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Nutter Writes Council President Verna About ‘Troubling Misconceptions’ Related To School Funds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Nutter Administration has written a three page letter to Philadelphia City Council President Anna Verna, saying there were “troubling misconceptions” related to school funding and the city budget.

Signed by Chief of Staff Clay Armbrister, but for all intents and purposes, coming from Mayor Nutter, the letter states that there is some apparent confusion about last year’s 9.9-percent tax hike to help the city’s finances and stave off enormous cutbacks. Armbrister points out that there has been “no change, and no loss of funds” to the Philadelphia School District.

He says the millage rate that helps fund the schools has remained steady, at about $600-million, this fiscal year, as it has in the last several years.

And the administration is emphatic that any talk in council about shifting property tax millage to support the schools would “open a painfully large gap in the City’s budget.”

He then lays out scenarios that include cancellation of the new police class of 120 recruits, deactivation and more brownouts of fire and EMS companies, including reducing uniform personnel, as well as cutbacks in recreation centers, homeless shelter beds and library branch closings.

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Barbara says:

    I hope the Mayor and City Councilmembers will consider calling a meeting with all the nonprofit leadership members within in this city to ask for help. Both Harvard University and MIT provide payment to their respected cities in lieu of taxes. Surely Penn, Thomas Jefferson, Temple, Drexel, and other nonprofits would be willing to sign an agreement with the city whereby they would provide an annual voluntary payment in lieu of taxes to ensure the children of this city are provided with the educational opportunities they need.

  2. trueism says:

    He’s not being specific about why and where all the money is going to for the school districts. Why he’s asking for BETWEEN 70 to 150 million more. Why he doesn’t know the EXACT figure? He strikes out to his public in fear with his reasoning he’s going to cut back police, and have more brown outs and cut back kindergarden and all these services. NEVER MENTIONING that there are LESS STUDENTS in the Philadelphia school system in decades! Our Problem is quite clearly ACKERMAN and her inability to account for all the money. And your Mayor’s continued support of his appointee. Let her record speak for itself. Listen to her speak. No substance, just threats and excuses. Why was she kicked out of her administrative position in San Francisco, and DC? Don’t be fooled.. Our Children’s education is at stake, and so is the safety and welfare of our city now. There are MANY much more qualified than Ackerman, who loses more value with each reaction she is forced to answer for.

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