Phillies Say Blanton May Be Put On DL

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ruben Amaro Jr., the Phillies’ general manager, was a guest this morning on KYW Newsradio, the day after the Phillies lost for the fifth time in six games: 7-1, to the Rockies (see related story).

The main topic was the continuing deluge of injuries on the team.

Righthander Joe Blanton had to be scratched minutes before the start of last night’s game because of an elbow issue, and Amaro says he is likely headed to the disabled list.

“I don’t know that we are necessarily going to put Joe on (the DL) today,” Amaro told KYW’s Harry Donahue.  “He’s going to be doing some more diagnostics and do a followup MRI.  He had some discomfort in a different part of his elbow (from his previous  problem) as he was warming up, and so we have to check that out and see what the story is.”

Hear Harry Donahue’s full interview with Ruben Amaro Jr. in this CBS Philly SportsPod…

Meanwhile, Shane Victorino continues to battle a bad hamstring and is headed to the disabled list.

Who would be brought up to replace him?

“We haven’t made a decision quite yet,” Amaro said this morning.  “We will probably make it, obviously,  sometime before gametime to get somebody here.  We are deliberating on a couple of different possibilities — it may not be an outfielder, we may go with an infielder.  Right now we are just trying to make a decision.”

The Phillies host the Texas Rangers in interleague play tonight.

Reported by Matt Leon and Harry Donahue, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Concerned Fan says:

    To me, Joe Blanton has always been a mediocre pitcher who could hold his own. The thing with Blanton is that he was consistent at his own level: 5 -6 inning pitcher who would give up a lot of ground balls or pop-ups, until around the 4th or 5th inning. He was never too over powering, but useful enough to get the outs. Now it’s time for him to step aside during this team’s offensive struggles and let someone else have a chance. Worley too does not appear to be overpowering with his pitching, although he does have a sweet cutter. The advantage that Worley has over a lot of the other pitchers is that most of the MLB has not seen his stuff yet. I’m looking forward to see how far Vance’s consistency goes. Will he be the next best thing?

  2. grumpy says:

    Vance Worley is the next pitching star for Philadelphia! Bring him up now!

  3. Lou Tortual says:

    Let the kid pitch, Vance Worley, He’s better than Kendrick and Baez combined, get rid of them two before it;s too late !!!

    1. Chris White says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Baez just blew that game the other day!

  4. Michael E Peters says:

    I love Joe Blanton, but if one of the starters has to go down, glad it’s him (and that Oswalt appears to be back).

  5. Jim says:

    That’s the beauty of having 4 aces – if one pitcher goes down, there are plenty more to step up.

    Go Phillies!

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