Advocating For A Longer School Year

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(File photo of school bus)

(File photo of school bus)

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Although children are no longer expected to work on farms in the summer, the school year calendar still reflects an Agrarian society. However, a bipartisan Time for Innovation Matters in Education Act was proposed in both houses of congress which would enable states to get support for a longer school year.

If it passed, states could apply for grants for expanded learning time initiatives that could add at least 300 hours to the school year for underperforming schools. Local districts and state education agencies will decide how to utilize the hours – most likely for core academics and enrichment. Many charter schools showing improved achievement already use extended hours.

An article in Education Week quotes Mike Honda, democrat of California, former teacher, principal and school board member, that it’s not just about schools but changing the mindset of the public about public education– 6 hour days, 180 days a year. Closing the achievement gap needs more time for learning.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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