Mayor Backs Philadelphia School District Request For Tens Of Millions More

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The School District of Philadelphia is telling City Council it needs more money from the city to balance its budget.

A lot more.

And Mayor Nutter is on board with the idea.

Without more money, the School District says it would be forced to eliminate full-day kindergarten, most yellow bus service, student TransPasses, and class-size reduction programs (see previous story).

What would it cost to spare them?   Schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman told City Council, “It would be $75 to $110 million.”

Mayor Nutter says he supports giving the school district that much more city money.  But the question is, will it be raised through a tax increase or by shifting existing revenues, or a combination of both?  Nutter wouldn’t get specific.

“For where we are right now, there are a variety of options that need to be discussed,” the mayor said.  “I’m not going to drill now into the details in a matter that is literally just evolving.”

The school district adopts a budget next Tuesday.  But if more city cash is on the way, district officials say that budget can always be amended.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Arthur says:

    Cut the salaries of our City Council members, remember they are part time persons with long vacations. Cut the high salary of Arlene Ackerman. {Remember also her taking a contract away from a contractor and giving it to a minority firm>.} this is an ongoing program for the city for 25 years and enough is enough time to cancel this out. The contract was much more when awarded to the minority firm by Arlene. and cut out the busing of students. all that . that should save millions for starters and of course the DROP program.. Perhaps also CARS PROVIDED TO COUNCIL MEMEBERS, SO MUCH WASTE WITH SO LITTLE RESULTING – ON AVERAGE

  2. Clare Peterson says:

    I don’t own property, and I don’t have kids, so I have no skin in this game, but I believe that people would support the schools if positive results came out them.
    By results, I mean graduates who can read, write, spell, count, think, and express themselves verbally in words longer than four letters!

  3. tom says:

    cut the Administration and teacher salaries
    Teachers work 5 hours a day work 9 months a year with vacation
    plus get 3 months off
    they only teach 20 kids
    get rid of the waste

  4. bottomline says:

    Go back to teaching the three R’s. Cut out the rest, especially school busing, the children should go to local schools they can walk to. Also, start charging the parents for baby sitting.

  5. Disgusted Dave says:

    Boy can they spend money they do not earn. The school district is not proficient in basic math or accountability, all they want is more money to misappropriate and spend, spend, spend. Clowns masquerading as educators.

  6. Linda D Bryant says:

    Kill the DROP Program, cut the Nutman’s salary and that of all City Council members!!!!

    The City of Philly has $$$ for what they want to spend it on!! They simply do not want to spend it on Education!!!!

  7. NS says:

    The City of Philadelphia is broke and has no more money; start cutting the waste, fraud, and abuse in the School District of Philadelphia, particularly Queen Arlene’s absurd salary.

    1. robert greenage says:

      THERE IS MORE WASTE AND ABUSE IN THIS CITY THAN i CARE TO IMAGINE. the drop program comes to mind. City cars for council members who could use their own and put the mileage on their taxes, We already had a sales tax increase to 8 %. I say no more taxes to support a bloated and inefficient system.

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