PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Tick prevention is extremely important because along with the dreaded tick may come Lyme disease or Borreliosis among other diseases. Fortunately, it’s not carried by all ticks, (it is most often, but certainly not limited, to being found in the deer tick in the Northeast part of the US) but in this case prevention is most certainly the very best cure.

For a tick to transmit the disease, it must be attached to the host (human or animal) for approximately 48 hours. If a tick dies or is removed before then, transmission of the bacteria will not occur. So it’s important to give your pets periodic checks to make sure that there are no ticks attached under the fur and onto the skin.

If infected with Lyme, dogs may develop fever, lameness, lethargic behavior, loss of appetite and swollen joints. Dogs don’t develop the typical rash around the infected bite area as seen in people. Cats can develop Lyme as well but are less likely to contract the illness.

If you haven’t done so already, contact your vet as to the safest and most effective tick prevention you can use for your pet. Use as soon as you can but be aware to read all labels and follow directions carefully as some may be dangerous for your cat if not used correctly.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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