Jury Selection On Hold In Alycia Lane, Larry Mendte, CBS Trial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane was back in town for her civil trial against CBS Broadcasting, the station’s former general manager and her former co-anchor. Lane claims her reputation was damaged after being fired from the station and announced on air.

Jury selection was to take place in the civil suit Friday, but it was put on hold after a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge ordered a stay in proceedings to review an appeal petition by CBS.

The broadcasting company wants the case tried in New York, under New York laws, claiming that’s what is in Lane’s contract agreement in the event of a dispute.

CBS released the following statement:

“We are pleased with today’s ruling. We look forward to continuing to present our arguments on the New York venue issue to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

Lanes’ lawyer Paul Rosen says there are no contract claims the suit is based on negligence of the company’s failure to quote –“protect” Lane after it was learned her then co-anchor, Larry Mendte, hacked into her e-mails.

He says the second claim is for defamation on the statement that was issued on air after Lane was fired.

In 2008, Mendte was sentenced to house arrest and three years probation for accessing information in Lanes’ computer.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

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  • jamie

    My wife and I saw Larry on the boards at OC last summer, he was checking his phone..told him, “Hope ya don’t have email access”……..

    • Jamie the A-Hole

      Big Deal

      • I agree

        Jamie the A-Hole…That’s GR8

  • buddy

    Her real estate ex-hubby saw the writing on the wall and hit the gas pedal.

  • Thomas

    Isn’t this the bimbo that went all drunken off on the female cop in NYC a few years back? Multiple divorces, too?

    Yummy! What a catch! (not)^2

  • Skeeved

    “Skeevy Larry” has his name back in the Philly spotlight…..Go find a hole to crawl in you sick, little, pompous perv!

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