first to submit. Those who test positive, will be asked to resign. If truck driver’s must do it, why shouldn’t the executive and judicial elected officials do it to. After all, they must make and judge the very laws we must adhere to. I will fire all those who are not under the umbrella of Civil Service/Union protection. There will be no hiring except for essential positions, such as fire, police, sanitation and streets workers. These are the people services you pay for, and you will get them. No more untreated small streets in snow storms, this was my expertise. As head of Pendot with 30 years of experience and a 25 million dollar budget, I never, not even in the blizzard of 96, nor the ice storms of 92/93, go over budget. And I have Gov. Ridge to prove it. I supported Bob Casey Jr for Governor and he lost to Ed Rendell, who I no longer see fit to decide anything. He lied to us about his marriage and he must answer up for the new (sudden) woman in his life? I will not ask any Ward Leader fron either party for their support, but will accept it, coming from them. This is a one way street. Forget about Brady and Meehan and the other’s supposedly leading the town, their plans don’t work anymore. Everything they endorse becomes a thirst for more for them, and we are in the fire. White’s are leaving the City in groves, Spanish and African Americans and Asians, are the majority now, but I will serve all ethnic groups equally, as I did at Panndot. I only have one more hurdle to jump, and it will be soon. Look for me, it’s been ten years now since I retired, and my beach chair is not doing what I thought anymore.

    1. Marbran says:

      Were you referring to Pendot, Panndot, or PennDOT…you know, that department you claimed to head for 30 years? And people or animals leave an area in ‘droves’ not ‘groves,’ although if they are moving far out of the city they’re likely to see many more of the latter.

  59. Susan Ludwig says:

    “Councilman Darrell Clarke today is introducing a measure calling for a smaller increase, with provisions to make the school district accountable for how the money is spent.” Here’s a thought how about making them accountable as to why this amount is needed.. to get the city residents in an uproar over taxing soda, parking or what ever.. prove that you need the money.. I am fed up with being one of the few tax payers left in this city ( and believe me the tax base is getting smaller) that have to tighten and re tighten my belt because of miss managment of moneys across the WHOLE city…I will not be getting bail out and I now feel that no one should get a bail out.. do with what you have and learn to manage yourselves better…

  60. Daniel says:

    I understand the city needs to raise funds, but I think the a per ounce tax especially 2 cents an ounce is a bit much. As an on again off again resident of Philly and one who has lived in DC I think the way DC does it for restaurant food would be the better approach, it is a special sales tax, it amounts to 10% instead of the regular 6 percent for everything else. If you go with a 2cents per ounce tax, people with cars are going to end up buying their groceries in the suburbs, the same way when they want a $1000 TV they drive down to Wilimington.

    The people in the city who do not have cars will be the only ones paying for the tax, the rest will just cross the Walt Whitman, head to the Walmart on Black Horse Pike, then drive a mile up the road for the cheaper Jersey gas at Wawa to make it a worthwhile trip.

  61. Linda D Bryant says:

    The Nutman is at it again. This proposed “Soda Tax” was shot down in defeat
    last year. Here we go again!!!

    Nutter and all of City Counsel can forfeit their salaries for the next four years.
    That would generate some nice $$$ instead of wanting to tax folks who drink soft-drinks. What’s next, taxing JUNK FOOD!!!!

    1. Spanky says:

      Linda – you are a nut for calling Mr. Peanut a nutman. They mayor has class, show some respect.

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