Philadelphia Parking Authority Announces Kiosk Problems, Cab Rides Surcharge

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some drivers paying for parking at the kiosk with a credit card have experienced problems where the transactions won’t go through.

“It’s been very inconsistent. It’s been very sporadic and it has been citywide,” said Vince Fenerty, the executive director of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

In fact, the parking authority says the problem is so sporadic, it has tested some kiosks that work one minute and failed the next. With a holiday weekend coming up, it’s something the parking authority says is working hard to fix.

“We’re hoping to have it resolved. But I can’t promise it will be resolved tomorrow,” Fenerty said.

There are 1,044 kiosks in the city. The parking authority does not know exactly how many of the machines are having problems approving credit card payments. They believe the problem might be in a fire wall in the system. Until the issue is fixed there are a few things drivers should have ready to avoid getting a ticket.

“Have change with you. Have paper currency with you or a smart card,” Fenerty said.

“It’s a huge inconvenience. Yes. Because I thought the whole benefit of having the machine is that it would be a convenience, and then it’s not a convenience,” said Sontre Reavis of Center City.

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The Philadelphia Parking Authority has also approved a $1 surcharge for all cab rides in the city.

The new surcharge means customers who step into a cab will be charged $1 even before your ride begins. Eyewitness News has learned this surcharge came at the request of cab companies as a compensation for higher fuel costs.

This additional fee goes into effect at midnight and will remain in place for the next 90 days.

Reported by Valerie Levesque, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Michelle says:

    Parking in Philly period is a mess. JUST PARK IN A GARAGE. save yourself the trouble there are some 5 dollar garages near 16th and cherry. There are too many ppa workers per block to try to cheat the system. Do you ever feel like wow I just went in the store and everytime they get you. It is because their routes are too small. What about the time last year during the horrible winter, Mayor Nutter gave free parking for 3 days downtown to encourage patrons to come because center city business were losing money. People still got ticketed in the afternoon because the 3 days was over but in the commercial no one was told this. To me three days is from midnight to midnight not midnight to midnight for two days then midnight to noon. SOOO many people got tickets it was crazy. PLEASE take the train or park in the garage. lol save urself the trouble

  2. Joe says:

    I refuse to go Downtown anymore. The parking is a nightmare and with these kiosks and/or parking meters not always working, the aggrevation is just not worth it. I know a number of people that feel the same way. I know that the City Tourism Board won’t care that I don’t go into Philly since there are plenty of other people who will subject themselves to the obnoxious ordeal of parking in Center City. I will stick witht he Suburbs, thanks.

  3. CC says:

    It has caused me to avoid downtown. if i want to see a show or museum i go to other smaller towns rather than the city i live in…i’ll go to doylestown area museum, see a show in New Jersey etc..

    I hope someone is paying attention to this in NE philly. please please don’t get these kiosk. i like to drive around my neighborhood, drop off or pick up the dry 5 cents to park for 6 minutes…drive to my next destingation, the hardware store same thing. if i have to go looking for a kiosk. remember my credit card for the little ride remember my license plate number…(fun if i borrow the boyfriends truck) . pay a dollar to park for 3 minutes..i’ll pick up and drive to 10 miles to the mall where everything is there (lowes, nail salon, dry cleaners) instead of using the local mom and pops and parking is free and also hassle free.

  4. jenny says:

    And good luck trying to feed paper currency into these machines on a damp, raining day! Oh and if it is taking too long for it to accept the money, it will time out and spit out a ticket for the less than full amount of time you need and you are back to square one with trying to feed it money again. And if you’re then successful getting the ticket with the full time you need, no one refunds the first ticket you ended up paying for that only gives you an hour if you needed two hours, of course.

    @Mel K: you should take PATCO…

  5. Mel K says:

    The kiosks are a joke. I work with computers and it takes me a few seconds to figure out how to pay. It’s a very unintuitive design. Between the kiosks and parking signs, I’ve just about had it with Philly. And with the bridge tolls increasing to $5, going downtown isn’t looking very attractive anymore.

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