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GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP (CBS) –– Galloway Township schools are considering a change in their homework policy to include a ban on issuing homework over the weekends and on holidays.

Officials believe homework should be meaningful and do not want it assigned as busywork. Their standard is 10 minutes of homework multiplied by the grade level.

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  1. JC says:

    Man comments sections..gotta love em. Kids have way too much homework now, much more than I can remember having when I was in grade school. I can’t honestly see how reducing the amount of homework in school means kids will becoming lazy, or bad doctors, or play too many video games. Maybe they will read a book they want to read or get some physical activity. And responsibility, really? All the responsibility you learned came from doing homework? I doubt it. Maybe less homework will be good; fewer assignments that are more challenging could not only reinforce what’s taught in the classroom but also foster independent learning!

    1. Biff says:

      Well said, JC. I am a teacher and I only give homework when it it is reinforcement for the concepts taught that day. It is never “fluff” and usually only takes my students 15-20 minutes (some more, some less). I don’t think homework is “necessary” for teaching responsibility or for keeping kids out of trouble. School has changed a lot in the past 10 or 20 years, as the demands of state testing have changed the climate dramatically. The students in my classroom work very hard throughout the day and deserve some down time on weekends and holidays.

  2. Bob H says:

    I think it is a great idea. I have children in the public school system, and the homework is way out of hand. If the teachers actually follow this I believe they will find the test scores do not change and the drop out rate will go down. We want to prepare them for life. If I have a bunch of work I have to do over the weekend and holidays I find a new job, and no I am not lazy or uneducated, I have an MSEE. When I was in college I had home work in the evenings and on weekends, but not over semester break or summer. We need to give the kids some down time.

  3. Bri C says:

    @ Kat: If you looked into the story more, you would see that the ADMINISTRATORS are proposing this, not the teachers…but of course everyone looks for every way they can to bash teachers a little more…

  4. zakia says:


    students in united state always complaining about the amount of home work given to them. i think they are just lasy to work other wise it won’t matter if they ‘d been given more home work because it maks more practice for them to do well in school AND DURING THE EXAME. IT A GOOD THING I THINK. FOR I HAD NEVER FEEL GIVEN TOO MUCH HOME WORKE CONVERSELY I LIKE TO WORKE MORE ON MY COURSES AND PRACTICE MORE.

    1. zakia says:

      it s the truth

  5. Eileen says:

    Yes, let’s bash teachers a little more – now they are going to eliminate homework to appease parents who don’t want to supervise their own children. Hope no one actually gets ill or injured 15 years from now and needs a doctor who doesn’t work evenings, weekends, holidays, can’t be bothered to read a patient’s file or learn new medical procedures.

  6. sarah says:

    I think it’s a great policy for the younger students especially. It’s ridiculous how much “fluff” homework is given and has nothing to do with the lessons of the day or week. I think teachers are compelled to give homework because it’s what has always been done. Homework on the weekends for K-3 students honestly isn’t necessary. Let them spend time with their families or god forbid play outside! As far as it just giving them more time to play video games, it’s probably those parents who aren’t helping or checking the homework anyway. Good for you Galloway Township.

  7. aristotlesprincess says:

    I think this is a flawed plan. Homework isn’t just about getting smarter. It’s also an important lesson in responsibility. As adults or as a college student, do our responsibilities cease to exist on weekends and holidays? Nope. It’s better children get in the habit now, as opposed to becoming adults and not having a single clue as to how to function.

    I also agree with Mag–certain projects are also needed to be worked on over the weekends and the holidays.

    –Dana H.

  8. DEastArt says:

    That’s crazy! How will AP students ever complete thjier work?

  9. Mag Delaney says:

    Some projects need to be worked on over a weekend/holiday. I agree with Kat. It is more work for the teachers to grade and enter into the child’s record.

    I believe they should have some homework/projects on weekends and holidays. I also believe they should do work over the summer (summer reading and summarize what they read – to keep them in the “groove” and not get to become lazy over the summer. Not alot, but enough work to keep them stimulated. Otherwise, it is an excuse to play video games!

  10. BRIEN WALTERS says:


  11. Kat Rahe says:

    Perhaps teachers don’t want to deal with grading or checking off the homework on Mondays? This seems like another way of “dumbing” down America.

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