By Jim Donovan: If you shop at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Stores, and use a debit card to pay for what you purchase, you better check your bank statements! The retailer has learned that PIN pad tampering may have occurred in dozens of its locations across the nation and that customer credit and debit card information may have been compromised.

In our area the stores where PIN pad tampering was found are:

300 Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton, NJ

751 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville/Trevose, PA

200 W DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA

Authorities have learned that thieves have figured out a way to get your personal information when you pay with your debit card at Michael’s checkout terminals. The thieves can use that information to take money right out of your bank accounts.

Security experts looking into initial reports of theft were astonished to learn how widespread the theft was and how vulnerable debit cards were as well.

Michael’s security experts have found 90 keypads in 80 stores nationwide. They have begun replacing 72-hundred swipe pads, and are urging their customers to use cash or credit cards until the switch is completed.

Michaels continues to urge customers to take precautionary measures such as checking their accounts for unauthorized transactions. Consumers who believe their accounts were used without authorization should contact the card issuer directly.
For additional information and updates, visit the Michaels website at Customers may also call for 800-MICHAELS (642-4235) with questions.

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