Federal Appeals Court To Hear Arguments On Length Of Fumo’s Sentence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A federal appeals court today will hear arguments on the government’s appeal of the 55 month sentence for convicted former state senator Vince Fumo. The government contends the trial judge erred in sentencing way below federal guidelines.

Vince Fumo was convicted of all 137 criminal counts against him, And the prosecution contends the 55 month sentence was reached in error, was too lenient, and set off an unprecedented storm of public outrage and Fumo should be re-sentenced.

The prosecution had originally calculated a guideline sentence in excess of 20 years in prison for Fumo. The judge’s calculation was half that, and he cut the actual sentence in half again. The defense disputes errors were made in sentencing and filed a cross appeal, asking for a new trial based on claims Fumo was denied his constitutional right to a fair trial.

Fumo, in federal custody in Kentucky, is currently scheduled for release in 2013.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. TDeni says:

    I do not believe that what he was convicted of merits a life sentence.

    1. jem says:

      you are totally insane he is criminal

  2. williejoe says:

    Leave him alone he’s already been humiliated enough.

    1. WilmaJoe says:

      Yo Willie, He’s a a THIEF that ripped tax payers off……..and YOU are worried about him being humiliated? I hope this smug, pompous little POS is re-sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      Wake up Willie….he’s going away for a LOOOOOONG time, where he belongs!!

  3. south division says:

    Hey fumo 1 rember me I gave you a parking ticket in 1991 for parling the wrong way on a one way street in south Phily. Well the Capt of the 04th district broke my balls and cancelled it. I HOPE YOU Rot in jail.

  4. state engineer says:

    Mr. FUMO is a great and wonderful person.. he was and always be in the heart and soul of everybody in this great state…HAHAHAHAA JUST KIDDING

    1. jem says:

      just think how him and his family lived the good life of off all the stolen money
      he ripped off the people of this state and phila. bunch of lowlife white trash gets
      a little money and a political inside track and turns it into millions for him and his family. losers go to jail, this one for life

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