Report: Global Companies Struggling To Find Skilled Workers

BLUE BELL, Pa. (CBS) – A recent international survey found global companies are struggling when it comes to finding skilled workers. A Montgomery County recruiting company decided to take a look at whether firms in the Philadelphia region are seeing the same problem.

The international survey found that 50 percent of the employers across the United States were having problems compared with 30 percent in China and 67 percent in Japan. Right Recruiting in Blue Bell looked at regional companies and Founder and CEO Jeff Zinser says locally the rates were higher than the national numbers.

“Sixty percent of the 140 regional companies that we surveyed admitted that they were struggling to fill slots for skilled people. That’s startling in a nine percent unemployment rate,” said Zinser.

Zinser believes the numbers are directly related to the educational system at both the public and college levels. He says graduates aren’t equipped for today’s manufacturing economy and he believes there’s a disconnect between what schools are teaching and what businesses need to stay afloat. If we don’t fill the pipeline with skilled workers, he says manufacturing companies will look overseas.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Matthew says:

    These comments are pretty much spot-on. Skilled workers are just a bonus. What’s most important is workers who will do at least a half-assed job who will work for a dime and sleep at their parents’ house.

    I have never seen so many advertisements for interns before. They may as well just admit to the authorities that the slave labor is built into their business model.

  2. GG says:

    One point that is important to understand is that tech companies are fueled by venture capital. Venture capitalists live in very expensive areas—Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, or La Jolla in San Diego. And they don’t like to invest in anything which requires a plane ride.

    Look at where Google and Facebook are headquartered. Houses cost well over a million dollars there. This is why the big push to only hire younger workers—these fresh out of college—or H-1Bs loaded with their fake six week class called a bachelors degree—are willing to live in the cramped overpriced apartments in these towns. While they need to attract older workers, they are unwilling to pay the wages to actually acquire housing. So the cycle repeats itself with the companies becoming hopelessly filled with mediocre H-1B labor and the brilliant engineers with ideas move on.

    As we approach massive unemployment for American citizen engineers, its time to ask for a total stop of the H-1B program. But with rich software tycoons like Benioff and Ellison and Gates hosting private million dollar fundraisers, it’s unlikely to happen until the entire industry collapses like Bell Labs. All smart Americans having long since moved into Finance or MBA land.

  3. richard Allen says:


    EVERYDAY I AM TOLD I’M OVERQUALIFIED …..they need an “intern” so they can violate wage and hour laws. Some little airhead chicky poo.

    I’m sorry im smart bright and on the ball

    I’m sorry I worked at Court TV all during the OJ trial and on Johnny Cochran and Nancy Grace’s tv show.

    Overqualified really means We Want to hire a MORON…..

    So my electricity will be probably cut off in a few weeks after being taken to court.

  4. grumpy says:

    These same global companies were probably the same ones that farmed out almost every skilled labor job out there just years ago. Those under 45-50 years old
    weren’t given any training for these jobs because of the outsourcing issues. Now that these outsourced workers are demanding and getting substantial pay increases the “globals” are scrambling for more cheap labor. Those that are 50 years or older have found other lines of work. What goes around comes around!

    1. HH Fan says:

      What college student is going to blow 100 grand and four years of his life studying IT or engineering, knowing his job is either going to be insourced or outsourced?

      If these companes want skilled American professionals, they should offer paid contracts to college freshmen to major in the subjects that’ll provide the skill sets they’ll need.

  5. Guess Who says:

    These greedy companies always say they are “struggling” so they can justify bringing in young, cheap foreign H-1b imports to undercut the market. There are 500,000 unemployed STEM professionals that the corporations refuse to hire because they are “too expensive” and non-complacent.

  6. Diane says:

    Perhaps they could find skilled workers if they weren’t ignoring every job applicant over the age of 45. Why don’t you report on how hard it is for an out of work baby boomer to get a job, and all the misconceptions of hiring the middle-aged worker? I don’t write this site, but I follow it

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